For Cat

Logan is property of Marvel.  I'm just a travel agent sending him out to make my friends feel better. Cat granted permission for this to be posted here.  This is a work of fiction and is for private entertainment only.

'Damn, it felt good to be on the road again,' he thought.  It had been a while since she had let him go, and while he did love staying at home base with her, it was time for a little action.  The rumble of the bike between his legs was an old, comfortable feeling.  And the wind ruffling his hair was welcome. 


He stopped at a gas station to top off the tank before reaching his destination.  Checking the address on the scrap of paper he pulled from the front pocket of his jeans, he motioned the young attendant over.  "Hey, y'know where I can find this street, bub?"


The boy recognized the address as Miss Cat's.  He eyed the guy asking, he looked like one bad dude.  Should he tell him?


"I'm not gonna hurt the lady, kid," he growled.  "I was invited."


"In that case," the boy said, "go down two blocks, then make a left.  You can't miss it."


"Thanks."  He kicked the bike's engine over and pulled out, headed in the direction the boy had indicated.


The kid had been right.  He found the house easily.  He parked his cycle in the driveway; double checked the house number against his note and smiled.  This was gonna be fun.  He slipped around the back and quickly cased the house.  Stopping at the back door, he slid a claw out and sliced cleanly through the dead bolt.  The door swung open quietly and he stepped in.


Walking through the kitchen, he frowned.  The house appeared to be empty.  Well, this was the first time she had sent him to an empty house.  'Looks like the girl slipped up this time,' he chuckled to himself.  'Guess I'll just make myself comfortable and see if the lady comes home soon.'  He went back into the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out a beer.  Sitting down on the couch, he removed his boots, stretched out his long frame, and flipped channels on the TV until he found a game.


About an hour had passed and finally the front door opened.  Flipping the TV off, he sat still, waiting.  He heard the sounds of groceries being put away, and then she appeared in the doorway.  "Hey, Cat," he purred in a low voice.


She jumped, her eyes flying to the figure sprawled on her sofa.  "Logan," she gasped."


Logan chuckled.  "I heard you weren't feeling too well."  His eyes deepened.  "I'm here to kiss it and make it all better."


"Oh my," Cat breathed.  She couldn't move.  It must be a dream.  There was no possible way that Logan was here, in her house.


He levered himself up and moved with a stealthy grace towards her.  "It ain't no dream, Darlin'."  His eyed traveled over her in a look of pure lust.  "And believe me, in a few minutes, you're gonna feel how real it is."


He reached for her, and pulled her against him.  Burying his hands in her honey colored waves, he held her for his kiss.  His lips captured hers, and when her lips parted in a sigh, he slid his tongue past her teeth to explore her mouth.  "Darlin', where's the bedroom?" he whispered against her lips.


"Huh?" Cat replied in a daze.


"The bedroom," Logan repeated in a low rumble.  "Take me to your bedroom."


Cat nodded slowly and took his hand.  At the end of the hallway, she led him into a bedroom.  Logan looked around, getting a feel for the woman in front of him by what it was like.  Neat as a pin, it wasn't overly done but distinctly feminine.  He grinned.  Cat had a little bit of the romantic in her.  But his attention didn't stray long from the woman herself.  "C'mere, Cat."


She walked to him, standing in front of him, waiting for what would happen next.  He sifted his fingers through her hair, and then let the tips trace the features of her face.  Eyes that defied description stared up at him.  He kissed her softly, and then nuzzled her neck, nipping the tender skin.   A shiver ran down Cat's spine.  Logan slowly started to unbutton her blouse.  When the task was done, he parted the fabric, baring her generous curves to his intense gaze.  His eyes found the purplish-black of a bruise just under her breast.  "Oh, Cat," he murmured, "You need to be careful."  He leaned down and brushed his lips tenderly over the spot.  "I know you've got another one," he said to her as he rid her of the rest of her clothing, and laying her on the bed on her stomach.  He trailed his hand down her spine until he found the second bruise on the curve of her ass, the color a stark contrast to the creaminess of her skin.  He gave it the same soft caress the other one had received. 


Cat turned over as she felt his weight move from the bed.  Her eyes widened when she saw what Logan was doing.  His eyes sparkling, he started to undress very slowly, putting on a show for her.  He shed his flannel outer shirt, revealing the tight black tee underneath.  Cat sighed.  Slowly, the tee rose, then was tossed to the floor.  Her eyes followed his hands when his fingers moved to the fly of the snug denim that encased his long legs.  He slid the jeans down, and then stood up, standing proudly before her.


Cat gasped.  Logan was...was...well, for lack of a better description, Logan was hung.  And he was ready.  The smile he gave her was wicked and full of promise.  'You feel up to it, Darlin'?"


Cat nodded.  Logan slid onto the bed and gathered her up in his arms.  She slid her palms over the muscles that held her.  Before she could say a word, Logans lips found hers.  The kiss, this time, was demanding and full of heat.  His hands wandered over her body, and then his mouth followed, tracing a path down her neck, lingering in the hollow to feel her pulse, and then finding their way unerringly to the rose tipped breast that taunted him.  Cat moaned as he latched on to her, suckling gently.  A shock of fire burned a path from Logans lips to her center.  She couldn't stop her body from moving, her hips rising off the mattress in a silent plea for release.


"Have patience, my little Cat, there is much more to experience," he murmured against the skin of her stomach as he traveled lower.  Settling between her thighs, he smiled up at her.  "Just relax, sweetheart, and enjoy."


Cat screamed when she felt Logan's tongue touch her.  Logan chuckled against her, sending small shock waves through her. He continued his task, relishing the taste of her.  Soon, he could feel her body tighten, anticipating the coming explosion.  His tongue delved deep inside her, searching to bring her to climax.  Cat couldn't hold back.  Logan was driving her wild.  Her body spasmed, the orgasm washing over her.


Logan grinned in satisfaction.  Cat had a dreamy, drugged look on her face.  "There's more, baby," he growled as he moved up her.  Cat tasted herself as Logan kissed her.  She gasped into his mouth as his tongue and his hard cock entered her simultaneously.  One smooth thrust and he was seated firmly inside her.  Cat instinctively wrapped her legs around his hips, drawing him even deeper.  Slowly he began to move, each plunge wringing a quiet moan from Cat's lips.  Before long, she was moving with him, her hips meeting his.  Logan increased his pace, knowing that he wouldn't last much longer and wanting Cat to find pleasure one more time.


"Lo-gan," she moaned.  "Oh god...please...harder...please...oh god..."  Her words, and her sexy sounds threatened to push Logan over the edge.  His movements took on a ferocity, a desperation; he was fast approaching the point where he was beyond caring if Cat found her fulfillment, as long as he found his. 


His panting and moaning sent Cat spinning into release.  Her keening cry as she climaxed, pushed Logan over.  He plunged deep and emptied into her, his body shuddering as her inner muscles clenched him, milking his cock.


Logan rolled to her side, and snuggled her up against him.  "All better?" he asked.


"What?" Cat asked.  "Oh, yeah."  He felt her smile as she used his chest for a pillow.  "Yeah, I feel lots better."


After a while, Logan stirred.  "Darlin', I gotta get going."


"I understand," she said wistfully.  She watched him dress and then something occurred to her.  "Logan, how did you know where to find me?"


He kissed her then headed for the door.  But she heard him chuckle and say, "Ask Teri."   


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