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What's New

Check here for updates!

July 16,2002-  A new fic in the Travel Series has been added to My Fiction.
June 29,2002- A fic by Casey, Change, has been added to the Guest Author corner.
June24,2002- A new Francis story, The Loss, has been added to the Guest author section.  A pwp ficlet, A Mistical Encounter, has been added to My fiction. 
June 16,2002- More chapters added to Sparks.
June 13,2002-  Added the first of the Travel Series found under my fiction.  Hopefully there will be more to follow shortly.
June 5, 2002-  Road Trip, another story in the Francis series has been added to the Guest Author section.
June 2,2002- I've added more chapters of Sparks.
May 13,2002-  More chapters of Sparks added.
May 10,2002- Chapters added to Sparks.  A Snowy River based fic has been added to the guest author page.
April 22,2002- Sparks, a Swordfishbased fic, has been added to my fiction.  It is in progress. 
April4,2002- A new fic has been added to the guest author section.
March 30,2002- Mercy has been posted in its entirety.  Sorry it took so long!
March 28,2002- A section for co-authored fic has been added.  I've also added a link page.  A new fic has been added to the guest author section. 
March 15, 2002-
I posted the first chapter of Mercy, an Erskineville Kings fic.  The rest will follow shortly.
Into Mist, an X-Men fic has the first three chapters up.  Again, I will add the rest soon.  This is a long one so it will take me a while to get it edited and up. So stay tuned!