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Bird in the Hand
Chapter 5

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Logan, having eaten, had withstood just about as much teen age tittering as he could handle, decided it was time to go to the gym and work off some steam.  He went to his room, changed into some sweats and grabbed a towel.  It was going to be a grueling workout, for he had more than enough steam to blow.  The voices coming from the gym didn't bother him; people usually scurried off in a hurry when the highly pissed  Wolverine came in.  He entered the locker room first, instantly stripping off his t-shirt and shoes.  He did a little stretching to warm himself up, didn't want to pull a muscle or anything.  (Yeah right!)  Plus it would give whoever was in the gym plenty of time to finish their little teenybopper charades.  He took all of 15 minutes to stretch and the fuckheads STILL weren't showing signs of
getting out.  <Fine.> he thought, <I'll just come in snarling, that should do it.>  He readied himself with his angry eyes face and began padding into the gym, until a new voice caught his attention.  He stood around the corner in silence trying to place a face with the voice.
"Now ma petite Cheri, give Remy da ole un, deux, trois."  *Smack, smack..... THUD*  "BON! BON!  Now 'bout quelque chose pour satisfaire mon appétit," Remy said with a certain innuendo.

"OK CRAWFISH, YOU ASKED FOR IT....... YYEEEEEEAAAAAAWWWWWW!" Logan recognized the first voice, not by recollection, but by guessing.  It had to be the Ragin' Cajun, or whatever the dingleberry called himself, but the second voice had him miffed.  He snuck a peek around the corner without making a sound and stopped short at what he saw.

Sabrina was beatin' the shit out of the heavy bag.  Bits of sand or some substance were leaking onto the floor every time she hit it, and she wasn't wearing any gloves.  She wore a fine sheen of sweat and small black vinyl
workout top and shorts.  Not many women here could get away with wearing
vinyl to a workout, but he'd be damned if he was gonna complain.  He watched
her carefully.  Her grace was amazing.  If it wasn't for the resonating *THUD* after each hard impact, he would have sworn she was barely touching the bag, for she was extremely quick with her rebounds and follow-ups.  She seemed to soar in the air when jumping to do her roundhouse kicks and with minimal effort, landed feathery light back on the floor.  This was what a sensei's dreams were made of. Hell, this is what every man's dreams were made of.  Her muscles rippled and stretched, nothing on her jiggled, except for the two round, luscious breasts shamefully tucked away in the vinyl.  The woman was sexy as hell, and he couldn't help but be turned on by the scene being played out before him.  The way she moved, the way her long wet hair wrapped itself around her face, the kick ass expression.....all of it, was almost more than he could bear.  According to Logan, there was nothing more tempting than a woman exerting herself, whether working out or having an intense orgasm.  He kneaded his forming erection into submission.  This was no place to rut.  But by the way Gumbo's sweats tented in that particular area, *he* seemed to think this was the perfect place.  Then Logan saw something that just about did him in.  Sabrina apparently bounced a bit too
high on the last kick, for one full, perfect breast escaped the restraints of her sports bra and bounded into Remy's view, and before Sabrina could react, Remy was on top of her, capturing the hardened nipple between his lips while he ground his hips into her.  Not that Logan blamed the guy, the action was almost too much for him to take himself, but then again, he wasn't some sex- crazed horn dog ready to gnaw on any female's bones he came across, either....or was he? Logan let out a low guttural growl and slipped into the shadows of the locker rooms undetected......or so he thought anyway.

Sabrina stayed still for a split second longer until she was sure Logan was out of sight and sound range and then she let the French bastard have it.  "DON'T YOU EVER..."  *SMACK*  "......TOUCH ME..."  *WHAMMO*  ".......AGAIN"  *THUD!!!*   ".....without my consent"  *CCCCRRRRAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK*  "........you got that.....YOU SICK FUCK!!!"   Raven wiped the sweat from her brow, slung it on the now unconscious Remy and after spitting a nasty loogie at him, walked nonchalantly away.

Late that evening at dinner, the team assembled in the dining room.  Sabrina and Remy walked in together and passed right by Logan.  She was giggling over something the Cajun had said.  Since when does she giggle? Logan wondered. He was still a bit pissed off about the scene he had witnessed in the gym, but wasn't sure what to do about it.  Just then Jean walked in followed closely by Scott.  Without thinking too much, Logan grabbed Jean, dipped her low over his arm and covered her lips with his.  Whoops and hollers came from the young men in the room.  Scott was trying to dislodge Logan but had no success.  Sabrina's eyes were huge when Logan finally came up for air.  He looked down at the flustered doctor, then smiled wickedly at Sabrina.  "That's how a real man kisses," he sneered at the dark haired girl.

Logan released Jean and turned to face an angry Scott.  "Damn it Logan!!!!  Can't you leave her alone???"

Logan shrugged.  "Had a point to make, Scooter.  Don' worry, it's fer a greater cause," he smiled wickedly.

"Then make it with someone else!" Scott yelled after him, taking Jean's arm and dragging her across the room.

Sabrina was still gaping at Logan.  He walked up to her and gently nudged her mouth closed.  "See anything ya like, Darlin?  Or you still wanna stick with ole' Cajun fried shrimp over here?"  Slowly he turned and walked away, knowing that Sabrina's emerald green eyes followed his every step.  It was a good thing she couldn't see the triumphant smile on his face.

Sabrina spent a sleepless night.  The image of Jean in Logan's arms had been
burned into her mind.  She was mad at herself for letting Logan get to her so easily but damn it, she loved him.  She had spent four months with him.  She had gotten to know the man behind the claws.  But she was no prissy little girl to just prance around.  She could give as good as she got.  And she had a feeling that Logan would respect that, but how to get his attention this time?  She needed some space, some fresh air.  Sabrina climbed up on the windowsill, jumped off and a small prairie falcon flew off into the night.

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