For Tricia

Discalimer-  I do not own Logan.  I'm just borrowing him for my own nefarious purposes!

'God, Tinsletown,' he thought.  'She sends me to some of the strangest places, but this has got to take the cake.'  The rumble of the cycle vibrated through him as he sat at the light. 'It's a good thing there's something waiting at the end of this trip,' he thought as a sly smile crept across his face.  One good thing about  cruising through this freak show, he didn't garner much attention, except from a few females with good taste.  Sometimes when she sent him to those little backwater burghs, people acted like the circus was in town when he rolled in.


The light turned green and he crossed the intersection.  According to the map in his pocket, he needed to make the next left.  Driving slowly through the neighborhood, he pulled a scrap of paper out of his hip pocket, checking it.  Damn. He had passed it. Flipping a bitch, he backtracked and pulled into a driveway.  Looking around, he hopped the fence and made his way to the back door.  A quick inspection of the lock made him grin.  'Too easy.'  A silver claw clicked the tumblers and the door opened noiselessly.


He crept into the living room.  A woman was sitting on the couch, watching a musical, Oklahoma.  What was it about these women and this fuckin' show?  The guy who played the lead wasn't even any good.   He grinned.  He was here for a reason and trying to decipher the feminine psyche was not it.


A small noise caught Tricia's attention.  She rose from the couch to investigate, thinking it must be some small animal outside.  Turning, she gasped at discovering a very large, intimidating  animal standing behind her sofa.


"Hey there, darlin'," he said in a low, gravelly voice.


"L-L-Logan?" Tricia squeaked.  "What are you doing here?"


"I heard you had a bad day.  I'm here to make you feel better.  Want to talk about it?"  A wicked smile bloomed on sensuous lips.  "Or do you wanna fuck?"


A blush stained Tricias creamy skin. "W-What?"


Logan moved towards her.  Obviously she was still feeling shell-shocked from todays events.  He wrapped an arm around her waist and guided her back to the couch.  "Tell me all about it," he coaxed.


That's all it took for Tricia to shatter.  She had been trying so hard to be strong.  Tears spilled from eyes the color of stormy seas and rolled down her cheeks.  She haltingly told him about how she had given notice at work, being totally professional about it and they had basically slapped her in the face.  Sure, she had another job lined up, but it wasn't going to start for a couple of weeks, what was she supposed to do in the mean time?  Clutching the soft black cotton of Logan's tee, she poured out all her frustration and hurt.


"Darlin', I know it doesn't seem like it now, but you will survive.  They are dicks for treating you that way, for not seeing you for the special person you are."  His long fingers were sifting through her soft red hair. 


Tricia gave him a pitiful, watery half-smile before burrowing back into his chest.  "I know.  It just hurts."


He planted a small kiss on the top of here head.  "It will work out somehow."


They sat in silence.  Something about this woman brought up all his tender protectiveness.  But that wasn't all she brought up.  He shifted slightly to ease the growing tightness in the front of his jeans.  He couldn't keep his hands still.  All the textures of her were playing havoc on his senses; warm, satiny skin, silky hair, even the fabric of her blouse turned him on.


Tricia felt Logan's rough hands wandering over her.  A strange urgency started to grow in her stomach.  Maybe there was something that would make her feel better.


Luminous green eyes met smoky hazel ones.  "Logan?" she asked, breathlessly.


He didn't say a word, just lowered his lips to hers.  Gently at first, he brushed them across Tricia's, soothingly, but soon it wasn't enough for either of them.  The kiss exploded into something wet, wanton and wild.  They broke apart, sucking air in.


Logan paused, fingering the buttons on Tricia's blouse, a questioning look on his face.  Tricia nodded her permission.  Sliding a claw out just a little but, he sliced through the delicate threads.  The buttons made a small clack as they hit the hardwood floor.  A calloused finger parted the fabric, revealing perfectly formed, rose-tipped breasts.  Logan tore his eyes away from them and gazed into Tricia's pink tinged face.


"You're beautiful darlin'.  But I wanna see the rest of ya."


Soon they were both naked, Logan's arms around Tricia, his lips and tongue worrying one nipple and then the other.  Tricia moaned, tangling her hands in his thick dark hair, holding him to her so he wouldn't stop. 


"Darlin', ease up a bit," he mumbled, his mouth full of  her breast.  She loosened her hold.  He grinned gently up at her.  "I wanna do a lot more for you."  Tricia's moan made him chuckle.  His lips wandered lower, over the flat stomach, pausing to dip into her belly button, wringing a giggle from her. 


But her giggles soon were a gasp as Logan's tongue found her center.  He lapped gently at her, tasting her unique flavor.  Tricia writhed beneath him, moaning her pleasure, when he increased the pressure. 


"Logan!  Oh god...Lo-gan..."  An orgasm erupted, shooting spasms of ecstasy  through out her body.  Logan held her, planting soft kisses all over her while aftershocks shuddered though her body.


He slid up her, the coarse hair on his chest rasping over her sensitized nipples.  "I wanna be inside you, Tricia," he whispered, warm breath caressing her ear.


"God, Logan, yes...oh please..." 


Her pleading ended in a scream as Logan growled, "Hold on tight, Darlin'."  He slid into her slowly, stretching her to accommodate his cock.  She was so tight and warm, wrapped around him.  He moaned softly at the exquisite feeling.


Tricia was awash in sensation.  Logan filled her completely, almost to the point of pain.  But then he started to move, thrusting slowly.  Tricia thought she would die from pleasure.  But it still wasn't enough.  She wanted it all.  "Harder, Logan," she whispered.


He plunged deep into her, causing her to scream again.  "Yes!  Logan!  Faster!  Oh god!  Yes!"


Soon he was pounding into her like some crazed animal.  He grunted with effort, when he wasn't attacking her lips, thrusting his tongue inside, taking possession of her mouth just as he was her body.  He felt the surge in his cock; he was about to come.  But he wouldn't do that until Tricia had reached fulfillment.  Reaching between them, his fingers found her, teasing the nub at the apex of her thighs.


Tricia screamed, her whole conscious was centered on what Logan was doing with his fingers and his cock.  Her world had narrowed to the space between her legs.  Her body started tingling, then exploded into a kaleidoscope of color behind her eyelids. 


Logan felt himself soar over the edge in response to Tricia's orgasm.  He plunged one last time into her, "Ungh..." shuddering as his essence spilled into her. 


As their bodies fell softly from the plateau they had reached, Logan kissed Tricia sweetly.  "I gotta go, darlin'." 


"Can't you stay just a little while longer?" Tricia pleaded.


Logan glanced at the bedside table, checking the clock.  "Well, maybe for a bit."


Suddenly Tricia wore a puzzled expression.  "Logan, just how did you know that I had a bad day?  How did you know I needed you? "


The phone rang.  "Hello," Tricia answered.


"Hey, Tricia!  Hope you're feeling better.  Wouldja tell Logan that I cleared his schedule?  He won't need to be back 'til tomorrow afternoon."


Logan just watched different expressions chase each other across Tricia's face.


"Who is this?" she demanded.


"Oh, I thought you knew," the voice on the other end of the line chuckled.  "It's  Tez."  Tricia heard a wicked laugh.  "Enjoy your evening!"


Tricia stared at the dead line.  "What?" Logan asked.


"Tez said to tell you she doesn't need you back until tomorrow afternoon," she replied, disbelieving.


"Hmm...that's nice," Logan murmured, taking the handset from her, then burrowing his nose into Tricia's neck.


"I'll have to remember to thank her...later," Tricia gasped.  

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