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Photo Op

Chapter 1

This is for private entertainment only. Jack Willis does not belong to me. I should be so lucky!

It was going to be an unusual assignment for Nicole. Her normal jobs had her traipsing through desolate country for hard to get nature shots. This photo shoot would be a cakewalk in comparison- a cover for a romance novel and a head shot of the author, some guy named Jack Willis. She thought it strange at first that a man would write such a thing, but changed her mind after reading the copy that had
been sent to her. It was very well written and made her curious about Jack Willis. The publisher had neglected to include anything about him in her packet. All they had told her was who the models were and when they needed the final product.

So here she was, in a warehouse she used for this type of job, putting the finishing touches on the setting. She could have picked some place else; some place she didn't have to create, but she liked having complete control over every element. It made for an easier shoot. As she was dragging a couch into position, she heard the door open.

"G'day," a masculine voice said. "Let me help you with that." Nicole looked up to see a handsome man striding across the room.

"Thanks." The two moved the sofa around until Nicole was satisfied. "You must be David," she said, extending her hand. "I'm Nicole, the photographer. You're the first one to show up. If you want to get changed, the clothes are laid out behind the screen." She motioned to the privacy screens she had set up to create makeshift dressing rooms.

He flashed her a charming smile and shook her hand. "I'm not sure who this bloke, David, is. I'm Jack Willis, the author."

"God! I'm sorry! I thought you were the model."

"S'ok. I'm flattered," again that smile appeared, doing funny things to Nicole's insides. "Is there anything else I can help you with?" Jack looked around at what this girl had set up. He felt like he had stepped into a Saharan oasis. How had she done it? There was sand, trees, even a gauzy tent that the sofa was sitting in.

Nicole checked out Jack while he inspected the set. The man would have no problem gracing the cover of his own book. She started her perusal at the top. Tousled hair, radiant hazel eyes, sculpted features, that charming smile that she had already been witness to. Down to broad shoulders, muscled arms, trim torso and hips, tight ass and long legs encased in tight jeans.

Jack could feel her stare boring into him. He did his best to ignore her until she was through. When she returned to her work, he treated himself to an examination of her. She was the cutest thing he had seen in a long time. Little bitty thing, he could probably snap her in two. Hair, the color of mink and likely just as soft, fell over baby blue eyes. Her lips asked to be kissed. She was curvy in all the right places. Breasts that would fill his hands. Hips
he could hold onto. Sexy legs that should be wrapped around him.

Jack shook his head to clear it. What was he thinking? He had just met this woman. 'Pull yourself together, man,' he scolded himself. He was saved by two people entering the warehouse.

"They must be the models,' Jack thought. The pair seemed perfectly matched. Both were incredibly gorgeous.

"Hi! I'm David," the tall blond man introduced himself. "This is Samantha. You must be Nicole. Good to meet you."

Nicole's heart fell as she watched Samantha, ('what a horrid name') she thought, make a beeline straight to Jack.

"And you are?" she seductively asked. Nicole cringed. Jack definitely wouldn't look twice at her now. 'Where is this coming from? What do I care?' She turned away to load cameras.

"I'm Jack Willis, the author." He shook her hand once, then let it fall. She was beautiful, but in a cold, untouchable way. Jack's eyes unconsciously sought out Nicole, who was getting ready to work. All business now, Nicole directed the couple to get changed. "Do you mind if I watch?" jack inquired.

"No, not at all, " was her absentminded reply. He couldn't take his eyes off her as she went about checking lights and angles, and whatever else photographers do. She was so efficient. Would she be like that in bed? 'Bloody 'ell! What is wrong with me?' he wondered.


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