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Photo Op
Chapter 2

David and Samantha came out from behind the screens. Jack couldn't believe it. His hero and heroine had come to life.

"Ok, people, Let's go. Samantha, I want you to recline on the sofa. David, go behind it, but lean over her a little bit. Just hold it long enough for me to get it framed up." She looked through her camera's viewfinder for a moment. "You can relax now. The name of the book is Desert Heat, so let's keep that in mind. We are going to make a couple of minor changes in wardrobe." She went to the models to assist. "Samantha, I want you to unbutton that blouse as far as you can without showing nipples. And
let's rearrange this skirt." Nicole fussed over it until a shapely thigh peaked through the ruffles. "Now David, I want you to lose the shirt." The blond man complied. Jack felt a twinge of jealousy as Nicole's eyes roamed appreciatively over the other man.

"Good." Nicole went back to her camera. "Take the same position. Samantha, raise up a bit, strain towards him. You're lovers. I want longing in your eyes." *click* Strobes fired. "That's it. David come around to the front. Take her in your arms, but not too close. I don't want to lose her." *click*

This was easy, Nicole thought. They were natural together. A roll of film later, she was ready to change the setting.

"Let's move over to the trees, kids. This time I want you to pull her close, David. Time to kiss her."

David grinned at Samantha leacherously. "The moment I've been waiting for. I love my job," he chuckled. Samantha punched him in the arm.

"Come on, loverboy. Let's get this over with."

As the pair embraced, Nicole's camera fired. "Keep it natural." Again a roll of film was shot. "That's it, guys. Thanks! You can go change."

Jack was surprised. "That's all?"

Nicole grinned. "Yep. Unless none of these are
satisfactory, then we'll do it again. But they were great together, so I don't forsee any problems. The chemistry makes it a lot easier."

Nicole approached David and Samantha when they came out. "Great job, both of you. Unless we need to reshoot, You're done."

"Thanks, Nicole. It was a pleasure working with you." David headed to the door, but Samantha strolled over to Jack.

"Would you like to get a drink?" She trailed a pink fingernail down the front of his shirt.

"He can't!" Nicole blurted out. They looked over at her. One of Jack's brows arched questioningly. "I have to do his picture for the back cover, " Nicole hurridly explained.

"Too bad," Samantha pouted. "Maybe next time." Jack just nodded.

Soon it was just the two of them again. "Thanks," Jack said from right behind her. Nicole jumped.

"For what?"

"For saving me from that woman's claws."

Nicole grinned up at him. "No problem. By the way, Call me Niki."

"Ok, Niki. How are we going to do my picture?" Jack inquired.

She looked at him thoughtfully. 'Nude' popped into her head. 'Stop it,' she told herself.

Jack saw a blush appear before she ducked her head. 'What are you thinking that caused that?' he wondered.

"Do you want a head shot or something different?"

He pondered his choices. A head shot wouldn't take very long and he was in no hurry to go. "Can we do both?"

She smiled to herself, glad that she was going to get more time with him.

They worked together without much conversation. Niki gave him brief directions but that was all. The man was extremely photogenic. With every click of the shutter, she found herself more attracted to him, if that were possible.

Evening fell. "That's it," she said, looking up from her equipment. "I think we've got enough to pick from." She dropped onto the sofa with a weary sigh.

"How 'bout dinner?" she heard him ask with his sexy, Australian accent. God, she was a sucker for guys with accents. She felt his weight sink onto the cushion beside her. "How 'bout some dinner," he repeated, "or a drink?" Jack added.

"Well, as for dinner," she explained, "I usually just order a pizza after a shoot, and I put a six-pack of beer in the 'fridge. You're welcome to join me."

Jack grinned. "Don't mind if I do."

Niki looked over the remains of dinner and giggled. "I think we killed it." An empty pizza box and several empty bottles littered the table between them. She had a good buzz from the beer and could feel her inhibitions slipping a little bit. The man sitting across from her was inspiring all sorts of lustful thoughts in her head. It suddenly seemed like a good idea to find out if he'd be willing to bring any of them to life. But how?

Jack could tell by the sparkle in Niki's eyes that she was feeling no pain, but he wished he knew what she was thinking with that silly grin on her face. She had leaned back in her chair and crossed her ankles on top of the table. Once again, he was contemplating having her legs wrapped around him.

Niki's voice jerked him from his fantasy. "Could we take some more pictures?"

"Absolutely," he replied, surprised.

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