Cyber Call


disclaimer-  Stanley Jobson does not belong to me.  If he did, this might be autobiographical.  This is for private entertainment only.


I'm sitting at my computer with a beer.  I've read my email and checked my usual sites for new info.  Now what am I gonna do?  I guess I could go to bed; it is one o'clock in the morning after all.  But a little box pops up on the bottom of my screen.  "Hacker_Man has signed in."  I grin.  Bed can wait, Stanley just logged in. 


I sent a message off.  [Hey Hacker man, whatcha doin?]


The reply came.  [Not much.  Just thought I'd cruise around the net for awhile.  What are you up to?]


[Just finished reading my email.  I get so much junk.  I was thinking of going to bed.  Sure could use some company though.]


Silence.  No reply.  Damn, I thought.  Guess that was a little too forward.  But, I'm horny and it was worth a try. 


[Really?]  pops up on my screen.  I stare at my screen for a moment.  Do I really want Stan to come over?  I do have to work in the morning...


My fingers fly over the keyboard before my brain even registers what is going on.  [Hell, yeah.  C'mon over.]


I'm still sitting at my desk, trying to comprehend why I sent that message, besides the fact that I'm horny, when the doorbell rings.  Shit, that was fast.  He didn't give me any chance to change my mind, did he?


I look thru the peephole and my heart races.  He's actually here.  I slowly open the door and let him in.  It's been a while since I've seen Stan and I forgot just how unbelievably hot he is.  And big.  God, the man is tall.  I'm gonna get a crik in my neck just looking up at him.


"So, here I am."  His voice vibrates along my spine.


"Yes, you are," I whisper, cause that's all I'm capable of at this point.


And then we just explode.  Stan effortlessly lifts me to claim my lips.  I wrap my legs around his lean hips as he carries me back to my bedroom.  My body slides slowly down his, as he lowers me to the ground.  Simultaneously, we shed clothing.  I can see the heat in Stan's eyes, when I free my breasts from their prison.  His chest is bared to me.  Wide and muscular, with a dusting of curly dark hair, I have to reach out and just touch it.  Broad shoulders invite my fingers to skim over them.  I hear the sound of his zipper being lowered.  He takes off his pants and is standing before me in all his male glory.  I whimper.  He pulls me into his arms, crushing my lips beneath his, his tongue seeking mine, swirling around it until I'm not sure if there are actually two in my mouth.


His throbbing cock nudges my stomach, begging for attention.  I pull him with me as I lay back on the bed.  His weight sinks me into the mattress and my body tingles to feel him pressed against me.  He smiles wickedly then his lips are around my nipple, sucking hard.  I grab his hair to hold him there, arching my back to give him better access, but my other breast feels neglected.  I guide him to it, and he licks at it as if it were an ice cream cone, before he starts that wonderful suction.  His huge, sensitive hands are wandering over my skin setting me aflame.  I cannot help the sounds that come from my mouth, sighs, whimpers, moans.  They seem to encourage him, though.  His fingers find my center and delve into my warmth, testing my wetness.  "Oh Stan...Oh please..." I cry.


He answers me by driving his cock deep inside me.  "Ohhh, yesss..." he whispers.  He plunges into me deeper and harder than anyone has ever done.  It feels like every thrust is reaching my throat.  He's gonna tear me in two, I just know it.  He pulls my hands over my head and holds them there with one of his.  The other hand runs over my breasts, twisting and pulling at my nipples.  His mouth is at my throat, teeth gently biting, then tongue following to soothe. 


Now he's at my ear, his warm breath sending shivers down my spine.  "Come for me, baby.  Please come for me," he begs.  His hips become a jackhammer, pounding into me.  My body starts to quake.  I can feel my orgasm coming, it's gonna kill me.  My body stiffens then white light explodes behind my eyelids.  I bite down on Stan's shoulder as wave after wave washes over me.  Stan continues.  His body has become wild, searching for its fulfillment.  I wrench my hands free, and dig my fingernails into the taut, muscles of his incredible ass.  I can feel the shifting of them as he drives into me.


Suddenly, the tension returns in my body, another orgasm builds within me.  I scream as it breaks.  A final, might thrust from Stan pushes him over the edge.  I capture his moan with my mouth.   Our bodies quiver together as he floods me and I milk every drop from him.  He collapses on top of me, his body surrounding mine in sweat and heat. 


"Oh god, Stanley," I whisper.  He rolls off me but keeps his arms around me.  We snuggle for a few minutes in silence.


"Will you stay?" I finally ask.


"If you want me too," is his murmured reply.



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