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A New Beginning

Chapter 1

This is for private entertainment only. Eddie Alden does not belong to me, although I can dream, right?
Rated NC17 strong sexual content

Dear Diary, Friday
I can't believe I'm going to move. I love my apartment, but it just holds too many memories. I see Tom in every corner. I can even smell him. It's like his cologne and his own scent have seeped into the very walls. You'd think after six months, I'd be starting to put my life back together, but it's all I can do to go through the motions.

So I am moving into an apartment my friend, Aimee, found. A guy she works with at the studio needs a roommate. Aimee figures I probably shouldn't be alone yet and I kind of agree with her, but I'm hoping that his and my schedules don't coincide. His name is Eddie Alden, and I'll tell you, if I was looking to get involved with someone, (which I am not), my radar would tune into him. The man is absolutely gorgeous.

Dear Diary, Monday
Well, I'm all moved in. It was so hard to leave though. I don't know if I am going to survive this. Last night was...difficult, trying to sleep in a new place. I miss my Tom. I need him here with me. It's just not fair. I hope my crying didn't keep Eddie awake. I don't want to be a nuisance. He's been very nice to me, so far.
Did I mention that he's got a really great ass?

Eddie woke up Saturday morning to the smell of coffee and bacon. In the kitchen, his new roommate, Lexa, was fixing breakfast. "Morning."

Lexa whirled around and was brought up short by the sight of a shirtless Eddie. She strugled momentarily to find her voice. "Want some coffee?" She was already reaching for a cup.

"Sure," he answered, as he settled onto a stool. "Would it be possible to get some breakfast, too?"

"Of course," Lexa retrieved the carton of eggs. "How do you like them?"

"However you are fixing them."

"Scrambled, then," was her reply.

Eddie studied her as she moved about the kitchen. She was on the petite side, but with a nicely rounded figure. Soft, blond hair, cut short, fell over big, blue eyes that always seemed a little sad. He wondered what had happened to cause such grief. He had heard her crying almost every night since she moved in.

Lexa placed two plates on the table and sat across from him. He sampled the omelet and rolled his eyes heavenward.

"It's really good, Lexa. I think I'm going to like having you for a roommate."

Dear Diary, Tuesday
Don't know how I was supposed to eat my breakfast sitting across from THAT. I can see that one Eddie Alden is going to be a big distraction. Just watching him eat was turning me on. I must have a thing about men and food. Although, I never got hot and bothered watching Tom eat. I am not ready for this. Do you think if I keep telling myself 'no', that it will go away? I'm not attracted to Eddie, I'm not attracted to Eddie... But did I mention how impossibely sexy his shoulders are, or how nice his chest is?


(You know if I pick any picture of Eddie, it has to be this one, since I get to cuddle with this sweater any time I want!)

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