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The Loss
Chapter 13

disclaimer:  see chapter 1

Logan opened his eyes slowly; his nose assaulted by the acrid smell of ozone and burnt flesh.  He could see nothing for a moment, but could hear the boy's heartbeat once more, resonating in his brain as the boy held him tightly.  His eyes regained focus and he looked up to see the boy, his head lowered, still bathed in a blue glow.  He looked around, and saw the now ruined transformers sparking and in flames.  He then looked toward the fence, and saw the charred body of Sabertooth, sprawled against the fence, an expression of shock still present on his lifeless face.


He smiled weakly, feeling the waves of pain return to his body.  He closed his eyes once more, still focusing on the boy's heartbeat.


He could feel the boy stir slightly, and gasp.  "Oh shit.  Dad?  Can you hear me?  Are you ok?  Oh shit, I can see your guts coming out."


Logan snorted, wincing and coughing.  He forced himself to speak calmly to the boy, to soothe his panic.  "Thanks...for the...color commentary."


He jumped when another transformer blew, showering them with sparks.  However, he felt nothing.  He opened his eyes and looked down at his own body, and found it covered in the blue glow as well.  He looked up and saw that the boy's eyes still glowed a deep blue green.  He looked deeply concerned and confused.  Again, he spoke as calmly as he could to the frightened boy.


"This is...new...nice trick...anything else...you want to...share?"


Francis rubbed his father's hair.  "I don't know what I'm doing.  How am I doing this?  Why am I still blue?  How come you're blue too?  What's happening?"


Logan smiled, holding his bleeding stomach tighter.  "You're protecting...yourself again...I'm just...along for the ride."


With each concussive explosion of a transformer, they remained secure and safe under Francis' protective shield.  Francis held his father even closer.


"I made another mess again, huh?  I'm in big trouble, ain't I?"


Logan again snorted.  "Yup...why...did you come...out here...anyway?"  He paused, and swallowed hard.  "How...did you...find me?"


"I don't know.  I just...felt you."


Logan studied his son's face.  "Felt me...you're just a...bundle of surprises...Junior..."  He closed his eyes and smiled.


Francis giggled slightly, jostling his injured father.  "Sorry.  I hate it when you call me that."  He looked at the still smoldering remains of the man he zapped.  "Is he...dead?"


Logan opened his eyes and looked at Sabertooth.  "Who cares?....I just want to get home and...have a cold beer."  He grinned slightly and whispered, "Kablooey."   He rolled his head to look up at Francis.  "Let's just get the...fuck out of...here."


"I can't get you out of here alone."


Logan smiled.  "Help...is coming...better late...than never."  His last memory before he slid into unconsciousness was the face of his boy, concern and relief playing on his face, and the sound of approaching voices, calling to them.



Scott ran inside the gate, and had his breath taken away by the sight before him.  The small electrical sub-station was completely destroyed, and the rubble smoldered and hissed.  He saw Francis holding his unconscious father close, bathed in a warm blue glow.  And he saw the body of Sabertooth still stuck to the far fence, the smell of burnt hair and flesh choking him.


Jean ran to the boy's side, but could not tend to the duo due to Francis' protective plasma shield.  "Francis?  It's over, are you ok?  Relax now, so I can help you."  Her skin burned when she got too close.  Francis looked up, suddenly looking very tired.


"I don't know how to make it stop.  How do I make it stop?"  His voice portrayed his fear and sorrow.


"Just relax, like your father told you.  Take deep breaths, close your eyes.  Can you do that for me?"


"I'll try."  He did as he was told, closing his eyes, and taking deep breaths.  Slowly, the glow faded, and then disappeared altogether.


Cautiously, Jean approached and reached out to touch him.  He twitched slightly, then collapsed to the ground, completely exhausted.  Jean crawled to Logan, and lifted his arm, gasping when she saw the gaping wound in his gut.  "Scott, come here.  Take care of Francis."


Scott took the boy into his arms, and smiled when the boy spoke very weakly.  "Dad wants a cold beer.  I think were out.  Can we stop on the way home to get some more?"  The boy babbled a bit more, and then fell silent, in a deep sleep.


Storm stood by the gate opening, and called to her comrades.  "The professor is coming."  She pointed to a small dot in the sky, a helicopter from the institute.  It approached and bathed the area in a bright light, coming to a landing just outside the fence.


Francis winced in the light, and babbled in his sleep as Scott loaded him into the helicopter.  Toni and Rogue were inside, and bundled him up in a warm blanket.  Scott, Jean and Storm then gingerly picked up Logan, and carried him to the chopper as well.


"Jesus Christ, he's heavy."  Scott strained under the man's weight, grasping him under the arms.  "Too many chicken wings."  He hefted the man inside the copter, and with Toni and Rogue's help, settled him in for the flight home.


Scott moved to the cockpit as the others strapped themselves in, and Jean treated Logan.  "What about Sabertooth?"


Xavier sat at the controls, and simply shook his head.  "We don't have time to deal with him, now."  He looked into the darkness.  "The authorities are on their way, so they will have to deal with him."


Scott climbed into his seat, and the helicopter took off, headed for home.



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