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Chapter 13

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Sheets tangled around Stan and Abby, as they lay wrapped in each other's arms.  The warm musk of sweat and sex clung to them.  Stan's lips softly traced Abby's features.  "I love you," he murmured against her skin.  Her sigh wafted across him, sending a wonderful shiver down his spine.


Abby just snuggled deeper into Stan's side.  She didn't want to leave the security of his embrace.  Unfortunately, reality intruded into her thoughts.  How were they going to get out of this mess?  She burrowed into his chest.  "Stan, what are we going to do?  I want our lives to go back to normal."


One large hand skimmed softly over her back.  "I know, baby," he said.  "We'll figure it out somehow."  He grinned down at her.  "I suppose the first step would be getting out of bed."


Abby could hear the smile in his voice.  She squirmed against him and hid under the covers.  "No," she moaned.  "I don't want to.  I want to stay here forever."


His chuckle rumbled in his chest under her cheek.  "C'mon, lazy bones, let's get moving!"  He whipped the sheet back and lightly slapped her butt.  "We've got work to do!"


She peered at him.  "You're mighty chipper for someone who hasn't had his coffee yet."


Stan shrugged.  "Don't know why.  You must have a good effect on me."  He flashed a devastating smile.  "Wanna take a shower?"


About a half hour later, Abby sat on the bed toweling her hair and admiring the view.  Stan had his back to her, getting dressed.  A small groan of disappointment escaped from her as he pulled his jeans up, hiding his sculptured ass from her.  Then she realized that he hadn't included any underwear.  Damn, she would be thinking about that all day long.  How was she going to concentrate on anything else?


Stan turned around and gazed at Abby.  She was lost in thought, the towel hanging limply from her hand.  Her skin glistened from the scrubbing she had given it.  He had been amazed at how rough she had been; he would have bathed her tenderly with the gentlest of caresses.  Her hair was still damp, sticking up at odd angles, and she was wearing one of his shirts.  It hung to just above her knees and he knew that when she walked he'd be privy to a glance of shapely thigh. All in all, she was the most adorable woman he had ever seen.  More than anything, he wanted to drag her back to bed and stay there all day but that plan would have to wait.  They had work to do. 


"Let's grab some coffee and then I'll show you what I've been working on."  Stan's voice broke into Abby's thoughts.


She looked up.  "Huh?"  Stan just grinned at her.  "Oh!  Okay," Abby stood up and followed him into the kitchen, berating herself under her breath for acting like such an idiot.


Mugs in hand, they went into his office.  "Wow," Abby breathed.  She had never seen Stan's system.  "I'm not even going to ask what all this is for," she joked.


"Good."  Stan's eyes held a smile.  "Then I won't have to explain it."  He sat at the keyboard and punched in his password.  A decidedly sexy, female voice came through the speakers,  [Hey there, Stan.]  Abby looked at him with raised eyebrows.  "Sorry," he mumbled and muted the speakers.


Abby giggled as she pulled up a chair.  "Okay, let me show you what's going on."  The seriousness in Stan's voice sobered her up.  He started at the beginning, when Roberts brought him into the game of hide and seek and informed her of every step he had taken to try to flush the spy out.  Abby followed as best she could but got lost when Stan tried to explain the more technical aspects of it.  But she perked up when he showed her the emails he had received.  After they read the last one, Stan sat back.  "And now you are up to date."


Abby was stunned.  "Now what?"  Just as she asked, a new email popped up.


Stan hit a key.  "Well, we'll see what he has to say."


[Good morning, Stan!  Oh, I guess I should include Abby too, shouldnt I?  BTW, you're being awfully brave, letting Holly out of your sight, don't you think?]


A growl rumbled from Stan.  Abby touched his arm gently.  "He's watching, isn't he?  He knew I was here, and that Holly isn't."


"Yes, he's been watching for a while.  He likes to taunt me."  The despair in Stan's voice frightened Abby.  "I don't know if I can catch him."


"You can't give up Stan!  How will we ever have a normal life, if you give in?  That's what he wants!"


Stan looked up into Abby's sparkling blue eyes.  In their depths, he found strength, love and hope.  He wrapped his arms around her.  "I won't give up."


"Good."  She gave him a squeeze.  "Why don't we pick up Holly and get some breakfast?"  Stan agreed.  So after Abby got dressed, they went out and pretended that all was okay with the world.

Chapter 14

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