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Ecstasy's Edge
Chapter 6

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As Jordan straddled the motorcycle behind Logan, she felt a familiar tingle.  How she could still be wanting, she didn't understand.  The man in front of her must be some kind of magician.

Logan kick started the bike and the rumbling of it shot straight to her core.  She squirmed around, trying to get comfortable, trying to get that vibration in just the right spot.  He felt Jordan's arms tighten around him.  A knowing smile appeared on his face.  He knew exactly what was happening to her, so Logan revved the engine up.  Jordan muffled her moan in the soft leather that covered his back.

He took her hand and slid it inside the jeans that he had opened.  Her fingers grasped his lengthening staff, rhythmically squeezing it as she ground herself
against the seat.  Logan felt her teeth sink into his jacket as she climaxed.

They arrived at the diner and Logan pulled around the back into an alley.  Jordan disembarked and stood on wobbly legs, gazing dazedly at Logan.  "No wonder
people like motorcycles so much."

He just chuckled.  She looked so cute, standing there with that satisfied look on her face.  His eyes wandered over her.  He hair was messed up from the wind.  The button down blouse- minus it's buttons now- was tied under her breasts.  Her skirt was held closed by a couple of well placed safety pins, and he knew damn well what she didn't have on under it.

Logan held out his hand.  Jordan approached him slowly.  "Before we go in," he said, "we need to do something about this."  Her eyes followed his down to the front of his jeans.  There was no way he would be able to close them over that monstrous tool.

Jordan grinned.  "Tell me what you want me to do."

Logan straddled the bike backward and leaned back.  "Come sit on my lap, little girl," he invited with a wicked smile.

"Can I tell you want I want for Christmas?" Jordan asked in a childlike voice as she climbed atop him.

"I got your present right..." he grasped her hips and pulled her down onto his pole,  "...here," he groaned.  Jordan rode him fast and hard.  Soon they were both shouting in release.

As they sat catching their breath, Jordan said, "I think I've been a naughty girl."

Logan smiled softly, "Oh no, you are very good."  Jordan's stomach rumbled once more.  Logan sighed.  "C'mon, let's eat." 

He watched as every male head in the diner turned when she walked in.  Of course, they all turned away as Logan shot dirty looks at each of them.  As they
waited for their food, they discussed plans for the day.
"Logan, can we stop by my house to get clothes?" Jordan asked.

"I kinda like what you're wearing," he answered with a leering grin.

"Well, I can't wear it all day."

"Ok, we'll stop for clothes.  How 'bout I take you to dinner tonight and then maybe a little dancing after?"

Excitement gleamed in Jordan's eyes.  "Really?  We could go dancing?"  Logan nodded.  "I know a great little salsa club," she blurted out.  "But you probably didn't mean that kind of dancing." Her eyes fell.

"Jordan," Logan waited until she looked up. "We'll go anywhere you want."

The gleam re-entered her eyes.  "Hurry up and eat then, I want to go get ready!"

Logan entered the small house.  It was exactly what he expected, cute and neat, just like it's owner.  Jordan led him back to her room.  "Help me pick out
something to wear," she called over her shoulder as she led him down the hall.

Logan made himself comfortable on the bed.  "I don't understand why you have to do this now.  You've got plenty of time."

Jordan's head peeked out from the closet.  "I've gotta figure out what to wear, shower, then do my hair and makeup."

"You don't need all that stuff," he retorted.
She came out with a skirt and blouse.  "Men," she snorted, "you guys just don't understand. How about this?"  She held up her choice.

Logan shook his head.  "Nope, too prim and proper."  His eyes darkened as they ran over her.  "C'mere," his voice rasped.

She paused, looking over at him.  'Oh my.'  Logan was leaning back against the headboard and his long legs were stretched across the floral comforter.  What
was she doing, picking out clothes when she had this prime male specimen in her house, on her bed, looking at her like he wanted to eat her up?  The clothes she
held fell to the floor and she crossed the room to stand next to the bed.  Logan pulled her down next to him.  Slowly, with his eyes never leaving hers, he
untied her shirt and parted it.  His gaze dropped as the magnificent sight was revealed to him.  He feasted on her like a starving man presented with a banquet.
His lips, tongue and teeth all came into play as he caressed and nibbled, not just the puckered pink nipples, but all of her glorious breasts.  Jordan's body quivered as an orgasm sparked inside her.

Logan kissed his way down her stomach, pausing to dip his tongue in her navel while he undid the pins that held her skirt together.

He spread the torn fabric and inhaled deeply.  Her arousal was the most erotic fragrance he had ever smelled.

Jordan looked down in time to see a wicked smile before he laid his tongue against her.  She screamed.  Logan drug the tip of his tongue all the way up the
wet slit, then concentrated on teasing the throbbing button at the top.  Jordan screamed again.

He opened his jeans and slid them down his hips while lapping at her.  He hadn't planned to, but there was no way he could resist sinking into her.  His tongue dove into her as his fingers massaged her clit.  Jordan screamed yet again and fisted her hands into Logan's thick mane, pulling him deeper into her.  Her body shuddered as her release began.  With a low growl, he rose up over her and drove his pulsating staff into her body.  His lips claimed hers in a searing kiss.  She could taste herself on his lips.  With three quick, hard thrusts, Logan emptied his seed into her as they came together.

He settled her against him as they both recovered, and gazed down to see a drowsy look on Jordan's face.  "Darlin', why don't you rest for a bit?  We've
got a lot of time."  An unintelligible mutter was barely heard as Jordan drifted off to sleep.

Logan held her until he knew she was sound asleep, then slipped off the bed and headed for her closet.  He'd find something for her to wear. His search through her wardrobe produced nothing but conservative outfits, nothing suitable for dancing.

Then he found it.  All the way on the back of the closet.  It was still in the plastic with the tags on it.  The dress was perfect for an evening out on the town.  He laid it on the bed with a note and left to get ready. 

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