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Chapter 6

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The next morning, Holly found her dad already at his computer.  "Dad, I'm going to Abby's.  Wanna come?"


"I gotta work, baby," he told her, never taking his eyes from the screen.  "Have fun."


"Okay," Holly replied, skipping toward the door.  "Bye!"


Stan winced when he heard the front door slam; he'd have to talk to her about that again. His attention was drawn back to his monitor; a blinking message had popped up.  He had set some traps for whoever was hacking into the FBI's systems.  Every time someone accessed certain files, he knew and would trace it back to the place of origin.  Most of this was a waste because the path usually led back to an employee, but not this time.  This path led outside the Bureau but he couldn't pin down the ISP.  It was being routed though too many servers.


Stan ran his fingers through his spiky hair.  "There's gotta be a better way to catch this guy," he mumbled.  He wracked his brain on the way to the kitchen.  Picking up the coffee pot to pour a cup, he realized it was empty.  "Fuck!"  He glared at the offending appliance for a moment.  "Oh well," he shrugged.  "Guess I'll go get an espresso."  Since the coffee shop was close to the bookstore, he figured he might as well check on Holly and maybe see Abby.  A smile brightened his face as he headed out.


The bell tinkled merrily as Holly bounced into the shop.  "Hiya Holly!" Abby greeted.


"Hey Abby!  How's everything going?" the girl asked.


Abby was putting books away.  "Pretty good."  She turned at Holly's uncharacteristic silence, and found her little friend staring intently at her.  "What?" Abby asked.  She started smoothing her hair, checking her clothes.  "What's wrong?"


Very serious, Holly demanded, "What happened on your date with my dad?"


Abby blushed.  "I don't kiss and tell, Holly."


Holly looked disappointed for a split second, and then grinned.  "So there was kissing?"  Abby just laughed and went back to work.  "C'mon Abby!  Tell me!"


"I'm not saying another word," Abby replied.  "It's between your dad and me."  


"Abby, do you like my dad?" the little girl asked worriedly.


The older woman led the younger to the reading nook and they sat down.  "Yes sweetie.  I like your dad a lot."


"Do you love him?" was the next question.


Abby thought for a moment.  "I don't know.  Maybe."  She looked straight into Holly's eyes.  "Would that be okay with you?  If I did?"


Holly flew into Abby's arms.  "It's what I've been hoping for!"


"Can anybody join in?" a deep voice rumbled.  Abby and Holly looked up to see Stan, a smile on his face, holding a cup of coffee.  "Glad to see both my girls happy."


Holly jumped up.  "I gotta go."


Her dad frowned.  "Where are you off to in such a hurry?"


"I forgot something at home," she called, letting the door slam behind her.


Stan shook his head.  "I really have to do something about her penchant for slamming doors."  He turned back to Abby and a soft smile played on his lips.  "How are you today?"


"Wonderful," she replied, standing.  "Just what did you mean by 'both your girls'?"


He slid his arms around her waist, pulling her to him.  "I figured after last night..." He frowned.  "I'm not assuming too much, am I?"


Abby reached up and smoothed the lines from his forehead with her fingertips.  "No, I kinda like the sound of it."


"What were you and Holly talking about?"


"Girl stuff," was Abby's answer.


Stan arched an eyebrow.  "Girl stuff, huh?  Very cryptic."  He leaned down and whispered suggestively in her ear, "So when can we continue what we started last night?" followed by a little nibble on her earlobe.


Abby's breath hitched.  "Follow me," she whispered back.  She led him around a tall bookshelf in the back of the room so that they were shielded from view.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled him down to her and gently sucked his lower lip into her mouth.  Stan's arms tightened around her as he took control of the situation.  Fire raced through both of them as Stanley's tongue invaded her mouth, twining around hers.  Once again, the world faded away as both of them got lost in the incredible feeling of their kiss.  Stan's hand snuck under Abby's shirt to trace the lace edge of her bra, sending tingles of awareness through her.  He moaned into her mouth when her nipple puckered under his touch. 


He slid his mouth to her ear.  "God, Abby.  I want you so much."  His statement was punctuated by a rock of his hips.  She could feel the ridge of his erection nudge her belly. In answer, she turned and nipped the corded muscle in his neck, following it with a soothing swipe of her tongue.  A shiver ran down Stan's spine.


"Abby!  Are you here?" a voice called from the front.


"Damn it," Abby whispered as Stan lowered his forehead to hers.


"Ignore them," was his suggestion, "they'll go away."


Abby smiled sadly.  "Unfortunately I can't.  It's UPS with a delivery of books."


"Ms. Sparks?  It's Tim with UPS!  Is anybody here?"  The voice was starting to sound a bit impatient.


"Go," Stan whispered.  He pushed her away with a pat on her butt.  "But I'm not through with you yet, Abigail Sparks."  She grinned over her shoulder at him and went to take care of business.  Her heart fell a little when Stan left the shop while she was tending to the paperwork, but warmed when she remembered his warning.


But at the rate they were going, they were never going to get anywhere.  The world around them seemed to be bound and determined to keep them apart.  "We'll see about that," Abby mumbled.  "Maybe it's time I took matters into my own hands, instead of leaving it up to fate."


Chapter 7

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