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Breaking the Chains of Convention

Chapter 2

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As curious as Leopold was about Tessa's rooms- as far as he knew, no man had been invited to them; he only had eyes for the woman in front of him. He watched as she glided around the room, lighting candles as she went. Tessa was of medium height, delicately boned but with an exquisite figure, full breasts, a tiny waist that he could span with his hands, and nicely rounded hips. He knew they would fit together perfectly. Her sable curls framed a pixie's face that was dominated by large, brown eyes fringed with dark lashes. He thought he could drown in them. Her lips were as lush berries. He was anxious to taste them again.

Tessa assessed Leopold as she bathed the room in the soft glow of candlelight. He was an imposing figure, standing above every other man that visited her establishment. His striking looks had every mother in the county foisting their daughters upon him. Yet he stood here, before her, waiting. She now knew that the wavy chestnut hair was the texture of fine silk. Hazel eyes reflected the flicker of the flames that danced in the room. Aristocratic features were softened by the amused smile he often wore. His clothes hinted at the build of an outdoorsman, and although she was almost certain that was the case, she couldnt be sure. But she would know soon.

"Tessa." His rich, deep voice sent a shiver down her
spine. "Come here."

She crossed the room to him. His long, graceful fingers deftly plucked the pins from her hair and he watched appreciatively as the curls tumbled to her waist. Those same fingers gently massaged her scalp. "I don't know how you can stand to carry all that on top of your head," he wondered aloud.

"The chains of convention," she replied. Her bones were liquefying as he continued to rub away the day's cares. He had moved down to her neck and shoulders now. "Ahhh," she sighed. "That feels wonderful."

He smiled slightly. "Isn't that the general idea? To make you feel wonderful?"

Tessa's eyes snapped open to meet his. No wonder he was a favorite with her girls, if this was his way.

"Not usually, Leo. It is our job to please you."

He brushed his mouth so gently across hers that she hardly felt it. "Well, since making you feel good will please me, there will be no problem." With that said, he took possession of her mouth once again in a searing kiss that robbed her of rational thought. His fingers once again busied themselves, this time with the buttons that ran the length of her back. The bodice of her dress fell forward and he eased it off her arms, and then slid it past her hips. The soft lawn of her chemise soon joined her gown in a puddle at her feet. Leo's sharp intake of breath surprised her.

"Do I please you, Your Grace?" she asked.

"If you pleased me any greater, I would surely die." Her breast spilled over the stays that encircled her tiny waist. He slipped the knot that held them tied. As the pressure was released, Tessa took a deep breath. "Why torture yourself with these?" Leo asked as he dropped the corset to the floor. "It is obvious you do not need them."

"Once again, the chains of convention are binding," she answered.

Leopold stood back a little to survey his handiwork. Tessa stood naked, except for sheer pantalets and stockings that were held in place by dainty garters. She watched as lust flickered in his eyes. He drew her to him and ran a calloused thumb across her rosy nipple, which puckered in response. Her back arched as he bent his head to take the bud in his mouth. Tessa moaned at the delicious feeling.

"Leopold," she whispered. "Leo." He raised dazed eyes to hers. "I want to see you." She slid her hands underneath his jacket and felt the muscled chest that was hidden from her. "Please, Leo." A fire was starting to burn deep inside her and she wanted, no, needed, to quench it. He shrugged out of his jacket.

"You do it," he ordered gently. Tessa worked at the buttons of the crisp white shirt, and then slid it off. A sigh escaped her. Her hands glided over the bronze expanse that was bared to her.

"I knew," she whispered. "I knew you would be like this."

"Do I please you, Tessa?" Leopold asked in a strained voice. Tessa's touch was scorching his skin.

"You are magnificent," she answered.

Leo scooped her up, effortlessly, in his arms and carried her to the four-poster bed that dominated the room. He gently laid her in the middle of it, paused to admire the pretty picture she made as he shed his trousers. Tessa pulled back the coverlet so he could join her. It was strange having a man in her bed again, stranger yet to have one next to her that didn't maul her as soon as he climbed in next to her.

Leo lay beside her, could feel her warmth seep into him. He smiled into her eyes as he wound a curl around his finger. He knew she was waiting for him to start, but he wanted to savor the feeling of being next to her. "Do you know how long Ive waited for this?" he asked her, his voice husky. "For you?"

"Leo, I know you've been with quite a few of my girls." This was a strange conversation to be having, even for her.

"I never had the courage to ask you, and I knew you would refuse." That faint blush was back.

"So what was different about tonight?" She genuinely wanted to know.

"I don't know. I just knew that no one else would do, would be able to satisfy me." His eyes darkened again as he looked at her. "You haunt me. You are like a fever that burns in my blood. I knew that tonight I was not going to take no for an answer." His strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her under him. Their lips sealed in a promise of passion.

The feel of his body on hers was more than she imagined. His hands wandered over her, heating her skin. His lips followed, setting her aflame. She sighed his name as he caught her nipple in his mouth once again. Then he teased it's twin. Her hands tangled in his hair, holding him to her, not letting him stop. His mouth seemed to devour her, and she reveled in it.

"Darling, I want to see the rest of you," he murmured against the soft skin of her stomach. He tugged at the string that held her drawers on. She lifted her hips, giving him permission. He slid the silk down her shapely legs.

"What about my stockings?" she asked.

"Would you mind if we left them on?" His hands slid up her silk covered calves.

"Whatever you want," came out on a breathless sigh. His hands parted her thighs, revealing her womanhood to him. He couldn't resist, he leaned forward and laid his tongue on her.

Tessa screamed, "LEO!"

"Sshhh," he soothed her.

"Leo, what are you doing?"

He smiled at her, a thoroughly wicked smile. "Has no one ever done that to you?" Wordlessly, she shook her head. "Then I will be the first," he said triumphantly.

"You mustn't."

"Oh, but I must." His warm breath caressed her. "It will give you great pleasure, Tessa. I promise."

She frowned. "But I am the one that is supposed to pleasure you."

"You are to do whatever I want. Right now, I want you to lie back and relax." When it looked like she was about to argue again, he added, "It would give me pleasure to have you do so." He bent his head down again and unerringly found the bud at her center. Gently, softly, his tongue and lips slowly lavished kisses upon her. At first, he felt the tension in her body at this new invasion, but soon she was pliant and sighing her approval. He feasted on her like a starving man at his last meal. His tongue would start at the top, circle around her bud, then follow her slick folds down to the entrance of her. She was moaning, thrusting her hips up to him, her hands pulling him to her. He could tell she was getting close to exploding. His lips danced over her.

"Leo!" she cried. He drove his tongue into her, could feel her drawing him further in. Her body started to quiver from her impending climax.

"Tessa," he whispered. "Tessa please let go for me." And she did. She shattered in an explosion of white heat. Her body quaked from the power of it. Leo kept his tongue where it was at, lapping gently in a soothing rhythm. After she had quieted, he slid up her body and smiled at her.

"Leo, I've never felt anything like that. It was simply amazing. She kissed him and tasted herself on his lips. It was unusual, but not altogether unpleasant.

"I am glad that I was the man that showed you the way," his rich, velvet voice shimmied along every nerve. "But there is more to come."

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