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Family Reunion
Chapter 10

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Several weeks had passed since Francis' ordeal. Things at the mansion were returning to a form of normalcy. The media room had ungone a complete reconstruction. With some creative input from several of the staff members, the room now had a wide screen HDTV, hung on the wall like a movie screen, and a built in dolby surround system. Francis continued to apologise for "making a mess", but it was pointed out to him that the room was now vastly improved, thanks to his "remodeling".

Logan was in his usual place, sprawled on his stomach on the brand new sofa, with Francis perched on his throne, Logan's rear end. Sitting next to Francis, on Logan's lower back was Stephanie, and the two children were nibbling on Cheez-its, watching old Warner Brothers cartoons.

Scott and Jean entered the room, arguing over Scott's boots, which were apparently sabbotaged by someone unknown, filled to the brim with corned beef hash. They stopped short when they noticed the pile up on the sofa. They noticed that there was someone new in the mix. At the end of the couch sat Stephanie's mother, Anita, with Logan's feet on her lap, and she was actively massaging them.

Scott's jaw dropped, and he could barely speak. "I do not believe this. She's rubbing his feet? A month ago, she would self destruct when he entered a room, and now she's rubbing his feet? What the hell is this world coming to?"

Jean looked at the quiet happy people on the sofa. "I never would have expected this. Never in a million years. That's quite the little family unit Logan has there."

Scott gagged. "Family unit? Logan? Domestic bliss? Bullshit!" It was then that Logan glanced up and shot a deadly glare his way. Jean leaned over to Scott, and whispered into his ear.

"Scott, when will you learn that he has excellent hearing?"

Scott glanced over at Logan again, and caught the big man popping him the bird, with a huge smirk on his face.

"Ahem? Waiting to take root?"

Jean and Scott spun to find Maggie standing behind them. She carried a tray with a heaping plate of fresh cookies, and a pitcher of milk, with five cups.

"Oh, we're sorry." Jean grabbed Scott by the arm, and tugged him out of the way. "Excuse us."

As the woman passed them, she paused, and looked up intensely at Scott. With narrowed eyes, she asked softly, "Jealous?" Scott swore he could hear Logan snort out a giggle, but when he looked over at the sofa, the four occupants were sitting calmly, watching the tv screen.

Maggie continued on, and placed the tray on a table at the side of the room. "Come on, while they're still hot." Stephanie squealed and bounced off Logan's back. Francis was a bit slower, but right behind her. Both children trotted to the table and sat, as Maggie poured them both a large cup of milk. They examined the cookies carefully, and both grabbed at the same one, giggling at each other. Francis decided to be a gentleman, and opted for a different one.

Logan slowly grunted to a sitting position, and Anita curled in next to him. He placed his arm around her, and he looked at the kids eating their cookies. "Hey! Where's mine?"

Maggie shot him a glare. "Get up off your butt and get it yourself. What the matter with you? You think I'm your maid? There's nothing wrong with your legs. Lazy no good-" She noticed that Anita was beginning to get up. "Don't you dare, missy! He can get up off his sorry can and get his own cookie. Don't you even think about waiting on him." She put her hands on her hips and glared at him.

Logan looked at Anita, and shrugged, slowly grunting his way to his feet. He ambled over to the table, looked down at Maggie, and promptly took the entire plate of cookies, turned, and walked back to the couch. He could hear the children laughing behind him, and knew they would follow behind.

He sat next to Anita once more, and put the plate of cookies on his lap. Stephanie and Francis bounced to the couch, and flopped down, grabbing a fist full of cookies each.

Maggie just stood there, her eyes shooting flames at him. He glanced back at her, and grinned a warm smarmy grin back at her. She lowered her head, and shook it, chuckling at herself.

"I have never in all my life seen such a pain in the ass as you. You take the cake mister, you really do."

Logan looked up, his mouth full of cookies, and mumbled. "You got cake too?"

Maggie began to mutter under her breath. "Son of a bitch."

Scott and Jean watched the whole scene. Jean laughed along with the children. Scott shook his head in disbelief. "I do not believe this."

Jean took his elbow and held it tight. "Like I said. A nice family unit there, complete with angry mother."

Scott looked at her. "You are enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Immensely. I'm happy." She looked at the small altercation that broke out between Francis and Logan. It was over a cookie with white icing on it. They slapped at each others hands, but Maggie reached in at the last minute, and took the cookie, as the two of them looked on, looking very hurt. Jean continued. "I'm happy for both of them."

The professor entered the room just then. He looked at the screen and noticed an old cartoon. "Ah, Porky Pig. It's certainly been a while since I've seen one of those."

Francis was squirming, trying to get at an itch on his casted left arm. "You like Porky Pig?"

The professor glided to a stop, and chuckled as he noticed Scott and Jean approach. "Um, no. I just said it's been a long time since I've seen one. I prefer Tom and Jerry."

Francis was going into all sorts of contortions trying to get to the itch on his arm. Jean handed him a pencil. "Here, use this." He slid the pencil down inside the cast, and let out a low groan, finally reaching the elusive itch.

Scott looked at Francis' cast more closely. There were several pictures drawn on it, and a lot of writing. One written passage caught his eye, as it was written in heavy black ink.

"There once was a lady from Nantucket......." He looked up and caught Logan smirking. "Oh, for god's sake Logan. You wrote that on the kid's cast?" Everyone was chuckling by now, including Anita, who took Logan's hand in her own.

Logan turned his head slowly, still wearing his smirk. "Sure. Made quite a stir in Storm's creative writing class."

Now there was full blown laughter in the room. Maggie continued to mutter under her breath. "Son of a bitch." Even the professor joined in. After the laughter died down, the professor cleared his throat, and grinned at Francis and Logan.

"I am certainly glad the two of you are here. I need to speak to you both."

Logan rolled his eyes. "Ah shit. What is it now?"

Xavier held his hands in front of him. "No, it's is nothing terrible. In fact, it is good news."

Logan sighed. "It's about fuckin' time." Maggie, who was now standing behind him, did not miss a beat, and swatted him on the back of the head.

"Watch your language."

Scott chortled. "Nice shot there, Maggie."

She glared at him now. "Don't you start, or you'll be next."

Xavier decided to simply ignore all this, and continued with his news.

"I have been speaking to Judge Hanson, and he informs me that the work on Francis' case has been going smoothly."

Logan's eyes narrowed. "What work? I thought all that was cleared up?"

"Oh. This is just a technicality. Cleaning up any loose ends, clearing up any problems. The judge wants everything to be flawless. Then we can procede."

"Uh....procede with what?" Logan's eyes narrowed even more, and he noticed Francis beginning to squirm and bounce. "What is going on here? I'm the last one to know again, right?"

It was Maggie's turn to explain. "Uh, Logan. Francis asked my permission for something. Of course, I can't refuse my little man anything, so I said it was perfectly ok with me. I happen to think it is a very good idea. We all do."

Logan was getting angry now. "WHAT?"

The professor cleared his throat again. "The paperwork is being filled out, and there shouldn't be any problem at all-"


"....for the adoption to move forward."

Logan froze. His jaw dropped open, and he could feel his heart skip a beat. Francis leapt into his lap, and jabbed him in the ribs with his cast. "Well? Neat surprise, huh? Granny says that if it works out ok, then maybe she'll adopt you. Would you like that? You can call her mommy, and I can call you daddy. I think that's so cool. Do you like it? Are you happy? I'm happy. It's what I always wanted. You're going to be my daddy"

From behind him, Logan could hear Maggie chirping away as well, as she rubbed his shoulders. "I think this is the best thing for you two. Charles and Judge Hanson say that there will be no problem what-so-ever with it going through, now that Stella is out of the picture. I'm so happy for you both. Um....but as for my adopting you, I'm just too darned old to raise another child right now. But if you don't straighten up, then maybe........" Her voice trailed off as she dissolved into laughter.

Logan's mind began to cloud, as Francis bounced on his lap, and Maggie grasped his shoulders. Anita squeezed his hand tighter, and gave him a hug, and Stephanie squealed loudly. He could hear Scott's voice clearly, breaking through the fog.

"Congratulations, Logan. It's a boy." Scott leaned in, and slapped the big man on the shoulder. Logan responded by lifting Francis off his lap, and standing up.

He stood in place for a moment, frozen. His face was unreadable, his body tense. Everyone became quiet and still. Francis looked up at Logan, suddenly very frightened, his eyes tearing up. "Logan? Don't you want to be my daddy?"

Logan absently looked down at the boy. He took a deep breath, and spoke softly. "Excuse me." He turned and slowly left the room.

Everyone present exchanged glances. The professor sighed. "Scott, Jean. Follow him."

Francis turned to Xavier, tears falling from his eyes. "Is he mad at me? Doesn't he want to be my daddy?"

Xavier smiled as he watched Scott and Jean trot from the room. "Oh, he'll be ok. He does want you. But you know Logan. He's just......well.....Logan."

Francis perked up considerably, his smile returning. "Does that mean everything is ok?"

"Yes, everything is ok. He's just fine. He just needs to blow off a little steam."

Maggie chuckled. "You mean destroy something?"

"Um, yes. That's why I sent Jean and Scott after him. To make sure he keeps the destruction to inanimate objects."

They all heard the crashing begin, far down the hall. Several thuds, and what sounded like a large window breaking.

Maggie sighed. "I hope that wasn't Scott going through the window."

"It wasn't. It was my desk." Xavier closed his eyes, and lowered his head, as the sound of glass and furniture breaking echoed through the school, and students began to run and scream and scatter.

Maggie walked up to Francis, who stood alone looking in the direction Logan had gone. She knelt down and gave the boy a hug. "You got what you wanted little man. You got yourself a daddy."

Francis looked down at his grandmother, and slid into her arms. "I got the best fucking daddy in the world."


THE END............................................for now.....

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