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Ecstasy's Edge
Chapter 8

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Logan pulled her up into his arms.  The dj's voice came over the speakers.  "Let's slow things down a bit with a rhumba."

"Shall we?" Logan invited.  Jordan smiled in answer.  Out on the dance floor, they moved in perfect unison to the sensuous music.
"You know he's beneath you, don't you?"  Logan asked her.  Jordan didn't answer.  "Jordan," he waited until she looked up, "I don't ever want to see you
cower like that again.  You are worth ten of him."

Jordan nodded solemnly.  "Ok, Logan."

He pulled her tighter to him, his hand caressing the bare skin at her waist, as they swayed to the beat.  A glance over Jordan's shoulder showed the ex
standing on the edge of the dance floor, chugging a beer and glaring in their direction.  Logan knew the jerk was gonna cause trouble before the night was out
and he was kinda looking forward to it.

After dancing a while, Logan and Jordan returned to their table for another drink.  "You look like a cheap slut out there, rubbing up against this asshole," a
slurred voice taunted.

Jordan had enough.  "Why don't you just leave us alone!  You dumped me, remember?  Go find your new girlfriend and leave me the fuck alone!"  She felt
Logan's hand on her shoulder, his solid form behind her.  She leaned back slightly into his strength and watched the other man slink away.

"Bravo!" he whispered in her ear.

All through the evening, Logan could feel the other man's eyes on them.  Logan ignored him, biding his time until the asshole made a wrong move.

Staccato music swelled.  "I don't suppose you'd like to tango?"  Jordan asked.
Logan stood.  "Can't think of anything I'd like better."  He led her onto the floor and into the sharp steps of the dance.  Soon a circle had formed around them.  Their movements were fluid, yet precise.  It was like watching a courtship.  The rhythm of the music swirled around them.  Logan held Jordan tightly to him.  She burned in every place they made contact- his hand at her back, his chest against her breasts, his hips nestled against hers.  The intense look on his face stunned her.  As she spun away, she thought, 'This could be fun.'  She placed her hands on her hips and snapped her head around to send a come-hither look to Logan.

He could do nothing but follow her as she glided away from him.  The sway of her hips as she walked, seduced him.  That look in her eyes made promises that
he intended to make her keep.  Logan felt the familiar tightening in his groin, knew everyone could see it, and knew he couldn't do a damn thing about it.  He
reached out and drug Jordan back into his arms.

Her eyes widened slightly as she felt his hardness press into her.  Her nipples puckered in reaction.  The knowing look in his eyes scorched her.  She needed
away from him, and when Logan twirled her, she thought she was free.  But he kept her hand locked in his.  'I will not chase you again,' his statement told her.
He could sense her surrender as she willingly came back to him.

The song drew closed and Logan dipped Jordan deeply.  Smoldering hazel eyes met sparkily blue ones. Tenderly, he brushed his lips across hers.  The crowd
applauded wildly.  Except one man, who just stared at them, hatred in his eyes.
Logan's lips slid to her ear.  "I want you.  Now."

"Yes, " was Jordan's whispered reply.  He led her out of the club and around to the back.  His lips claimed hers as he pushed her against the brick wall and opened his pants. When he picked her up, Jordan wrapped her legs around his lean waist an impaled herself on his erect staff.  Logan's powerful thrusts soon had them exploding together.  He held her as they caught their breath.

Logan chuckled softly.  "You didn't wear any underwear."

Jordan grinned and was about to reply when they heard a slurred drawl.  "Notished zat too.  You li'l bitch!  Won't e'en dansh wit me but ya fuck thi'
bastard like tha slut I know ya are!"

Logan set Jordan gently on her feet and straightened their clothes.  She could feel the low growl rumbling in his chest.  "I'm gonna take care of this guy once and for all," he murmured to Jordan.

She turned pleading eyes up to his.  "Please don't do anything rash."

An incredulous look crossed his face.  "Don't tell me you still care about this asshole?"

"I care about you."  She gently caressed his cheek.  "I don't want anything bad to happen to you."

He grinned at her.  "I'll be fine, and I won't hurt him...much."

Jordan's drunken ex tapped Logan on the shoulder.  "Hey, buddy!  Who tol' ya tha' you could fuck m'girl?"

Logan whirled around.  Jordan heard the distinct SNIKT of his blades and saw a flash of metal.  A thin trickle of blood appeared through a cut in the other man's shirt.  "She's not your girl," Logan growled.

It took a moment for the injured man to recover from his shock.  He landed a solid punch to Logan's midsection.  Jordan gasped as Logan doubled over.  "See, he ain't so tough," the man sneered.  He grabbed Jordan's arm and tried to kiss her.  She heard Logan's furious roar, and suddenly she was free.  Logan delivered a powerful jab to her attacker's jaw.

"Let this be a reminder to you on how you should treat a lady."  Logan advanced on the man, swinging.  Shallow slices appeared on his chest, arms and legs.
He howled in pain.  With one final swipe, Logan provided three cuts on the man's cheek.

"My face!"  Jordan's ex screamed.  "You ruined my face!"

Logan glanced with contempt at the man kneeling in the dirty alley. "Hope you learned your lesson," he spat.

"Let's get outta here," he said, turning to Jordan.

She skirted past the sobbing man and followed Logan.  She stopped him with a hand on his arm.  "Thank you."

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