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Breaking the Chains of Convention
Chapter 3

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Tessa lay under Leopold, looking up into his luminous hazel eyes. His promise thrilled and frightened her. She was in danger of losing all her hard won self-control to this man. She was accustomed to being in charge. Oh, the men thought they were, but she knew better. But with Leo it was different. She was afraid she would fall in love. "Can I return the favor?" she asked with a coy smile.

"Maybe next time, darling. I don't think I could stand that right now." The kiss he gave her was slow, deep and mind numbing. She could feel the hard length of his manhood between them. Leo returned to her breasts and Tessa knew she could wait no longer.

"Leo, I need you inside me. I'm aching so. Please, take me." She lifted her hips to punctuate her plea.

Her movement dragged a groan from him. "Tessa, I didn't want to rush this. I wanted it to be special," he said through clenched teeth.

"It already is, Leo." She whimpered as he ground into her. "Please," she sobbed. "Take me. Make me yours."

"My pleasure," he murmured as he captured her mouth with his and plunged his staff into her warm wet body. He swallowed her cry as he seated himself in her, not moving, allowing her time to get used to the his size.

"Oh god, Leo," she gasped. She had never felt quite so filled. She made a slight move of her hips, experimenting.

"Darling." It was Leo's turn to gasp. "Please, don't move just yet." He was panting, marveling at the exquisite feeling of being held within her feminine walls. He felt Tessa smile against his cheek. She wrapped her legs around his lean waist to pull him further inside. The feel of her stocking clad legs surrounding him, combined with the sensation of being joined to her was more than he could take. With a hoarse roar, he withdrew, and then thrust back in. Tessa cried out as he impaled her. The rhythm he set was hard and fast, but she urged him on.

"Faster, Leo," he heard her beg. "Oh god, Leo, yes!" Her nails scored his back and dug into his buttocks. Her nether muscles tightened around him, telling him that she was nearing her climax. She shuddered as spasms shot through her, tearing her from reality. Her explosion set his off, like a chain reaction. He gave one more mighty thrust and spilled into her. Tessa held him as his body quivered over her. She pulled him down to rest fully on top of her. Her hands toyed with the sweat soaked hair at the nape of his neck.

When he was capable of speech, Leo raised his head, kissed her softly and apologized. "I'm sorry, Tessa. That was not well done of me, I'm afraid."

"Pardon me?" She wasn't sure she heard correctly.

"I did not mean to use you so harshly," he explained, his blush back in place.

"Leopold." She wanted him to look her in the eye. "Leopold, please look at me." He finally did. "You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I have no regrets about this. Please do not be sorry for giving me the most incredible night I have ever had."

"Are you certain?" He still looked doubtful.

"Yes." She smiled up at him and brushed a lock of hair off his forehead. She could not seem to touch his hair enough. "Leo, you are the most attentive, giving, talented lover I have ever had. Please don't apologize."

He smiled then. Not the little amused smile she had seen him give the girls who worked for her, but a full-blown, happy deep down inside smile. It almost blinded her. "Can I stay?"

"I would like that very much," she answered. A sleepy yawn escaped her. Leopold gathered her up next to him, wrapped himself around her and they both drifted off into the peaceful sleep of satiated lovers.

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