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Tez's Tales
Guest Authors

Here you will find fics from some of my very talented friends.  Unfortunately, you may not want to read mine after you read theirs!  Enjoy!
Also, if you have a story you would like me to include on this page, please drop me a line at the email address you will find on the 'Contact Me' page of this site.

By Joanne

Father Figure

Francis is a very frightened, very traumatized, very alone young mutant.  Surviving on the streets for nearly two years by his wits alone, he is found, rescued, and ultimately cared for by the most unlikely of saviors, Logan.  Together, the two polar opposites develop a nearly unbreakable bond, a close companionship that neither expected, nor felt capable of.  FATHER FIGURE marks the beginning of this close relationship.
Rated R for violence, language and sexual situations

Sex Ed 101

Francis is a healthy happy teenager, who suddenly has a lot of questions regarding the birds and the bees. Logan is his guardian, his mentor, his friend, and it is up to him, in his own unique way, to answer those questions.

Rated R for language and sexual situations

Family Reunion

Francis finds himself in the middle of a highly emotional tug of war between his mother, who wants him back, and Logan, who does not want to let him go.

Rated R for language and violent situations

Road Trip

The continuing saga of Francis.  Logan takes him on a trip.
Rated R violence and language

The Loss

Francis discovers he must mature fast when an old friend of Logan's arrives on the scene; a man with venom in his heart, and information that could very well turn Francis' life upside down.  Rated R, strong language and violence

By Karen

Snowy River- Surrender to Tempataion

This story takes place during season four. Duncan Jones an old friend of Rob McGregor has come to town charming all the ladies, two in particular. Montana Hale (Rob's girlfriend) and Danni McGregor (Rob's little sister). Duncan is returning to the sea. This is what really happened on Duncan's last afternoon at Langara.

Author's notes: I hooked Duncan up with Danni because I thought the tender kiss they shared when Duncan was shipping out was more sensual than the sloppy lip lock he shared with Montana. And besides I think Duncan doesn't belong with a woman who could take care of herself in a bar fight - he needs someone he can be a hero to.    

To learn more about Snowy River: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Boulevard/3453/SRindex.html 

Rated NC17 for explicit sexual content

By Casey


A new mutant has to reveal her powers and then, with a little help, finds her way to Xavier's.
Rated R for language and sexual content
(in progress)