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Into Mist
Chapter 14

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"Wake up, sleepyhead,"  Logan murmured in Misti's ear.

"Do I have to?"  She rolled over so she could ignore him.  A funny feeling settled in her stomach.  "Oh, god.  I'm gonna puke!"  She made a mad dash for the bathroom.  Logan could hear her retching.  He went to help her but got there too late.  She was already brushing her teeth.  Puzzled, she mused aloud, "Wonder what brought that on?"

Logan leaned against the door frame.  "I know what did."

Misti looked at him expectantly.  "So share already!  It must not be too bad.  You've got a big, stupid grin on your face."

"We're gonna have a baby."

Misti froze.  "A what?"

He picked her up and twirled around the room.  "A baby!"  She braced herself on his shoulders.

"Logan, stop!  I'm gonna get sick again!"  She looked into his eyes for any sign of dismay.  "You're not upset?"

"'Bout what?  The baby?  Of course not!"

She still wasn't convinced.  "You aren't afraid that people are going to think I tamed the Wolverine?"

He grinned.  "Naw, You're hitching a wild ride.  Besides, a little bit of taming may not be a bad thing."

Slowly Misti accepted the fact that Logan was thrilled about the new addition.  His happiness was contagious.  "We are going to have a baby!"  she repeated, awestruck.

Logan placed her gently on the bed.  Her hand held his in place on her stomach where a new life was beginning.  "I love you so much, Sprite," he whispered.  "You have given me the two greatest gifts I have ever received, your love and our child."

His love humbled her.  "Oh, Logan," Misti sighed.  "I love you too.  More than I could ever put into words."

Their lips met in a tender kiss to seal the moment.

Seven months later...
Misti was visiting Jean for a check up.  Usually Logan accompanied her, but Charles had sent him out.

"Everything seems to be going smoothly.  Have you told Logan yet?"

Misti grinned.  "No.  I want it to be a surprise, so you'd better not snitch!"

Jean laughed.  "I won't.  But seriously Misti, it could be any day.  Don't be taking any long trips.  Are you feeling okay?"

"Aside from the fact that I'm as big as a house, and I can't mist away from this, I suppose I'm fine."

"Good," the doctor replied.  "I'll see you later then."

Misti waddled down the hall to the room that she now shared with Logan.  The ache in her back was becoming unbearable.  'Too bad Logan isn't here to rub it for me," she thought as she lay down.  She promptly fell asleep, absently rubbing her stomach.

Later that night, Misti woke to a sharp pain.  She breathed through it and waited to see if there was another one coming.  A glance to the opposite side of the bed showed Logan sleeping peacefully.  A couple minutes past, then another pain hit her.

"Logan!  Wake up!"  She shook him hard.  "Logan!  We've got to go!  It's time!"

Logan's brain was still befuddled with sleep.  "Hhhhmmm...  Time for what?"  He sat up with a start, wide awake.  "Oh!  It's time!  Logan had never dressed so fast in his entire life.  "Let's go!"  He helped her into the wheelchair they were keeping for just this time.  The infirmary wasn't far but another contraction was already cresting.  'Jean!'  he projected.  'We're on our way to the infirmary.  It's time, but isn't this early?'

Jean met them at the door.  Contractions were piling on top of each other.  Between pains, Misti managed to spit out, "Leave it to your child, Logan, to be in such an all fire hurry to get here."

"I'm sorry, Sprite."  Jean could see every pain etched on his face.  "Can't you give her something, Jeannie?"

"No, Logan.  She's too far along.  This is going to happen fast."

They wrestled Misti into position.  She fought them all the way.  "Logan!" she screamed.  "You will never touch me again!"

"Misti,"  Jean's calm voice broke through.  "I need you to push.  One good, hard push.  Logan," she directed, "help her by bracing her."

 With a mighty push, Misti's and Logan's son was born.  Jean handed the crying baby to Logan, who placed him on Misti's chest.  She beamed at her son.  "Isn't he perfect?"

"Yes, he is."  Logan's voice held wonder.  His son had thick, dark, wavy hair, blue eyes, ten finger, ten toes.  Yes, he was perfect.

Another pain ripped across Misti's midsection.  Logan looked up, panic stricken.  "What's wrong?"

Misti gave him a weak smile as she threaded her fingers through his.  "Surprise!"  She squeezed his hand while she pushed again.

Jean encouraged her.  "One more, Misti."  She gathered up her remaining strength and pushed one more time.  A scream was ripped from her throat.

Logan looked on in awe as Jean brought his daughter into the world.  "Twins?"  He bent down to Misti's level.  "Twins?"

"Yes, big guy.  Two for the price of one.  You never seem to do anything half way."  He planted a kiss on Misti's lips.

Jean handed the tiny girl to Logan.  The baby quieted instantly.  Misti giggled.  "So that's how it's gonna be.  Daddy's girl."

Logan was about to burst with love and pride.   "Sprite, you've managed to amaze me yet again."  His voice softened to a whisper.  "I love you with all my heart."

"I love you right back," she answered.  Logan then looked down at his precious newborn girl.  She also had dark, wavy hair.  He hoped her eyes would stay blue, like her mother's.  As he admired his baby, a shimmer appeared and she vanished for an instant, then returned.

"She may be Daddy's Girl, but I have a feeling she's going to be a spitfire like her mom."

Misti chuckled.  "Well, I hope this little man isn't as stubborn as his father."

As the new family snuggled together, Logan and Misti murmured the names they had chosen,  Brendan and Elizabeth.

A new generation of X-Men had arrived.
The End?

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