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A New Beginning
Chapter 4


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"Hey," Lexa heard a sleep roughened voice say. She looked over her shoulder to see Eddie's smiling face. 'I could get used to this,' she thought. As she set her diary on the nightstand, she heard Eddie moan. Her backside had inadvertently rubbed against him. Lexa gasped; he was huge. She wiggled her butt, purposefully this time.

"Please don't," Eddie begged. Lexa turned over and looked down to see his manhood straining against his zipper.

"Oh my," she breathed.

"Lexa," Eddie warned, "unless you plan on accommodating me, I suggest you refrain from the sexy looks, and comments."

She grinned mischievously as her hand pressed against the front of his pants. "I don't think we should let this go to waste."

Eddie snapped. Lexa gasped as he drug her beneath him. His mouth ravaged hers as he started tearing at her clothes.

After her initial shock, Lexa matched Eddie's urgency. She clawed at his shirt, raking it up, breaking the kiss only long enough to drag it over his head. She sighed into his mouth as her hands wandered over the warm skin and crisp hair that had been haunting her dreams. She was so engrossed in her explorations that she hadn't realized Eddie had managed to remove her shirt and bra, until he captured a rosy nipple in his lips. Her back arched off the bed; a moan escaped from deep inside her. He lapped
and sucked each bud in turn.

Lexa's sexy whimpers were doing funny things to his insides, not to mention his cock. Her fingers were at his waistband, fumbling with the button. Eddie gasped when she finally found her prize. He thought he would explode when her small hand encircled the throbbing shaft. He stilled her caresses.

"Lexa...sweetheart...you've gotta stop, or this will be over before we even start," his voice painfully rasped.

Her eyes, filled with longing and lust, met his. "Eddie," she pleaded.

He looked at her tenderly. "I know, sweetheart. Hold on." He shed his pants, then got rid of hers. As he slid into her, they both gasped. He, at the warm, wet, tightness that surrounded him; she, at the hard, hot length that filled her completely. Eddie slowly withdrew; Lexa cried at the loss. He set a slow, steady rhythm while whispering sweet nonsense in her ear.

Lexa met his thrusts as need began to build deep inside her. "Eddie, faster." she whispered, then sank her teeth into his shoulder. Her nails dug into his butt, urging him. With nibbling kisses, he increased the pace. He could feel her muscles clench him as her climax neared.

With each deep thrust, Lexa could feel the tension forming in her core. He quickened the pace again, giving in to her murmured demands. White, hot light exploded within her as her release broke over her. Eddie captured her shout with his lips and with one exquisite, double edged thrust, his tongue and his cock, he followed her over the edge into oblivion.

They snuggled together in the glowing aftermath. Eddie gently kissed Lexa's cheek and felt dampness. "Sweetheart, are you ok?" he queried, worried about what he would do if she wasn't.

She smiled up at him; her big, blue sparkling with tears. "Eddie, it's never been like that before."

"Not for me, either. I love you, Lexa."

"Love you, too," she whispered as his head bent down and his lips claimed hers yet again.

Dear Diary, Saturday
I know it's been a long time since I've put anything down in here. I've been blissfully happy this last year. Eddie is the most wonderful man. I love him more than anything. It hasn't been all hearts and flowers; we have our problems, just like anyone else, but we always seem to work it out. We never disagree for very long. Between you and me, I think we are always in a hurry to kiss and make up.

I've been asked if Eddie's past bothers me. My standard answer is no, because it is the past,and I am his present and, I hope, his future. But I like his answer, too. It is so...Eddie. He told one of his friends, "I was just warming up for the main event."

On Monday night, Lexa was waiting for Eddie to come home. She absentmindedly picked up her diary. 'It's amazing how much can change in a year,' she mused. She opened it to the last page, expecting to read her final entry, but this is what she found.

Dear Lexa's Diary, Sunday
This is Eddie, by the way. I know a diary is for secrets, even though Lexa lets me read this one. Well, here's a secret I have. I'm going to spend the rest of my life with Lexa, if she'll have me.

Next to the Eddie's handwriting, tied on a red ribbon, a diamond sparkled in the light.

The End

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