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Chapter 4

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Stan stood inside Abby's shop.  He could feel her here, and he admitted to himself that he wanted more from her than just his fantasy.  What the more was, he wouldn't say, but he knew he needed to proceed slowly with Abby.  She was too special.


Abby rounded the corner and stopped short with a gasp.  Stanley stood in the middle of her store with his eyes closed, as if meditating.  She took advantage of it and inspected him from head to toe.  His hair was in its usual tousled state, like he'd just gotten out of bed.  A sapphire blue dress shirt that clung to his torso and was tucked into snug denim had replaced the ever-present tee shirt.  Abby's mouth went dry.


"Are you done yet?"  She looked up to see an eyebrow quirked at her.  Stan grinned at her blush.  "It's okay," he said softly as he neared her.  "I'm flattered."  He took her hand.  "Would you go to dinner with me tonight, Abigail?"


"But we had dinner last night."  Abby was quickly losing her powers of concentration; Stan was rubbing her knuckles gently.






"Dinner tonight?" Stanley prompted.  "Just you and me?"


Slowly, Abby came back to reality.  "That sounds wonderful."


Stan tilted her head up and brushed her lips with his.  "I'll pick you up at seven."  Abby watched, stunned, as he left.


Holly passed her dad's room, then backed up.  "Wow!  Dad, you look terrific!" Stan was standing in front of a mirror, adjusting his tie.  "Where are you headed?"  She was hoping it wasnt another date with one of his bimbos.


Stan glanced sheepishly at his daughter.  "I have a date.  Are you sure I look okay?"  He presented himself to her for inspection.  "I want to make a good impression."


Holly lost her excitement.  "Yeah, you look fine Dad.  I suppose Mrs. Hilderbrant will be staying with me."


"Yes, she is staying with you, but I'll probably be home before midnight, so she won't be staying the night."  He grinned at the surprised look on his daughter's face.  "And if all I get is fine, then I'll hafta go change cause I'm taking Abigail to Cassidy's."


Holly dove at her father.  "Really?  You're going out with Abby?"  Stan nodded as he caught her in his arms.  "I knew you would like her!  I just knew you'd be perfect together!" the girl crowed.


"Wait just a minute, baby," Stan said.  "It's just dinner, we're not getting married."


Although Holly was slightly disappointed, she wasn't going to give up.  "But you like Abby, don't you?"


"Yes, sweetheart, I like her a lot, but I don't know if she likes me," he answered with a shrug.


"How could she not?" Holly asked, shocked.  She pulled Stan back to the mirror.  "Look at you!  Dad, youre gorgeous!"


Stan smiled at Holly's image in the mirror.  "It takes more than that.  I haven't been very nice to her."


"I don't think she'll hold that against you.  What time do you have to leave?"


"Right now," he answered, glancing at his watch.  He headed to the garage and heard his daughter's admonition.


"Don't blow it Dad!!!"


Stan rang Abby's doorbell at precisely seven oclock.  He heard a thud from inside, then "Damn!"  Before he could figure it out, the door opened to reveal Abby, bent over, rubbing her shin.


"Are you okay, Abigail?"


"Yes, I'm fine," she replied, blushing.  "I bumped into the table."


"Okay."  He smiled inwardly.  "Are you ready to go?"


Abby grabbed her purse.  "Yep."  As Stanley backed out of her drive, she queried, "Where are we going?"


"I thought we'd go to Cassidy's," he answered casually.  Abby's stomach flipped.  Cassidy's was the best, most romantic restaurant in town.  She couldn"t believe Stan was taking her there.


She snuck a peek at him.  No wonder he dressed up, she thought.  He looks so handsome.  Stan had worn a black suit with a pale, cream shirt and a beautiful black on black striped tie.  He looked like he stepped out of GQ magazine.


"Is that okay?"  His voice broke her chain of thought.


"Yes, it's perfect," she answered with a smile.


Stan glanced over at Abby.  Moonlight streamed through the windshield, bathing her in a silvery glow.  She had on a little black dress that hugged every curve.  The front dipped low over her breasts and the shadow it created teased him.  The hem of the dress came just mid thigh, leaving shapely legs bare to his admiration.  She had transformed her short, straight hair into a halo of loose curls that he wanted to sink his fingers into.


"Is Holly okay with this?"  Abbys voice startled him momentarily.


Stan laughed.  "You could say that she was.  I wish you could've seen her, Abigail.  She was so excited."  They shared a smile, and chitchatted about Holly for the rest of the drive.


Chapter 5

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