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Chapter 16

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It seemed a whole army of FBI agents was assembled in the Jobson kitchen.  Some were questioning Holly and Abby while JT Roberts conversed with Stan.  Others were collecting the remains of the surprise package that Stan had received.


One agent, sitting at a laptop, called out to his superior.  "Sir, I've found what kind of spider it is."  Everyone gathered around the screen.  The man continued.  "It's called a funnel web spider.  The particular kind that we have here are the Sydney Funnel-Web.  They are the deadliest of the species.  If left untreated, a bite from this spider can cause death within hours or days, depending on the size of the victim."


Stan felt Abby shudder and move even closer to him.  "So someone sent me deadly spiders."  He looked over at JT.  "It has to be him."


"Who?" Abby demanded.


"Charlie."  Stan looked down into Abby's upturned face.  "I saw a man at the diner yesterday who looked strangely familiar but couldn't place him.  It must have been Charlie.  He's changed, but I did see part of his tattoo, the spider.  It didn't really register until I told you about mine."


"So, now we know who it is," Abby stated.  "How do we catch him?"


JT smiled at the red head.  "We have a sketch artist on his way over so Stan can provide us with a description of what the guy looks like.  I have agents back at the office who will dig into records of every move this guy has made.  We will catch him, Abby.  I promise."


Stan gave her a squeeze.  "Well, guys if you will excuse us, we have something to discuss with Holly."  He started to pull Abby and Holly into the living room, but Abby stopped him.


"Don't you think we should wait?" she asked.


Stan shook his head.  "Nope.  I want to tell her."


Abby went along with him and the three of them sat on the couch, Holly in Stan's lap and Abby nestled next to him.


"What's up Dad?" Holly asked.


"I need to talk to you about something, baby," Stan said.  "Actually, Abby's in on this too."  Holly looked expectantly at the two adults.  Her dad cleared his throat. "Well, you know that Abby and I have become quite close."


Holly giggled and rolled her eyes at her father.  "Yeah, Dad, I know."


"Okay, smarty."  Stan hugged her close.  "Just let me talk, okay?"


"So get on with it already!" Holly laughed.


Abby intervened.  "What your father is trying to tell you, Holly, is that he asked me to marry him."


Stan and Abby were surprised at the very serious look that spread across Holly's face.  "Did you give him an answer, Abby?"


Abby smiled gently at the girl she had come to love so much.  "I did, but it has a condition attached to it."   Stan raised an eyebrow at Abby over Holly's head.  Abby just nodded at him.


"What's the condition?" Holly asked.


"That I marry both of you.  I won't accept unless you want this too, Holly."  Stan's smile at Abby was the most beautiful she had ever seen.  And together, they watched the same smile appear on Hollys face.


"Of course I want it!" Holly squealed, throwing herself into Abby's arms.  Abby hugged Holly tight before the girl squirmed away and threw herself back into her father's embrace.  "I knew you would be perfect for each other!  I just knew it!  I gotta call Stephanie!"  She started to run out of the room, but stopped and turned back.  "This isn't a secret, or anything, is it?"


Stan shook his head at her.  "No, it's not.  Go tell your friend."


He wrapped his arms around Abby.  "Thank you for that."


"I didn't do it for you," Abby sighed as she leaned into his solid warmth.


"I know."  He kissed the top of her head and inhaled the sweet scent of her hair. 


"Hey, you two gonna come and see what we've found?" JT called out as he walked into the living room.  "Or are you gonna stay in here and laze around all day?"


Stan and Abby rose.  "Hold on a minute JT," Stan said.  "We've got something to tell you."  He looked down at Abby, who nodded.  "Abby and I are going to be married."


JT shook Stan's hand and hugged Abby.  "It's about time!  Congratulations to you both.  Now will you come in here and get to work?"

Chapter 17

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