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Bird in the Hand
Chapter 4

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Sabrina watched from the observation deck.  Logan was in the middle of an
extremely tough scenario, one he had designed.  She had spent four months
with him, day in and day out, but had never seen anything quite like this.  Logan had become a killing machine.  No matter that his victims were computer generated.  Sabrina recognized the feral gleam in his eyes, more animal than
human.  His every move was calculated and precisely executed with extreme
cunning.  And what was even stranger is that he actually appeared to enjoy
himself, for every time an enemy was dispatched, he grinned with some warped
sense of pleasure.  This was not the Logan she had come to know and........possibly love?  This was an animal in Logan's body.  She watched him stealthily move from point to point.  His muscles rippled and flexed.  Clad in only his black denim jeans, he padded barefoot through thick jungle-like generated foliage. Nimbly, he jumped up to a particularly large branch and crouched....waiting.  For mere seconds he sat there, his breathing and heartbeat controlled by his force of will.  A fine sheen of perspiration coated his torso. Fearless eyes scanned the surroundings and stopped at what was supposed to be the invisible observation deck.  His familiar hazel eyes narrowed, he scented the air and a small predatory smile played across his lips.  He knew she was there.  He could smell her unique scent and something new, arousal.  By instinct Sabrina melded into the shadows and transformed herself into the small pygmy owl.  Puzzlement now showed in Logan's eyes, as the scent was lost.  He could still sense her presence, but her scent had faded.  "Computer, end Death Strike 2301" program he growled out.  Suddenly the jungle foliage and puddles of blood
were gone.  All that remained was an empty metal room and an empty observation deck.

Sabrina slammed her bedroom door behind her and locked it.  She just knew he
was right behind her, and with the mood he was in, Lord only knew what he was capable of.  She clutched her hand to her heaving chest trying to calm herself and get her heart rate under control.  Suddenly a loud pounding came from the other side of the door, making her jump.  She knew it was him.  "YOU LIKE WATCHIN ME IN ACTION DO YA?  YOU LIKE MY SHOW?" he yelled through the door. Adrenaline still pulsed through his veins. He was still in the throes of bloodlust. Her scent in the hallway and wafting under the door was no help.  The animal in him responded to it, felt urgency for it.  It was the same scent of arousal he had smelled in the danger room.  "Well darlin', maybe next time I'll give ya the show you REALLY wanna see, eh?" he purred into the door, "Next time......Birdie."

She heard him pad down the hall and away from the door, and was obviously met by Scott who had run over to investigate the commotion.  "Logan!  What the hell is....." Scott had started.

"Eat shit, Scooter," Logan snarled as he walked away.  Scott let out a disgruntled snort.  "Now there's the old Logan we all know and hate," he mumbled as he walked the opposite way.

"Oh God..." Sabrina mumbled.  Sabrina's eyes went wide with shock and
excitement.  He knew.  He knew she was attracted to him.  "SHIT!" she whispered to herself.  "Now what am I going to do?"  Slowly, a small smirk spread on her lips, an evil gleam shone in her eyes.  "Fine....you give me a show...and I'll give YOU a show," she said to herself.  "We'll see who wins this little game."

Logan awoke from his troubled slumber.  For some reason when he struggled to
suppress his emotions during the day, his nights were spent tossing and turning, which always managed to get his day off to a pissy start.  But everyone at the mansion knew he wasn't to be fucked with first thing in the morning anyway, so they usually kept themselves at a safe distance until at least dinnertime.  Logan got back into his home schedule easily.  It was almost as though he had never left.
6:30 a.m.: Wake up
7:00am: Go down for breakfast and a fuck with ol one-eye session
8:30a.m.: Down to the gym for a good weightlifting workout and shatter some gym equipment (a.k.a.: fuck with scooter some more.)
10:00a.m: Do some yoga to release his pent up anger
12:00pm: Go down to lunch and start a food fight. (a.k.a.: fuck with dickhead yet again.)
Yup, his days were pretty much full, but hey....it kept him out of trouble.  Logan dressed and went downstairs to the communal cafeteria, meeting Jean and Scott on the way down.

"Logan! I wasn't aware that you had come back already.  Welcome home!" Jean excitedly greeted him.  "For some reason Scoot...er...I mean...Scott forgot to mention it to me," she said, giving Scott a nasty look.

Logan smirked and grabbed Jean in an intimate embrace and tenderly kissed her on the lips.  "Missed ya' Red," he said gently before giving Scott a knowing look and letting go.  This always managed to leave Jean flushed and wobbly.  They might not actually ever have an affair, but no one....not even Scott could deny the chemistry between them.  Logan gave Jean a pat and a squeeze on her rump and sauntered away to breakfast. His 7a.m. mission had been achieved, and very well done might he add.

Sabrina sat at the adult table casually chit chatting with one of the new kids, Remy Lebeau, or Gambit, he had informed her.  The whole school had heard about the possibility of him coming to Xavier's, even before Logan had left.  He was in his early to mid twenties, not much younger than Sabrina herself.  The minute Sabrina had returned, Gambit had made his presence VERY well known to her, making sure to greet her formally and turn  his ole charm-o-meter up a couple of notches, just for good measure.  So, as always, he was doing his favorite card tricks and flirting.  "Now, cheri, cast yo' perdy eyes on da' card yo' pick.....but don' tell! I ain't s'pose ta' know now, am I?"

Raven giggled lightly as she looked at her card.....King of hearts.  <Naturally.> she thought to herself. <The guy is so transparent I can see through him a mile away. Oh well, at least he's putting in good effort.>

"Das it. Very simple," he spoke with a cool smile as he gathered up the all the cards, including Sabrina's.  "Now le's see if I can make dis work.  Sometimes does, sometimes don'."  Then he leaned in close so only Sabrina could hear him, "Course, dat's not a problem I have in *uddah* areas."  He closed in on her to peck her on the cheek.

<Yeah, go ahead Cajun, lap it up. That's as far as your gonna get to my pants.> she thought again.  Suddenly her attention was grabbed from Remy's show to a squealing girl running to the cafeteria entrance.  "LOGAN!!!" the young girl known as Rogue squealed.  "YOURE BACK!!!" with one last squeal for good measure, Marie jumped into Logan's waiting arms and wrapped herself around him as tightly as possible.

"HEY kid," he chuckled, "Howya doin?"  Sabrina watched as Rogue gave Logan
a quick feathery peck on the cheek and unwinding herself from him, pulled Logan with her to sit next to her at breakfast.

"Well," Sabrina said out loud to no one in particular, "don't they look cozy?"

Remy looked at Sabrina, for a second and responded. "Now, now mon cheri, don' you worry non bout dem, you got ole Remy here to.....um.....how you say.....vous garder la société.....um, keep you company."

Sabrina turned her attentions back to Remy and eyed him carefully and with a
come hither smile, said, "Why yes Remy, yes I do."  Remy's grin spread even
wider. Glancing at her watch she said with a twitch of her body, "Well Romeo, you ready for our morning workout?"  Remy looked her up and down, licked his lips and nodded in response. <Oh yeah Logan....this is going to be REAL fun> she thought as she sashayed out of the cafeteria towing a slack jawed Remy close behind, his card tricks forgotten.

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