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Into Mist
Chapter 4

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"Jean, can I talk to you?"  Logan queried, entering the dr.'s office.

She looked up from her monitor.     "Of course.  What can I do for you?  Is there something wrong?"

"Not exactly."  He had a puzzled look.  "It's about Misti."

"Is she ok?"  Jean worriedly interjected.

Logan scowled.  "Why don't you ever let me finish, Jeannie?  Misti's fine."  The puzzled look returned.  "I think that's the problem.  She's becoming very adept.  I have a hard time finding her anymore.  Pretty soon, my rotation in her training will be over.  I've kinda gotten used to seeing her everyday."

Logan heard a 'knock' in his mind.  'Ok, Jean, come on in.  I'll let you read between the lines this time.'

Dr. Grey's eyes drifted closed.  She was accustomed to the mess that was Logan's mind.  But she found something new mixed in with his memories of Misti's training.  Incredible waves of feeling washed over her.  Tenderness, protectiveness, fury, lust.  She stumbled back underneath the onslaught.

Logan caught her.  "Jean!  What happened?  What did you see?"

She sat, stunned.  "It amazes me that you can stand there so calmly when all those emotions are swirling around inside you."

"That bad, huh?  No wonder I couldn't put it into words."

"Oh, Logan,"  Jean looked into his eyes.  "There is one word for it...love."

Logan shook his head emphatically.  "No, Jeannie.  You're wrong.  It can't be that.  She's just a kid."

"Maybe you need to take another look, came her reply.
It was Misti's last day of training with Wolverine.  In the past week, he had changed, become distant.  He worked her harder than ever, as though punishing her.  For what, she didn't know.

"Ready or not, here I come!"  Misti heard Logan yell.  She quickly faded and silently crept in an arc around him.  "I will find you, Sprite!"  He listened as hard as he could.  "Damn, Misti!  You're gettin' too good at this!"  He heard a giggle off to his left.  "Gotcha!"  He lunged and grabbed...air.

"Fooled you!"  Misti sang out from behind him.  Logan whipped around.

"What do you think you're doing, missy??  Have you forgotten everything I've taught you?  Stay quiet!  What if I had been an enemy?  You'd be dead!"

Misti stood toe to toe with him.  Fire snapped in her blue eyes.  "Give me a break, Logan!  We were playing a game!  You've been on my case for a week!  I don't know what you think I did, but let up some!  What's your problem?"  Before she could even blink, he grabbed her.

"THIS!!"  His lips crushed hers.  Misti tried to catch a breath, but his tongue snuck in to tangle with hers.  His arms tightened around her waist while he continued his assault on her mouth.   He could taste her fear.

He tore his lips from hers and tucked her head into his chest.  What was he doing?  He didn't want to hurt her, but that's exactly what he'd done.  Hell, he would kill anybody else who did to his precious sprite what he had just done.

Misti was content to stay surrounded by his solid warmth.  His hand was caressing her back.  'I could stay here forever,' she thought.  She could feel the rumble deep in his chest when he started to speak.

"Darlin, I'm so sorry.  That shouldn't have happened..."  Her head shot up and bumped his chin.

"Logan, no..."
He chuckled.  "Why do you women keep interrupting me?  Would you just
listen for once?  It shouldn't have happened like that.  Sprite, the next time I kiss you, your toes ar gonna curl up in ecstasy."

Misti smiled back at him.  "You promise?"
As he walked away, he threw over his shoulder, "Oh yeah.  You can take
that one to the bank, darlin."

Misti raised her eyes toward heaven.  "Thank you," she whispered.

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