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Ecstasy's Edge
Chapter 4

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The next morning, Jordan woke first. She was still snuggled up next to Logan. As much as she wanted to stay right where she was, aching muscles were crying out for relief. She slipped out of his arms, careful not to wake him. Silently she padded across the room. A long, hot shower was just what she needed.

Logan watched her naked form enter the bathroom. Her backside was as beautiful as the front, and a certain part of his anatomy was definitely responding. He heard the shower turn on. 'Not a bad idea,' he thought.

She was singing to herself when he came in- a vaguely familiar show tune. 'How appropriate,' he mused, when he placed the melody-- "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning". It certainly was when a man could wake up to this.

Hot water sluiced over Jordan, easing sore, tired muscles. With her eyes closed, she started reliving some of the previous evening. So intent on her memories, she didn't hear Logan pull back the shower curtain and step in to join her. She didn't know he was there until he pulled her wet body against his.

Her eyes flew open. "Logan!" She was suddenly self-conscious again. Having him see her in darkness last night was totally different than standing naked in the sunlight under his stare.

"Jordan, don't you think it's a little late for that?" Logan chuckled, watching her try to cover herself.

She blushed. "I know I'm not pretty and I'm fat. And last night you were drunk, and..."

"Who told you that!?!" he interrupted. "Who would tell you such lies? You're beautiful." Jordan's eyes fell. "That bastard told you that, didn't he?" Logan could feel rage building inside. He couldn't believe that someone would intentionally hurt this wonderful woman. He took a deep breath to calm himself before he continued. "He was a jerk, Jordan, if he couldn't see what he had. I'm gonna show you just how beautiful you are. But first, turn around."

"Why?" was all she could manage.

"I'm gonna wash you." Jordan shook her head. "No arguments, missy." Big hands rotated her gently then pulled her back against him. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "By the way, I was stone sober last night."

Jordan would have whipped around in shock, but Logan's fingers were already buried in her hair. He massaged her head as he worked the shampoo through. One strong arm wrapped around her kept her upright while he rinsed the lather out.

A vanilla smell filled the air as he started kneading her skin with fragrant bubbles. "The soap didn't smell like that," Jordan observed.

She could hear the grin in his voice. "Brought my own. Can't stand hotel soap." She was as relaxed as a rag doll by the time Logan was finished massaging her whole body. he had to lift her out of the shower and sit her down so he could dry her.

"Logan." Her trembling voice brought his eyes to hers. Tears sparkled there. "That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me."

"Darlin, you deserve a lot more than that." He led her by the hand back into the room and stood her in front of the large mirror. She tried to turn away but he held her. "You might as well stay put, darlin'. You're gonna see what I see." Jordan closed her eyes to avoid her reflection. "No, you don't. Open 'em up. I want you to look at yourself." She fixed her eyes on his image.

His voice was a low rumble. "Let's start at the top, shall we?" Long fingers ran through her hair. "It's the color of cherry wood, rich and warm. And it's so soft. I love to bury my hands in it, or feel it against my chest." His hand slipped to her cheek. "Your face is amazing. Your expression holds innocence and wonder while the wisdom in your eyes balances it out. I could drown in the blue depths of your eyes." His voice was hypnotic. She could not help but follow the path of his hands and words. "Your smile lights up a room. Your lips are like silk, just waiting for my kiss."

Both hands covered her chest. Jordan gasped at the contact. "Your breasts," he took a deep breath, "are perfect. Just the right size to fill my hands. Your nipples are rose buds that blossom with my touch."

Jordan's breath came quicker. His words, even more than his touch, were arousing her.

"Your waist is so small that I can almost span it with my hands. Your skin feels like satin."

Both hands moved down to rest on her hips. "Darlin', your hips were made for lovin', nice and rounded so I can hold onto 'em while I'm inside you. And speaking of being inside." His hand covered her mound, wringing another gasp from her. "Oh god," he moaned, his eyes closing for a moment as he remembered. "You are so hot and wet. And tight, you held me so tight."

He glanced down. "And you wrapped those sexy legs around me; it sent me straight to heaven, darlin'."

He slowly turned her to face him. "Now, look over your shoulder." She did as he said. "This is what I was treated to this morning when you snuck into the bathroom." A hand stroked the curves of her backside. "You've got an incredible ass, Jordan." She blushed.

"Thank you, Logan." She turned back and looked into his eyes. "Thank you for making me feel special when I know..."

His lips stopped her words. If that was the only way to cease those horrible thoughts, then so be it. But soon, other things were on Logan's mind.

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