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Ecstasy's Edge
Chapter 3

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Bright, blue eyes looked into his darkened hazel ones. "Yes, Logan. Please." She started unbuttoning her blouse.

"Allow me, darlin'." Adamantium sliced through the delicate threads that held the buttons on. The fabric of her skirt parted cleanly. Two more quick tugs and the satin that was her bra and panties fell away. She was
beautiful, not too thin, rounded in all the right places. He wondered how he got so lucky.

Jordan felt a little self-conscious under Logan's intense gaze. 'What if he doesn't like what he sees?' she thought. But she fretted needlessly. He reached out, pulled her to him. The flannel of his shirt rubbed against her breasts. "May I?" she asked, fingering the buttons that ran down his chest.

"Of course."

She managed to get them undone and pushed it off his shoulders. Her hands lingered there. "Oh, Logan," she sighed, "you are beautiful." Sensitive fingertips tangled in the curls that dusted the broad expanse bared before her. "I need you now. Logan."

The urgency in her voice vibrated though him. He laid her gently on the bed and knelt over her. Her hips rose to meet his questing touch as he tested her warm wetness. "Are you ready?" his voice rasped.

Her eyes closed. "Yes," he heard her whisper.

"Look at me, Jordan," he ordered. She obeyed. He wanted to see her face when he entered her. The smooth metal caressed the slick folds of her sex, then slid inside. Jordan gasped at the coolness. Her muscles hugged him,
pulled him further in. Logan moaned at the warmth of her. It was even more incredible than he had imagined. He could feel her throbbing around him. He painstakingly withdrew the blade, then thrusted it back in. Jordan screamed.

Logan froze. "Oh, god, Jordan! Did I hurt you? Are you ok?" He looked for signs of injury, afraid the sheath had not held.

Blue eyes shot fire at him. "Do it again, Logan," she demanded. Keeping his eyes locked with hers, he thrust the deadly edge deep into her again and again. Her labored breathing, her writhing body and the sight of his blade
entering her was almost more that he could bear. He feared he would come in his pants, like a school boy. He could sense her impending climax. Her urgency matched his. Once more she screamed as her orgasm burst over her.

Brilliant, white light exploded behind Logan's eyelids. His body shuddered as Jordan quivered around the blade.
'Shit,' he thought, when he was able to think rationally. He reached down, expecting to fell dampness on the front of his jeans. 'What the???' They were dry.

Bright eyes watched him closely as he withdrew the blade. "Logan, are you all right?"

"Yeah, darlin'. He smiled sheepishly. "Coulda swore
that I, um..." He was suddenly very uncomfortable with the conversation.

"Had an orgasm?" Jordan finished. Logan nodded. "I thought you did. It looked like you did."

"It sure felt like it, too." Logan looked confused. He placed her hand on his zipper. His erection was still very much there.

A thoughtful look on her face, Jordan offered up an answer. "Well, maybe because it's your blade, there isn't a physical, visible release. Maybe it's a chemical release in your brain. But that's only my guess." Her fingers started undoing his belt buckle. "I'm also guessing that we should not waste this." She reached in and cupped him in her hand.

Logan growled. "Darlin', you're playin' with fire." Jordan pushed jeans and shorts down past his hips. His massive tool sprang out at her. She had to use both hands to capture it. Her eyes popped as she moaned.

"Then I'm gonna be a pile of ash. Logan, I don't think this is gonna be physically possible. I've never seen... I've never had..." she stammered. Her hands had not stopped sliding over his entire length. She was driving
him crazy.

"It's possible, darlin'. I'm gonna fill you up. You're gonna see stars." His wicked grin made her insides quiver. A delicious heat consumed her. She could feel wetness slip down the inside of her thigh. She was ready to see just how much of him she could take.

Logan forced her backward on the bed. She retreated while he came at her on all fours. "I'm comin' to getcha, darlin'," he growled. "And ya' ain't gonna know what hit ya'." In one swift movement, he was on top of her and
inside her. She was so incredibly tight and hot. He had never felt anything like it.

Jordan panicked. She felt like she was being ripped in two, and he wasn't even all the way in. She started pushing on his shoulders, trying to dislodge him. "Logan, I can't... Get off me... Logan, please..."

"Sshh..." He rained tender kisses over her face. "It's gonna be ok, darlin'." His large hands smoothed her hair, caressed her cheek. "Relax. It'll be ok."

His deep voice murmuring in her ear soothed her. She felt her whole body ease. Now that she was relaxed, Logan shifted slightly and he was completely buried inside her.

"Is that ok?" he asked, wondering if he could stop if it wasn't. "Does it hurt?"

Her eyes were wide. She tightened her muscles around him
experimentally. Logan growled. "Darlin, don't make a move yet." He wanted her to adjust fully to him.

Jordan felt overwhelmed. She had never been so filled. Her body was still fitting itself to that unbelievable length. She knew that she needed to reassure him that everything was fine, but all she could concentrate on was the fullness inside her.

"Darlin?" Logan was getting worried.

She smiled up at him. "I'm alright, Logan." She brushed his hair off his forehead. "You are amazing."

A harsh chuckle escaped him. "You ain't seen nothin yet." He started to move slowly. Jordan moaned. He established an intense, sexy rhythm. A growl rumbled deep in his chest as her hips matched it.

With every thrust, her body sang in ecstasy. The pounding, the driving force of him pushed her closer and closer to the edge.

Logan's rhythm took on a fierce urgency. He could feel Jordan's nails score his back. Her legs wrapped around his hips as she strained toward her climax. Soon, though, he wasn't aware of anything except the need to come inside her.

Jordan started to quiver. Her breath came in harsh gasps. "Logan, oh god, Logan!" She sunk her teeth in his shoulder as fire washed through her. She tasted blood.

A wordless shout came from Logan as he spilled his essence into her. Her muscles milked him as he shuddered over her.

He gathered her in his arms and rolled over, taking her with him. They just lay there, catching their breath, while Logan's hand caressed the satin skin of her back.

"I'm sorry about your shoulder," Jordan apologized. She leaned over to inspect the damage she had caused. There was no evidence of her bite. "Logan? I know that I bit you. I know that I broke the skin. I can still taste the blood."

She looked down to see him grin. "You did, darlin'. I just heal rather quickly. And I hafta tell ya', that was sexy as hell."

She grinned back at him. "I'm glad to know I can do something that turns you on. I'll have to remember that."

"Plan on doing it again, do ya'?" His eyebrow arched suggestively.

"Maybe," she teased, then yawned.

Logan snuggled her close, tucked her head onto his chest. "But not now. Get some rest, darlin'."

Jordan was already nodding off. "Don't leave me, Logan, she murmured.

"I won't," he whispered, as he too, drifted off.

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