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Into Mist
Chapter 13

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In the weeks that followed, Logan avoided Misti.  He always knew where she was, but his heart ached every time they ran into each other.  Jean had told him he should seek her out, that maybe he could jar a memory loose, but that blank look in her eyes was too painful.

Misti spent most of her time with Charles and Jean.  They were hoping to somehow break through the block.  Charles always started by asking her about her day.  Today was no different.

"I saw Logan today.  He kinda freaks me out.  He watches me when he thinks I'm not paying attention.  The man is so intense," she said with a shiver.

"Logan will not hurt you, Misti," the professor's cultured voice said.  "Quite the opposite, he would kill anyone who tried to harm you.

"Are you ready to begin?"  She nodded and slowly closed her eyes.  She could sense Charles and Jean entering her mind.  As always, they came to a black wall.

'Professor,' Jean called.  'What now?'

'Keep probing Jean, but gently.'  Together they kept trying to break through the block, but, as every other day, it seemed to be of no use.   Until now.  'Jean, up ahead.  Do you see it?'

'Yes.'  There was a beam of light shining through a chink in the wall.  Charles and Jean went to investigate.  'Can we open it, Professor?'

'We can certainly try.  Be careful.  We don't want to cause any further trauma.'  They tried to widen the opening but couldn't.  The two exited Misti's mind.

"Professor?"  Misti asked.

"How do you feel?"

She thought for a moment.  "I'm fine.  Wait, there's something new!"  Her look turned inward.  "It's Logan!"  She could see him, in the woods, yelling,'ready or not...'  "He's my friend!"

Charles smiled at her beaming face.  "We have made some headway.  The rest will come in time."

"I'm gonna take a walk. Is that okay?"  Charles glanced at Jean.

"Go ahead, Misti," the doctor said.

Misti went down to the lake.  She had been coming here often.  Somehow it
comforted her.  She came upon a gazebo, set back a bit, surrounded by trees.   
'Oh, it's lovely,' she thought.  'I wonder how I missed it.'  She sat down on a bench inside.  It was so peaceful.  A cool breeze ruffled her hair as her eyes drifted shut.  She let her mind float where ever it wanted.  It returned to her new memory of Logan.

'Ready or not, here I come!'  They seemed to be playing a game.  Logan was looking for her.  Then the scene in her mind changed.  Logan was kissing her, caressing her, making love to her.  Misti grew warm.  Was this a memory or some sort of trick her mind was playing on her?  A subconscious desire for the rough, menacing Wolverine?

Suddenly, the memories poured through.  Every fight they had.  Every shared moment.  The wonderful night spent in this very gazebo.  There were also memories of the mission, her being teleported to that awful place and what had been done to her.  Then the hurt look in Logan's eyes every time she shied from him.

"I've got to fix this, but I need help.  Maybe Jean will be up to it."  She ran to the mansion to find the doctor.

Jean was at her desk when Misti burst through the door.  "Jean, I remember!  I remember all of it!"  The doctor jumped up and hugged her friend.  "That's wonderful!"

Misti's voice grew serious.  "I've hurt Logan."

"It wasn't your fault."

"I know, but he's been hurt nonetheless.  I want to tell him about getting my memory back, but I also want to show him how much I love him."  A sneaky grin wreathed Misti's face.  "I have a plan.  Will you help?"

"Of course!"  The two women left to implement Misti's plan.

There was an envelope taped to Logan's door when he reached it.  'What the hell?' he thought.  He was in a bad mood today.  'Who am I kidding?  I'm in a bad mood every day.'  He gave an evil chuckle as he ripped the envelope off the door and opened it.  The words had been cut from a magazine.  It read, "Do you like strawberries?"  What did that mean?  His favorite memory of strawberries was the night spent with Misti.  Who would know about that?  He was going to find out.

He approached the gazebo in full tracking mode.  He wasn't sure who was playing this joke, but he would pay.  A flicker caught his attention.  Someone had lit candles in the structure, but there was no one around.  A stereo sat on a bench with a note attached, "Turn me on."  The sounds of Harry Connick Jr. singing 'It Had To Be You' filled the air when Logan hit play.

"Whoever you are, where ever you are, I don't think this is funny," he called out.  A mist swirled in front of him, then solidified.

"Misti?"  He couldn't believe his eyes.  "This must be a dream.  Please don't wake me up."

Misti reached out and took Logan's hand.  "It's not a dream."

"You left the note on my door?"  Misti nodded with a smile.  "But that means..."

"I remember everything, Logan," she said, eyes shining.

She ran into Logan's outstretched arms.  "Oh, Sprite!  I've missed you so much!"

"I'm so sorry I hurt you, big guy." 
Logan held her tighter.  "It wasn't your fault."  He kissed the top of her head.  "It's good to hear you call me that.  It's good to hold you.  I was afraid I wouldn't get
to do it ever again.  I'm not letting you go."

Misti snuggled closer.  "That sounds good to me."

Logan started gently swaying to the romantic music.  They were content to just stay in each others arms, at least for now.  But slow, easy caresses soon intensified.  Misti's questing fingers found the buttons of Logan's shirt.  Warm skin met her touch.  A moan escaped from him when he felt her silky lips exploring his chest.  He reached up and lifted her lips to his.  The kiss was soul searing.  His tongue slipped past her parted lips and melded with hers, danced with hers, until they were both gasping for breath.  Then he tore away.

"Are you sure 'bout this, darlin'?"  His hand had slid under her shirt and was rubbing slow, lazy circles on her back.  Misti felt like she was being set on fire.

"Absolutely."  The heat in her eyes scorched him.  With every touch a frantic feeling had grown within her.  "I want you, Logan."  Her voice, her touch became urgent.  "Here.  Now."  She started tearing at his clothes.  "I want it hard and fast.  I want all of you."
Her words ignited him.  She heard fabric rending, then a cool breeze drift over her heated skin.  Her back arched as he latched onto a rosy nipple.  The bud hardened in his mouth as his tongue swirled around it.  He treated its twin to the same caress as he pushed Misti back against a wall.  Her sexy, little noises were driving him mad.  Hot hands drug her skirt up to her waist, while nimble fingers unzipped his jeans and pushed them to his knees.  The scent of her arousal almost broke his restraint.

"Logan, look at me."  He looked into her upturned face and saw lust, naked and hot in her eyes.  Her whispered "Fuck me, Logan,"  destroyed what was left of his control.  With a roar, he sheared away the last, flimsy barrier between them, then
buried himself in her wet heat.  She had freed the animal inside him and reveled in it.  Her legs encircled his waist.  Her nails raked his back, drawing blood.  His
unbridled rhythm was driving her to the edge.  She struggled to hold on.  He was past the point of caring about her pleasure.  He repeatedly slammed into her, straining for release.  As her muscles tightened around his pulsating member, her scream tore through his lust-fogged brain.  The tremor that began in her sex and radiated out plunged him into oblivion.  With a final mighty thrust, he flooded her womb.

She clung to him as he sank to the floor.  He stroked the satin skin of her back while their heartbeats calmed.  "Sprite?"

He could hear the satisfaction in her voice.  "I'm fine, Logan.  Actually, fine is a gross understatement."

She could hear worry in his.  "I was too rough."  She propped herself up on his chest.
"I wanted you rough."

A hoarse chuckle rose from within him.  "You will never cease to amaze me, darlin'."

"We have the rest of our lives for me to try," she replied with a smile.

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