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Father Figure
Chapter 14

Logan opened his eyes to the familiar sight of the medlab's metalic grey ceiling. He had opened his eyes to this sight on numerous occasions, and it always was a comfort. He needed no medical attention, needed no help in recovering from his battle wounds, but Jean always did her best to make him as comfortable as possible, while his body mended itself. He felt the oxygen hose in his nose, and the IV in the back of his right hand. He didn't need it, but Jean always placed one in his arm anyway. It was the doctor in her, she had to do something. The only thing it did for him was make him need to piss.

As his eyes regained their focus, he could feel his head pound. His ears rang, and every muscle screamed. If he didn't know any better, he would swear Rogue had given him a love tap. But he knew that was not the case. He tried to move, to shift his body. He had been laying there for some time apparently, bacause his butt was getting a little sore. He became aware of a pressure in his chest. A voice got his attention. It was Scott.

"Hey, lay still. Welcome back."

Logan turned his head to the side, to look at Scott. He was sorry he did, as a new wave of throbbing threatened to explode his head.

"Ugh, given the choice, I'd much rather wake up to Jean's smiling face than yours."

Scott only chuckled. "Sorry. You'll just have to deal. Jean is with the professor. How's your head?"

Logan could hear real concern in Scott's voice. "Got a couple hundred Tylenol?"

Scott winced. "That bad, huh? Just be glad the bullet bounced off that thick head of yours. Pretty big caliber, too. Point blank."

Logan closed his eyes, trying to will the throbbing away. He needed to know what had happened. "Where's the kid?"

"Oh, he's fine. Just a little shock, but he'll be ok. He was really worried about you. Can't see why." Scott smiled, not intending the insult to be too hurtful. Just a friendly joke.

"Fuck you. That isn't what I asked you. Where is he?" He opened his eyes, and gave Scott his most dangerous glare.

"He's right there." Scott pointed to Logan's side.

Logan rolled his head in the direction Scott indicated, and he saw a red-blond tuft of hair, resting on his chest. So that's what the pressure was, he thought. The kid lay draped over him, his small arm resting across Logan's chest. Logan's arm was wrapped around him.

He could only roll his eyes, wincing at the pain that caused. He could hear Scott's chuckling.

"I told you he was worried about you. He just crawled up there and fell asleep, about an hour ago."

"Aw, Jesus."

Scott continued his chuckling. "You guys should really learn not to go playing in the woods, near downed power lines."

Logan turned his head to Scott again, his eyebrows raised in question.

"At least that is the official explanation. That kid who shot you? He'll be fine too. He's a little singed, and a bit delusional, saying the kid caused the blast. The cops didn't buy it, of course. By the way, we got your money back. You should really start carrying pepper spray. You need to protect yourself from muggers." Scott's giggling and chortling was beginning to get on Logan's one remaining nerve. Thankfully, he turned somewhat serious, if for only a moment. "You got quite a jolt, thanks to the adamantium. You were twitching something fierce when we brought you back. It looks like you got the worst of it."

Logan rolled his eyes again, the throbbing a little less severe this time. "Figures."

Scott continued. "Francis got a bit burned too, but it wasn't too bad." He resumed his chortling.

Logan tightened his fist. "Wanna tell me what you are laughing at?"

Scott stood up, and backed away from the table. "Blue is definately your color." He then laughed out loud, and turned to leave the room. "I'll go get Jean." He tee-hee'd all the way out the door, leaving a very confused Logan behind, wondering what the fuck he was talking about.

When Jean entered the room, she saw Logan lying quietly, eyes closed. She crept in, thinking he had fallen back asleep. She jumped when he spoke.

"You don't have to tip-toe around, I'm awake."

She approached the table, smiling at the sight of Francis, sound asleep, snoring, draped across Logan's broad chest. It looked like he was a flea on an elephant.

"Sorry. How you feeling?"

"Peachy. Got an aspirin?"

Jean only smiled. She leaned closer, checking Logan's wounds. She too, began chuckling. Logan was getting pretty pissed off now.

"Will somebody tell me what is so funny?"

Jean reached to his forehead, and pulled off the bandage, along with several layers of skin. Of course, there was no sign of the previous injury. She held what she had removed in front of him. It was a blue band-aid.

"Francis insisted."

Logan stared at Jean, feeling a smile threatening to appear on his lips. He struggled hard to keep it supressed, but was unable to. Jean smiled back at him. She pulled up the stool, and sat down, suddenly looking very tired.

Both adults shifted their attention to Francis, who snorted in his sleep, and shifted, mumbling. When he was at last still again, Logan turned to Jean.

"He's got a bit of a snoring problem, doesn't he?"

Jean ignored the question. "He was so worried about you."

"So I've heard."

"You need to have a long talk with him, explain yourself to him. We tried last night. The professor sat him down, and had a nice talk with him, but he was a bit distracted. At least he understands a little bit more about what went on. He realizes he didn't hurt you. He was trying to protect you."

"I know."

Jean's eyes glazed over. "At least now we know what he can do, and how powerful he is."

"No, we don't."

Jean's eyes refocused on Logan, who stared at the ceiling. "What?"

Logan closed his eyes. "I could see the energy build up. I could feel it in the air. I could smell it. I could feel it in my body." He opened his eyes once more. "He held back. If he'd have released all the energy he built up all at once, there would have been nothing left but a 10 foot deep crater, a mile wide." He rolled his head to face Jean. "We haven't seen anything yet. He held back."

Jean let her mouth drop open. "We've got our hands full then. I hope we can teach him to control all that power. I hope the professor can-"

Logan interupted her. "He already knows how. We're all still here aren't we?" He closed his eyes once more, and without thinking, pulled his left arm tighter around the small boy.

Chapter 15

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