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Breaking the Chains of Convention
Chapter 5

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Days passed into weeks. More often than not, Leopold found himself at Tessa's. Occasionally, Tessa would chide him about his frequent visits.

"Your Grace, people are going to talk about the duke who spends all his time at a house of ill repute." But Leo was unconcerned. He was used to doing things his own way, and this was no exception.

"Tessa, come. I want to show you something." Leopold was tinkering with a contraption he had built. His papers and notes littered the surface of her dainty writing desk. She approached Leo with some trepidation.

It's not going to explode, is it?"

Leo frowned at her. "I beg your pardon? Do you have so little faith in me?"

It's not that, Leopold," she reassured him. "I just don't understand all of your scientific studies." He had shared with her his research, and although she understood very little of it, she listened attentively, surprised that he would want to include her in that aspect of his life. As a matter of fact, it had actually been a while since Leopold had taken advantage of her services. Many nights, he would join her and they would spend the evening deep in discussion about a myriad of subjects- his studies, her business, his childhood. The one thing they never talked about was Tessa's past. She had tried to bring it up with him several times, if for no other reason than to remind him of what she was, but he always changed the subject. He told her that he did not care about her past; it was over and done. She had done what she had to do and that course had brought her to him. That's all that mattered.

That evening, they had shared a quiet dinner and after Leopold had explained his invention to her, they climbed into bed. Tessa settled against him, snuggling into his warmth and resting her head on his shoulder. In the silence, she thought about her growing relationship with Leo and where it was heading. She was having a difficult time thinking of him as business. She was losing her focus. Somehow she was going to have to regain it, but it wasn't going to be easy. She knew that Leopold would fight her every step of the way.

Leo pressed a gently kiss to Tessa's forehead. She was so lost in thought that she didn't notice. He had enjoyed spending evenings her in her company, getting to know her, and sharing himself with her. He could feel the bond between them growing daily. But at the moment, the feel of her in his arms had something else growing between them. It had been several days since he had made love to Tessa and his body was telling him it had been too long.

Tessa smiled as she saw Leo's developing arousal. She might be confused about their relationship, but this was something she was an expert at. She moved between Leopold's legs, bent her head and slid her tongue along his hardening pole.

"Tessa, what are you doing?" Leo gasped. "Please, you don't have to do this. A lady would never do this."

Her smile was wicked. "You seem to forget that I'm no lady." Before he could respond, she took him in her mouth. Another gasp was rung from him as he lay back to enjoy Tessa's ministrations. She rubbed her tongue along the sensitive spot just underneath the engorged head, and then swirled it around the staff. He was silk, stretched over steel, and she controlled him. At the slight twitch of his hips, she began sliding her lips along his length, sucking on the tip of him. Leo buried his hands in her curls, holding her head while she took him into her warm mouth. He could feel the back of her throat with every upward thrust. Tessa felt his legs tense, his body start to quiver. A stream of salty, sweet liquid flooded the back of her throat. Leo moaned as colors exploded behind his tightly closed eyelids. Tessa's arms were wrapped around his hips, holding him as he shook with aftershocks. She continued a gentle sucking, wringing every drop of fluid from him. Slowly, he floated back down to reality. He looked down to see Tessa resting on his thigh, grinning up at him like a contented cat. Then it occured to him that she hasn't moved, hasn't reached for a towel to clean herself, or him. There was no evidence of his pleasure. Surely Tessa hadn't, no, of course not. But his brain told him otherwise. He pulled her up, into his arms.

"Tessa, I..."

She placed a finger on his lips. "Leopold, I wanted to." She added, under her breath, "Maybe now you won't forget what I am."

He lifted her chin to bring her eyes to his. "I would never consider you anything less than a lady. There is more to being one than just an accident of birth. You conduct yourself with the highest standards. I don't think I've known any other woman who is more of a lady than you, except my own dear mother."

"Leopold, you are fooling yourself. No one would every think of me as such. I wouldn't be lying here with you at this moment if I were."

He frowned. "Are you regretting your decision to be with me?"

"Of course not," she replied softly.

"Tessa, there are ladies that have lower morals than you, I assure you."

She shook her head at his naivety. "I think you are mistaken, sir. Leo, can we forgo this subject just now?"

He smiled at her, "Absolutely. What would you like to discuss?"

Tessa murmured against his lips, "Uses for your tongue other than speech."

A few minutes later, Leopold had Tessa writhing in pleasure.

The sun rose on the exhausted lovers as they embraced each other. Instinctively, in sleep, their bodies knew what their minds would not accept; that they belonged together.

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