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The Loss
Chapter 5

disclaimer:  see chapter 1

Logan prowled the hallways of the school, following Francis' scent.  Wisely, the students parted and allowed him to pass, unhindered.  They had enough experience with the man, and had seen this particular look in his eye, that they needed no further cue.  They merely watched his passage at a safe distance, silently.  He followed the boy's path, up the stairs, and directly to his own room.  The door was closed, and he paused briefly to take a deep breath.  He was angry at Xavier, and refused to take it out on the boy.  He had been through enough today.


He opened the door slowly, and found the boy seated on the floor in front of his bed.  He was staring at his hands, but looked up when Logan entered, attempting a small smile.


Logan slowly crossed to the bed, and sat down.  "Hey.  Hiding out?"


The boy looked up at him.  "I just wanted to go someplace where I could be alone.  Your room is about the only place I could think of."  He looked down at his hands again.  "So, what happened to me?  How come I turned blue?  And why was the professor so scared?"


Logan slid himself down to the floor beside the boy.  "He seems to think that your mutation is evolving.  Apparently, it is.  That's why you had that blue glow.  You drew the power from the Danger Room, and most of the rest of the school too."


"I drew the power?  How?  Why?"  The boys eyes were moist, but he shed no tears.


"Well, you know how sometimes you would.um...cause damage when you were afraid?  You would generate a lot of energy, and just release it in one big blast.  Now, you can draw on outside power sources."  Logan watched the boy's face, to make certain he understood what he was being told.


"I don't remember any of that.  But I remember the results.  I sure can cause a lot of damage, huh?"  He again attempted a small smile, but was unsuccessful.  "So now I can cause even more damage?"


"That would make sense."


The boy's eyes briefly lost their focus.  "But how come I can't remember any of those other times?  I can remember what happened just now.  Is it that self-defense thing?"


Logan sighed.  "Yeah.  Your mind would just shut it out, so you wouldn't remember, and be traumatized by it.  But you are older now, and a lot more mature, and I guess you can handle a lot more."


Francis sat back a bit, and leaned his head back.  "So this means more therapy, right?"


"No.  Not therapy.  You're no different than anybody else here, kid.  They all try to learn how to handle the gifts they have.  That's why the prof started this school."


Francis lifted his head and again looked at his father.  He looked so very pale and sad.  "But how many of them could potentially blow up buildings?"


Logan smiled.  Francis knew that all the students were mutants like him, but had little knowledge of what their gifts were.  "Uh, most of them, actually.  Even Scott and Storm."


Francis eyes widened.  "Really?  Don't bullshit me, Dad.  I'm not in the mood.  Scott could blow up a building?"


Logan's smile grew even wider.  "Why do you think he wears those glasses?  You've never seen him in action.  He could cut me in half.  And Storm isn't called Storm for nothing."


This revelation brightened the boy's mood considerably.  Suddenly, he wasn't so isolated after all.  "I didn't know all this.  What else aren't you telling me?  Could you blow up a building?"  His emerald eyes glowed now.


"Nope.  But I can have a building fall on me, and get up and walk away.  That's about it for me."


Francis thought all of this information over.  "Geez, I never asked what Toni's gift was.  What do you think she can do?"


Logan felt warmed by the boy's ever lightening mood.  "Couldn't tell you."  He paused, and stretched his legs out.  "So, you ok now?"


Francis beamed.  "Yeah, I guess.  So the professor can help me with all this?  I can learn to control all of this stuff?"


"Yeah.  That's what he does best, I guess."


"I better figure all this out, or the electric bill will be out of this world."  The boy gave his father a side-long glance, and chuckled.


Without missing a beat, Logan added, "And I hope Chuck has some great home owner's insurance, in case you sneeze or fart when youre all charged up.  Kablooey."  The two shared a small laugh, and then fell silent.


Francis examined his father's face.  "Who is Sabertooth?  How come you were so scared when you saw him?  Is he that guy who hurt you a while back?  Is he the one Rogue told me about?"


Logan turned serious.  "Yeah.  That's the guy.  I wasn't scared, just surprised.  I didn't expect to see him in that program."


Francis frowned.  "You were scared.  I could tell.  I've never seen you look like that before."  He faced forward and again laid his head back.  "He sure smelled awful.  Those programs don't miss anything.  Is he really that big?  And ugly?"


Logan hadn't realized his reaction was so strong.  Of course the kid noticed.  He noticed every little nuance.  He studied his father in every situation, and in this instance, he looked to Logan for guidance, and saw his fear instead.  This time, he failed the kid miserably.


"That big, and twice as ugly.  And you ain't smelled nothing like the real thing."  He smiled when the kid wrinkled his nose.  "Well, how about we take a hot shower, and grab a couple tacos?"


Francis perked up once again.  "Ok, but I want a burrito instead, with nachos."  His smile faded slightly.  "Are you still mad at the professor?  I don't think he meant any harm."


Logan glanced at his son, and climbed to his feet.  "Yeah, I'm still mad.  Give me a break.  I haven't had a good mad on in a while, so let me enjoy it."


"Sure.  No problem.  Just don't break anything, ok?  I got a good idea for a prank on Scott, if you want to cause some trouble."


Logan smirked as he pulled off his shirt.  "I just may take you up on that." 



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