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Into Mist
Chapter 8

Misti had walked to the garage in a daze.  She had an auto maintenance class
with Cyclops.  It wasn't required but she figured it was practical knowledge.   Though she didn't plan on being so distracted today.  She kept reliving last night.  Then there was tonight.  What did Logan have up his sleeve?  It was driving her insane.

"Misti?  Misti?"  Scott was trying to get her attention.

"Oh, sorry, Scott.   I guess my mind was elsewhere."  Misti went to get her tools.  When she returned to the dismantled engine they were working on, Scott was smirking at her.

"I figured it out!  Jean wouldn't tell me but I can put two and two together!"

"Scott, what are you talking about?"  But she had a sneaky suspicion what he meant.

"Logan, in a good mood.  You, not concentrating and walking around with a dreamy look on your face.  Must of been one hell of a night!"  Misti blushed furiously. Scott's voice gentled.  "Go on, get out of here.  You're not going to learn anything today."

"Thanks, Scott,"  Misti impetuously hugged him, then ran to her room.  She wanted to be ready for the evening.

She perused her closet but nothing seemed quite right.  She might not know what Logan was planning but she knew she wanted to look spectacular.  'Jean?'  she called out silently.  "Are you busy?  I need your help with something.'  Soon there was a knock on Misti's door.

"Hi!  What can I do for you?"

Panic was setting in.  "Would you go shopping with me?  I have a,"  she paused.  Was it a date?  "I am meeting Logan tonight," she started again.  "And I don't have anything to wear."

Jean's face lit up.  "Shopping?  Of course I'll go with you!  Let's go!"

At four that afternoon, Misti was soaking in a tub of scented bubbles.  She was giving herself some extra pampering in anticipation of the evening.  Everything she needed was laid out on the bed or sitting on her vanity.

"Logan's not going to know what hit him,"  was Jean's opinion earlier.  Misti had giggled.  She giggled now while she relaxed in the warm water.

"That's the plan.  I want to knock his socks off," she said aloud, then laughed again.  "Maybe knock his pants off too!"

After her bath, she started the rest of her preparation.  She layered on her Escada perfume, Logan's favorite;  expertly applied a little makeup, and styled her hair.  She then slipped into the little dress Jean had helped her pick out.  Sandals and jewelry completed her ensemble.  She surveyed the results in the floor length mirror.

"This is one time I wish I had long hair," she said to her reflection.  Her plan was to look totally feminine, and she did, except for her short, spiky 'do.  'Oh, well,' she thought, 'nothing I can do about it.'  A glance at the clock showed 5:30.  It was time to go.  Expectancy and excitement fluttered in her stomach.
Logan peeked at his watch.  6:05.  "Where is she?"  He growled.  "Didn't think my Sprite would pull this fashionably late crap."  When he looked across the clearing,  Hew saw a figure approaching.  As she neared, what he saw took his breath away.

Misti seemed to glide towards him.  The sheer, floral shift floated above her knees.  It accented every curve of her body.  Strappy sandals showed off her trim ankles.  Her scent wafted to him on the breeze.  Silver sparkled at her ears, wrist and ankle.  She looked... Logan searched for the word... ethereal.

Misti concluded that Logan had taken as much care getting ready as she did.  Gone were the usual jeans, tee and flannel shirt.  In their place, tailored slacks, and an unstructured jacket over a silk shirt that was open at the throat.  As she walked up, she smelled his cologne.  'Oh god, he's wearing Obsession.'  Her insides quivered.  That scent did funny things to her.

She took his outstretched hand and he pulled her to him.  His soft lips held promise as they possessed hers.  His teeth nibbled on her lower lip, then was replaced by his tongue gently soothing the same spot.

Logan rested his chin on top of her head.  "I've been waitin' all day for that, darlin'."

"Me too."  Misti heard mellow jazz playing in the background.  She looked up to find the source.  "Logan!"  she gasped.

The white gazebo, surrounded by trees, that sat by the lake had been transformed into a romantic bower.  White gauze dripped down from the structure to completely enclose it.  Inside, candles flickered in the dimming daylight.  Roses had been placed all around, their fragrant perfume scenting the air.

Logan held the sheer fabric aside for Misti to enter.  The candlelight fell on a bottle of champagne, chilling.  A low table held cut crystal bowls filled with strawberries and whipped cream.  A small pot contained chocolate.  Sheets of silk and satin covered the floor which was then strewn with pillows.

"Dance with me,"Logan whispered in her ear.  She turned into his arms and melted into him, inhaling a heady mixture of Obsession and Logan.  As they
swayed to the romantic music, he asked, "Did I surprise you?"  She nodded
mutely.  "Well, there's a lot more coming, Sprite."  Logan's hand chased the
shiver that ran down her spine.

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