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Into Mist
Chapter 10

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'Logan, the professor wants all of us to report in.'  He felt Misti stir. 

'Go away, Jean,' he answered the voice in his head.  Misti was snuggling closer and moaning softly.  All kinds of delicious thoughts ran through his mind.

"Logan!'  He heard shock.  'You must report in.'

He grinned, imagining Jeannie's discomfort. ' Aw, fuck off, Jean.'  Misti's eyelids fluttered open to see Logan's smiling face.  "Mornin' darlin'.  Were you dreamin' 'bout me?"

"You turnin' psychic on me, big guy?"  Her fingertips were tracing swirls through his chest hair.

"Me?  No way!  But you were making these cute little moaning noises.  If anyone else was causin' that, I'd hafta kill 'em"

She grinned.  "can't have that on my conscience, now can I?"

"Chuck is looking for us, Sprite."
Misti's smile faded.     "Do we have to go?  Can't we just stay here forever?"

Logan kissed her.  "As tempting as that sounds, no.  We have to leave. 
But we can come back."


"I promise."

Misti rose to get dressed.  She held up the scraps of lace that had been her underwear and stared at him accusingly.

Laughing, Logan defended himself.  "I was provoked!"

"So it's my fault?"  She started giggling. 
Logan grabbed her.     "I plead temporary insanity brought on by extreme lust!  I throw myself on the mercy of the court!  I think I should be punished!"

She ran her fingers through his hair.  "I find you guilty.  Your sentence will be determined later.  Right now all I want is a proper kiss."  The kiss she got was anything but proper.  Her bones liquefied.  If Logan hadn't been holding her, she would have been a puddle on the floor.

'Logan, Misti,"  They both heard.  It was the professor.  'Please report to the conference room.  We'll be waiting for you.  Oh, and Logan?  Please clean up the gazebo today.'

Misti blushed while Logan grinned.  "It sucks having telepaths in the family, don't it, Sprite?"

"You can say that again."  They finished dressing and headed back to the
mansion and reality.

The team assembled in the conference room.     "What's up, Professor?"  Cyclops asked.

Xavier's voice was grave.  "Have a seat, everyone.  There is an anti-mutant group that has surfaced in the Southwest.  A school, similar to this one, is based there.  This militia has taken over the school and we think they have already executed several students.  It is my understanding that they have been contracted for this action.

"Your objective, first and foremost, is to ensure the safety of the students.  Then I would like you to find out who this group is working for."

As Charles mapped out the mission details, Logan glanced at Misti.  This was her first time out.  Would she be able to handle it?  Would he be able to do his job and protect her at the same time?

"Ok, everyone," Scott stood, every inch the team leader.  "Let's meet in the hanger in 15 minutes."

"Misti, Logan, can you stay a moment?"

"Sure, Chuck," Logan turned back.

The professor looked at each one in turn.  "Misti, I want you to be especially careful, since this is your first mission.  Logan, I know you will keep an eye on her."

Logan snorted.  "That goes without saying."

A slight smile crossed Charles' face.  "Go and suit up, X-Men."

Misti climbed into the jet and sat next to Logan.  "Not afraid to fly, are ya' darlin'?" he asked.

She grinned, excitement shining in her eyes.  "I'd rather fly than drive, big guy."  Nevertheless, she held his hand tightly as the Blackbird streaked towards the western horizon.

A few hours later, Scott set the sleek plane down on the roof of an abandoned warehouse.  Misti's eyes fluttered open.     "Did you have a nice nap?"  Jean asked.

"Why yes, I did.  Thanks for asking."  She smirked at Logan.  " I've had a mysterious lack of sleep the last two nights."  Jean laughed at Logan who was actually blushing.

"Let's go."  Scott released the hatch.  When they stepped out, Misti gaped.

"I know where we are!  I lived close by.  What was the name of the school, Scott?"

"Liberty Preparatory.  If you know where, you can lead."

"Ok.  Follow me."  She led them down to the street and over a block.  The gate to the school loomed before them and was padlocked shut.

"Well, Cyke," Logan queried, "what do you think?  Should we go in the front door or the back?"

"Jean,"  Scott began.

"Already checking," the doctor answered.  "There are no guards watching the gate at this time."

"Then allow me." Logan's blades sliced through the lock.

"Regular swiss army knife, ain't ya'?"  Misti teased.

The team entered the compound, split up and had a look around.  They regrouped and reported.

"The students are being kept in the cafeteria," Logan relayed.  "There are four guards, but they don't seem heavily armed.  I think they'll be pretty easy to take, Cyke."

Jean added what she had found.  "Two men are patrolling the perimeter, but since the grounds are so extensive,  they aren't very effective."

Scott looked confused.  "Why does this seem too easy?  Jean, will you see if you can sense anyone else?"

Jean closed her eyes, searching.  "On the third floor, two men in some sort of control room."

Scott turned to Misti.  "Can you find them?  Maybe you can discover what's going on, then meet us back here."

"No problem."  Misti shimmered and disappeared.  About fifteen minutes later, the shimmer announced her return.  Logan breathed a sigh of relief.  "They are definitely reporting to someone.  There is a lot of sophisticated equipment.  There is also a lot of firepower.  But I think the professor was wrong about students being killed.  From what I can tell, they are being taken from here."  She looked at Logan, before she finished.  "One other thing."  Logan saw her shiver.  "At least one of the men took part in the attack on me, before I came to you."

"Are you sure, Sprite?"  His eyes too on a feral gleam.

"I'm sure.  I'd know that voice anywhere."
Logan's claws extended.     "Then he's a dead man,"  he snarled.

"Logan,"  Scott barked.  "Let's not lose sight of our objectives.

"My objective has just changed," was Wolverine's menacing answer.

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