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Chapter 8

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The insistent ring of a phone woke Abigail and Stanley at the same time.  It was Abby's cell phone.  "Mmmm.... Don't answer it," Stan mumbled as he snuggled into her side.


"Okay," she whispered, closing her eyes.  There was no way she was going to move.  Stan's head was pillowed on her chest and his arms were wrapped tight around her.  She was just about asleep again when her phone started ringing for a second time.  She eyed the noisy thing and silently cursed it for ruining her perfect morning.


Stan stretched a little.  "I guess it's time to get up."  He smiled down at Abby.  "Good morning."  A little kiss was planted on her nose.  "I like waking up with you," he murmured against her cheek.


"And I like falling asleep with you," she replied.  Stan claimed her lips in a soft, exploratory kiss.


Neither one heard the door open.  "Daddy! I'm home!  Time to get u..." Holly's voice trailed of in shock as she saw Abby in her dad's arms.  "S-Scuse me," she stuttered and slammed the door.


Stan chuckled at Abby's horrified look.  "Sweetheart, you know she's gonna be okay with this."  That didn't seem to ease her at all.  "Well, at least nobody interrupted us until this morning."  Okay, he got a grin.  "Truly, Abby, Holly will be fine.  It was just a surprise.  She's never seen a woman here in the morning."


"You've never had someone stay the night, Stan?" she asked incredulously.  She found that a bit hard to believe.  She knew he didn't live like a monk and no woman in her right mind would turn him down.


He smiled softly and drew a fingertip down her cheek.  "I've never brought a woman here, Abby.  I wasn't celibate, but I never met anyone that I wanted to bring home.  Until you."  That confession earned him a heated kiss.  Then the phone rang.  "Reality intrudes," he moaned.  "Time to get going."  He managed to drag himself from the warmth of Abby's embrace and pulled on some sweats.  "You can have the bathroom first, love."  Abby took advantage of his offer and padded to the bathroom.  Stan admired the view as she did, committing the picture of her naked form to his memory.  Sighing, he went out to face his daughter.


Holly was sitting at the kitchen table, staring at a bowl of cereal.  "Morning, baby," Stan said cheerily, but watching Holly closely.


She looked up at her dad and pink stained her cheeks.  "I'm sorry, Daddy.  I had no idea.  I didn't mean to burst in like that."


He sat down and pulled his little girl onto his lap.  "It's fine, Holly.  Don't worry about it."  He paused, then added, "But I hope it's okay with you because I think Abby might be staying here quite often."


A joyous smile spread across Holly's face.  "Of course it's okay!  Dad, I love Abby and I want you to love her too!"  She hugged her father tightly.  Stan looked over Holly's head to see Abby motioning toward the door, mouthing goodbye. 


He shook his head.  Stay, he mouthed back.  She's fine, he added silently.


Abby's movement caught Holly's eye.  The girl jumped up and ran into her arms.  "Abby!"


"Hi, sweetie," Abby greeted her.  "How was your sleepover?"  Holly launched into a non-stop account of everything she and her friend had done.  Stan just smiled indulgently at his two girls.  Holly paused for a breath and Abby interjected, "I've gotta go open the shop, so I better get going."  She directed a tender look at Stan.  "Will I see you later?"


"Of course," he replied, and stood to take her in his arms for a lingering kiss.


Holly's jaw dropped, witnessing her dad's affectionate embrace.  Abby glanced over at her and blushed.  She had forgotten Holly was there. "Do you want to help me this morning, Holly?" she invited.  Holly looked to her dad for permission.


"Go!," he chuckled.  "Get outta here, you two!" 


Holly headed out the door, letting it slam behind her.  Stan and Abby rolled their eyes and started laughing.  But soon Abby was giving Stan a smoldering look.  She was still encircled by his arms, and had her hands on his bare chest.  "It's kinda hard to leave when you're standing here half naked," she whispered.  Her hands were skimming over warm skin. "Stan, did I mention just how sexy I think you are?"


"No, I don't think we spoke too much about that last night, or about anything for that matter."  Abby felt his chuckle rumble through him.  "And if you keep on that subject, I'm afraid you won't be going to work anytime soon."  He stopped her hands from further exploration.  "You better leave while I'm willing to let you.  Get outta here.  I'll call you at lunchtime."


Abby gave him a quick kiss and ran out the door, letting it slam behind her.  "What is it with these girls and doors!?!" he complained to no one, then turned to get started on his day.




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