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Photo Op
Chapter 3


They went back to where Niki's equipment was still set up. "Sit here," she directed him to the stool they had used earlier. "Just let me adjust this." She checked the viewfinder, then grabbed her remote shutter release. "Do you mind if I take a picture of the two of us?" she asked.

"Not at all." Jack reached for her, then settled her against him, spoon style. She froze for an instant as his strong arms wrapped around her. It felt so good. She relaxed a bit.

"Ok. Smile." They both looked into the camera. *flash* "One more?" Niki asked.

"Sure," Jack agreed. She could take a hundred of them, he thought. He had her in his embrace and he didn't plan on letting go of her any time soon.

Niki tipped her head slightly and snapped another shot. The curve of her neck was more than he could resist. His lips lightly brushed the silky skin. Niki's eyes widened at the caress. Maybe she had imagined it. She turned and looked up into Jack's eyes.

He lowered his mouth to hers. The kiss was soft; a question. In answer, Niki slid her arms around his waist. Jack's response was immediate. He pulled her hard up against him. His lips crushed hers as their tongues melded together. Niki's hands skimmed over his back, seeking skin. She untucked his shirt and slid her hand beneath. Jack captured her sigh.

"Niki?" he murmured against her lips.


"If you don't want this to go any further, we need to stop now." to make his meaning crystal clear, he pulled her hips to his. The ridge of his erection pressed into her.

Niki's hips instinctively tilted upward, seeking him. "I wanted you the moment you walked through the door." Jack's head dipped to reclaim her lips. Niki had never felt anything as sensual as his kiss.

*Flash* The strobes firing interrupted them. Jack grinned. "Guess ya' got a picture of that, too." He gently backed her over to the couch. When the backs of her knees hit the sofa, he lowered her to a sitting position and knelt between her thighs.

Seeing him there, looking up at her with sparkling eyes, filled her with an urgency she had never felt before. She wanted to be naked; she wanted him naked. She wanted to feel his weight pressing down on her.

But Jack didn't seem to be in any hurry. His hands were caressing her calves. He grinned when he heard her breath catch.

Niki leaned forward to bury her hands in his hair. His beautiful eyes slid slowly shut as she lightly skimmed over his features, memorizing the planes and angles of his face. Her lips then followed the path her fingers had taken, ending at his lips.

Jack had sat still while Niki explored, but once her lips met his, he took charge. His tongue slid past her lips and teeth, seeking its mate. Nimble fingers unbuttoned the cotton shirt she wore, then deftly opened the clasp of her bra. He inhaled sharply at the sight. "I knew they would be perfect."

Rosebud nipples hardened before his eyes. Niki's back arched as Jack lowered his head to take one in his mouth. Her fingers once again tangled in his hair, holding him to her.

There was another flash of the strobes as Jack's knee hit the shutter release, but neither one noticed.

"Jack," Niki murmured. "Stop."


She pushed on his shoulders. "Jack, please." He looked up, eyes darkened with lust.

"What's wrong?" he breathlessly asked.

A sly smile spread across her face. "Nothing. There's just some things I'd like to do."

Anticipation shone in Jack's eyes. "I'm all yours."

Niki pulled him up and started stripping him. Her hands caressed every inch of heated skin that she uncovered. She gasped when his shaft was freed. A glistening drop appeared on the velvet tip. She pushed Jack down onto the couch and knelt between his knees. A shout echoed through the cavernous building as Niki's mouth surrounded him- warm and wet. Her talented tongue brought him close, so close, to the edge, and she stopped.

She had wiggled out of her pants and proceeded to slide up Jack. Yet another gasp escaped her as she lowered herself onto his upright pole.

"Jack," she breathed. "oh, god, Jack." She started to rock, finding her rhythm. Jack gripped her hips, urging her on. He could feel her throbbing around him,knew she was teetering on the edge. With a mighty thrust, he pulled her down to meet him. They shouted together as ecsatcy, hot and blinding, exploded in both of them.

Niki laid on his chest, held in his arms. His fingers gently combed through her hair. It seemed to Jack that she was purring. "Niki, I..."

"Sshh," she whispered. "Jack, you do not have to apologize or explain."

"I wasn't going to."

She looked into his eyes. She could drown in them and die happy. "I wanted you. I needed you. I am not sorry this happened."

His smile shone in the depth of his eyes. "Neither am I."

The next day, Niki pulled the print of her and Jack's first kiss out of the developing tray. The memory made her smile. 'Well, that should be it,' she thought, but started developing a last print to be sure. "Should be blank," she mumbled.

But it wasn't. In full color, right in front of her, was a snapshot of herself, shirt and bra hanging open and Jack on his knees in front of her. Laughter exploded from her. She studied the photo, trying to figure out how it was taken. "Aha!" she said aloud. The remote shutter release was resting under Jack's knee. 'Wonder how many more there are,' she mused.

When she finished processing the roll, she had a photographic record of their entire encounter. "Good thing I develop my own film!" she said laughing. "I gotta call Jack."

The End

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