A Phone and Some Chrome

X-men characters are not mine, (although I can dream, can't I?).  Misti is my creation. This is for private entertainment.

A few months after the end of Into Mist...
The phone rang.  Misti ran to answer it.  "Hello," she said breathlessly.

"Hiya, Sprite! How are you?" a deep voice asked.  "How are my babies?"

"Logan!" came Misti's surprised gasp.  "We're fine.  When are you coming home? We miss you."  Her voice lowered. "I miss you."

Logan sighed.  "It'll be a couple of days yet.  Things are not going as smoothly as planned.  I had to hear your voice."

"Can you talk long?  I just finished putting the kids to bed."  She couldn't hide the yearning in her voice.  "I miss you so much, big guy.  I wish you were home.  Our bed is too big when you're not in it with me."

"I miss you too, darlin'."  Logan paused.  "Can you plug in the hands free unit?"
"Sure, but," Misti began.

"Do it," he interrupted, "and go to bed.  I'll call you right back."

"Ok."  Misti found the headset and hooked it up, then crawled into bed.  Longing filled her as she hugged Logan's pillow.  An ache formed in the pit of her stomach as she inhaled the scent of him that lingered on the case.  The phone rang.  She reached over to answer it before it could wake up the kids.  "Logan?"
"Yeah, baby.  It's me.  What are you wearing?"

Misti giggled.  "Logan, what are you doing?"

"C'mon, Sprite, humor me.  I'm horny and I'm missing you.  Whatcha wearin'?"

"Your red plaid shirt and the panties you bought me."

Logan groaned.  "The black, lacy ones from Victoria's Secret?"

"Yep.  What are you wearing?"

Logan chuckled.  "Nothin', honey."

It was Misti's turn to groan.  "I need you here, big guy."

"Close your eyes, darlin'.  I'm already there.  Can you feel my fingers in your hair?  My lips on that sensitive spot in your neck?"

"Yes," she whispered.  Her fingers brushed that exact spot.

"Unbutton your shirt and slowly part it."  Misti complied, her breath coming faster.  "God, Sprite," he moaned.  "I can see your breasts, creamy and white, with those rosy nipples crowning them, puckering up under my touch."

Misti gasped, her fingers finding the hardened buds.  "Logan, please," she begged.

"Tell me what you want."

"I want your mouth on me," she murmured.

Logan whispered, "Tell me where."

"On my breasts.  Oh, Logan!"

"Yes, darlin'.  Can you feel my mouth open on your nipple?  Warm and wet, my tongue swirling around it?  The only answer he received was panting.  "Sprite, I need you to do something."

"Anything," Misti breathed.

"There's a present for you in the nighstand drawer.  I want you to open it."

Logan heard a hoarse laugh.  "You've got to be joking."

"No.  Do it now."

Misti reached over and extracted a prettily wrapped package from the stand.  "Got it."

"Open it," he ordered.  She untied the bow, ripped off the paper and opened the box.


He chuckled.  "Do you like it, Sprite?"

On a burgandy, velvet pillow, trimmed with gold, lay a 10 inch, shiny, chrome dildo.  "You are a crazy man!"

"I think that was established long ago," he laughed.  "Shall we give your present a test run?"  His voice deepened.  He knew the effect it would have on her.  "Since I can't be inside of you, maybe that will make a decent substitute."  She heard him take a deep breath.  "I want to hear you come, Misti."

"Ok, Logan," she whispered.  "But only if you come with me."

"I'll be right beside ya' darlin'."



"Wrap your hand around your cock," Misti murmured into the phone while gliding her 'present' over her body.  "Can you feel my lips caressing the head?"

"Yes," he moaned.

"You taste so good, Logan.  Can you feel my mouth surrounding you?  My teeth scraping the length of you?"  All she heard was a grunt.  "I can feel you go all the way to my throat."  Logan pumped faster.

"Enough!"  he growled.  "What are you doin'?"  He heard panting again. 
"Massaging my clit," she barely got out, "with my present."  A gasp followed.  "Logan, I need you!"

"Baby, bury that thing inside you!"  He was straining for release.  Misti slid the cool, metal staff into her warm sex.  Logan heard her moan as she reached for her climax.     The sexy whimpers she was making pushed him further. He knew she was close.

Misti could hear Logan panting.  That always excited her.  He was getting close.  "Yes!  Oh god, Logan!  Yes!"  Her orgasm expoded in waves.  Her release triggered his.  With a roar, Logan plunged after her.  Both of them lay quivering on their beds.

"Oh, Sprite," he said.  "I love you, darlin'."

"Love you too, big guy.  And thanks for my present.  Next time I use it though, I want you here, ok?"

He grinned into the darkness.  "It's a deal."
The End

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