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Into Mist
Chapter 11

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The team hit the cafeteria first.  An optic blast from Cyclops disintegrated the locked door.  Wolverine was able to dispatch two of the captors before they realized what had happened.  A shower of gunfire rained on the four heroes as they dove for cover.  Another blast from Scott sent the third man to a fiery death, while Misti materialized behind the fourth and slid a knife into his back.
"Scott,"  Jean called,  "I know why this was easy.  These children are drugged."

"Let's get them out of here and then we'll worry about the two upstairs."

They hearded the students out of the building and ran into the two sentries.  Nine inch adamantium blades took care of them quickly.  They left the students in the empty warehouse that the jet sat on.  "Jean, stay with them,"  Scott ordered.  "The three of us are going back."

Misti led her teammates to the room she had seen.  "Ya' did good, Sprite," Logan murmured.

"Thanks, big guy.  Now we're gonna do something new."  She reached out and held Scott's and Logan's hands, them shimmered away.  All three vaporized and slid under the door.  The villain's backs were turned to them when they appeared in the room.

Scott's ruby beam blasted equipment to bits while Logan's blades sliced through the flesh and bone of one thug.  He paused, scenting the air, then wheeled around to Misti.  "Sprite!  Look out!"  Before he could reach her, a child had touched her back.  Misti vanished.
"Logan!" Scott yelled.  "Be careful!  The kid's a teleporter!"

An evil cackle rose from the remaining kidnapper.  "I remember her.  Had a blast kickin' the shit outta her.  Now the boss can have his turn!"

A howl erupted from Wolverine.  Hatred glazed over his eyes.  Cyclops retreated;  his teammate was in a berserker rage.  The guy was a dead man, he just didn't know it yet.

Wolverine launched himself at his enemy with all six blades extended.  He buried them in the man's chest, fell on top of him and started slicing.

"Logan!"  Scott tried to reach him, to no avail.  "Logan!"  he tried again.  "Hate to do this, man."  He set his visor on the mildest beam and blasted Wolverine off the dead man.

"What the..."  Logan shook his head.  He could smell singed hair.  "Cyke, you tryin' to kill me?"

Scott grinned.  "No, more's the pity.  Had to get your attention.  He was dead long time ago."

Logan looked over to the pile of ground meat that used to be human.  "I'd do it again, if I could.  But I'd make him suffer a helluva lot more."  Memory flashed.  "Scott, where's Misti?"

"She was teleported, Logan."  He could hear pity in Scott's voice.  "Let me look around and see if I can find out what's going on."  He worked at the computers that hadn't been destroyed. 
Logan waited impatiently.  "Find anything?"

"Not yet."

"Damn it, Cyke!  We've got to find her!"

Scott didn't even glance up.  "I know, Logan.  We will."  A few minutes later, "Got it.  Let's get out of here.  We need the professor's help."  The pair returned to the plane.

Jean was relieved to see them, then saw that her friend was missing.  "Where's Misti?"

"We'll tell you on the way home."  Scott hurried to get the mission wrapped up.  "Let's contact the local authorities so they can take care of the kids, then let's go home."

On the flight back to New York, Scott filled Jean in on what had transpired.  She turned to a grief stricken Logan.  "We'll get her back."  Logan just nodded.
The silent, weary X-Men trudged into the conference room, where their mentor waited.  "Scott, tell me what you discovered.  We need to find Misti quickly."

"The men were using one of the kids, who was a teleporter, to send other students to their employer.  For what purpose, I couldn't find.  Nor could I find out where." 
Charles glanced at Logan.  "I will find her, Logan"  Xavier rolled out of the room, headed for Cerebro.

'He'll find her,' Jean projected to Logan.

'What if it's too late?'

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