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Breaking the Chains of Convention
Chapter 11

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After the visit to Leopold's home, they returned to Tessa's, having decided to stay there until after the ball, which would take place in two day's time. Sneaking through the house, they headed to Tessa's suite.

Leopold quietly closed the study door and locked it, and then turning, he faced Tessa. She stood motionless, waiting. He crossed the room slowly, never taking his eyes from her face. Tessa's eyes closed as his hand cupped her cheek, his thumb caressing the satiny skin. She leaned slightly into him, bracing herself with one hand on his chest. Slender fingers toyed with a button on his waistcoat. They stood that way for several moments, each lost in their own thoughts.

Leo's lips lowered to brush against her forehead, and then wandered softly around her face, lingering at times, before finding her mouth. But passion exploded as soon as their lips met. Tessa's hands slid into the chestnut waves of his hair, holding him to her as her tongue invaded his mouth, questing for his. Leo's hands gripped her slender waist, pulling her flush against him. She could feel the ridge of his staff even through the layers of fabric that separated them. Their lips parted; catching their breath, they gazed at each other in wonder.

"It feels different somehow, Leo" Tessa observed.

Leopold smiled. "Yes it does, my love," he agreed. "Maybe because this is our wedding night."

Tessa's eyes widened in surprise, "Our wedding night?" She blushed furiously. "But, we...I mean, I...Leo, women like me don't have a wedding night."

"And why not?" He grinned down at her. "This will be our first time as husband and wife. Why shouldn't it be special?" He lifted her up, cradled her in his arms and carried her through the doorway to her, no, their room.

"Wait!" Tessa's voice stopped him from putting her on the bed. "I would like to change and make the room a bit more presentable." She looked up at him. "Would you mind waiting in the study for a few minutes?"

"You are jesting, Tessa." It was not a question, but a statement Leopold made in a strained voice. She winced at the pained look on his face when she nodded.

"Please?" He sighed and went into the study. Tessa slammed the door after him and ran around the room, lighting candles. She threw open the armoire and perused her wardrobe. In the back, behind her everyday clothes hung a sheer, white peignoir. The lace that adorned it was as delicate as a spider's web. Tiny seed pearls held an opalescent sheen as the light glinted on them. She had bought it one day on a whim, knowing she would never wear it. It was fit for a bride on her wedding night. She took the pins out of her hair and let it tumble free. Then she donned the precious gown. A glance in her mirror gave her pause. The reflection looking back at her was not one of a woman of questionable virtue, but of an excited bride on the way to her groom. An impatient knock interrupted her thoughts. "Come in," she called out sweetly.

Leopold entered. "Tessa, I don't know what you are about but I..." his voice trailed off as he got his first glimpse of her. He stood speechless. She was exquisite. Never had he seen a woman more beautiful, and she belonged to him. Candlelight sparkled in her hair, setting red highlights aflame in the sable curls. A shy smile was on her lips as she waited for him. More soft light shone behind her, casting her figure in sharp silhouette through the gossamer fabric.

"My god, Tessa, you take my breath away." He neared her, but did not reach for her. It was she who reached out to him, touching his cheek. He shuddered with the need of her. "Tessa, please," he begged. "I do not think I can wait much longer."

"Nor can I, Leopold." Her answer came out in a breathy voice. She took his hand in hers and placed it on her breast. "Can you feel how my heart races, my love?" she asked. A sirens smile played upon her lips. She reached for the fastening of his coat. "I want to see you Leopold." Her voice was low and soft, her hands, sure and swift. "I need you. I need to feel your skin under my hands. To feel your body react to my touch." She had succeeded in ridding him of everything but his trousers.

Tessa reveled in Leo's gasp as her hands slid up strong arms, over broad shoulders and caressed his broad chest. Muscles bunched as she explored every inch of his bronzed skin. "Tessa!" he shouted, as her lips fastened onto the flat nipple that had been teasing her. Leopold raised her head and crushed his lips to hers. The kiss was wild, not tender, as he had planned it to be. But Tessa's actions had fanned the fire that was already ablaze within him. His body cried out for fulfillment. Tessa met his kiss with just as much need. She burned. She wanted him to take her, to possess her body, as he already possessed her heart.

They stumbled to the bed, unwilling to let go of each other. Their kiss did not break except when Leopold drug her gown over her head, and then it resumed. His hands skimmed over the silk-like skin that lay beneath him. A rosy nipple beckoned him and he could not resist. Tessa's back arched, giving him complete access to her. His mouth touched every inch of her, lingered at her navel, swept across the curve of her hip, left a trail of fire on the inside of her leg. When his tongue touched the damp curls at the apex of her thighs, he heard a high-pitched wail. Tessa thrashed on the bed as he licked and sucked on her.

"Leopold! Oh god Please, Leo" she cried. "Please, come inside me," she begged.

He rose above her, corded arms bracing his weight, and in one mighty plunge, seated his rod completely in her. Tessa wrapped arms and legs around him, engulfing him in her warmth, inside and out. They began to move together, thrust and counter thrust, each shift of their bodies bringing them closer to the edge. He heard Tessa's whispered, "Faster," and increased the pace. She whimpered and it only served to drive him on.

Tessa could feel Leo's breath in her ear. His teeth caught her earlobe and pushed her ever nearer to oblivion. She started to shudder with pleasure. Leo pounded into her and she was over the precipice, falling into her orgasm. Her body arched then quivered with the force of it. She tasted blood as she bit her lip to hold in the scream of ecstasy that threatened to break forth. She vaguely heard Leo's shout as he too, gave over to the pleasure that exploded within him. He planted himself in her, flooding her womb with his seed. With each squeeze of her muscles, his body convulsed, sending more of his essence into her.

Finally, they came to rest. Leopold rolled to his side and wrapped Tessa up in his embrace. He rained butterfly kisses over her face, while whispering of his love. She brushed sweat-dampened hair off his forehead, while she smiled into his hazel eyes.

"I am sorry, my love," Leo murmured against her skin.

"For what, my darling husband?"

Leo pressed a little kiss to her lips. "I had planned to go a bit slower." He smiled. "But, Tessa, you tempted me beyond my limits and I could not hold back my need for you any easier than I could stop the tide."

"Leopold," Tessa sighed his name. "I didn't think you could make it any better, but you managed to. What woman does not like to hear that she drove her man out of control?" The siren's smile came back. Leopold felt her dainty foot slide up and down his leg. "Do you think I might try to do it again?" she asked in an innocent voice.

A moan escaped Leo's lips. "Good god, woman, you'll be the death of me." He leaned down to capture her mouth. "But I will die happy," he added, just before he kissed her.

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