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Tez's Tales
My Fiction

All works contained herein are fiction and are for private entertainment only. Each story may contain any of the following- explicit sex, graphic violence, offensive language. Please be advised that this is for mature audiences only.

Into Mist

My very first fan fic.
A new mutant comes to the mansion and falls for Logan.
rated nc-17 for language, violence, and sexual content 

A Phone and Some Chrome

A short sequel to Into Mist.  Logan calls Misti.
Rate x for explicit sexual content

A Mistical Encounter

Logan comes home to open arms.
Rated NC-17, explicit sexual situations

Turning the Tables

What if Logan was not doing the chasing?
Rated NC17 strong sexual content
My first try at writing in the first person POV

Photo Op

Jack gets more than just a cover for his new novel.
Rated NC17 strong sexual content

A New Beginning

This is just a variation on the movie since I can't
really come up with an original idea, but wanted to write something with Eddie. And I wanted to try a different style of writing. 
It's one of the first fics I wrote so, don't expect too much. It's pretty bad.
Rated NC17 strong sexual content

Three Bitchy Witches

A silly fic. Three X-Women suffer from PMS while three X-Men dive for cover.
Rated pg-13 language, sexual content

Ecstasy's Edge

Logan and Jordan share their fantasies, then make them reality.
Rated x explicit sexual content


Set after Swordfish ends.  Stan and Holly settle down and Holly makes a new friend that she thinks would be perfect for her dad.
Rated NC-17 for explicit sexual content
(in progress)

Breaking the Chains of Convention

Leopold finds love in an unlikely place
Rated NC-17 strong sexual content

(in progress)

Cyber Call

A little Stanley smut with a first person POV.
Rated NC17 for explicit sexual content


My answer to a challenge to write a dark fic. 
A prequel to Erskineville Kings.  Wace at his father's bedside.
Rated nc-17 for language, violence, and sexual content

Travel Series
Consider me the X-men travel agent.  This is a collection of smutty ficlets I wrote for friends when they were down or just having a bad day.  All are rated nc-17- x

For Cat

For Tricia