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Sex Ed 101
Chapter 2

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Logan and the others sat in Xavier's office that night, drinking coffee and eating the fresh cookies that were made by some students. They had spent most of the evening discussing students' progress, possible future projects, a field trip, and other mundane things. They met once a week, in a sort of loose staff meeting, just to keep each other up to date. Logan almost always found something else to do on these nights, as sitting there listening to Scott ramble on and on about academic achievement and the joys of pop quizzes was torture, pure and simple. Tonight, he had a reason for being there. And at least they had cookies.

He sat very quietly, only half listening to the discussion, only perking up when his young charge was mentioned. Francis caused no problems, was having no difficulties, and was in fact exceling in his studies. However, Logan knew there was a problem. A problem that needed to be addressed, and soon.

He patiently waited for the meeting to be completed, taking it upon himself to finish the plate of cookies. Scott stood up from his seat, and crossed to the table, only to find there were no more cookies.

"What happened to the cookies?"

"They got bored, and they all got up and left." Logan took a sip of his coffee.

Scott shook his head, and turned to walk away, muttering under his breath. "Pig."

Logan returned a mutter of his own. "Dick."

Xavier understood the need to step in, and addressed Logan. "Now, what is it you needed to speak to me about, Logan?"

"Francis." He poured himself another cup of coffee.

Jean looked concerned. "Anything wrong? How did his appointment go today?"

Logan sighed, and took a deep gulp of the lukewarm coffee. "It went just fine. I just think we have a bit of a problem, and....uh......." He looked around the room, noting everyone waiting for him to finish his sentence.

Storm sat forward, and stretched. "What sort of a problem? I thought he was doing well? Is he having trouble with another student?"

"No, it's just......" Logan could not find the words. How could he not find the words?

Scott interupted his train of thought. "Well, what?"

Logan paused, feeling every eye on him. He swallowed the last of his coffee, and fought to get his point across. "The facts of life."

Scott flopped back into his seat, showing his confusion. "What?"

"He doesn't know anything."

"What are you talking about?"

Logan snapped. "Sex, you moron. He has no clue."

Xavier interupted before the conversation degraded into a shouting match. "It never occured to me that Francis has had no guidance in that area. I understand your concern. We really should address this as soon as possible. What would you suggest we do?"

Logan was relieved to at last have it out in the open. "Well, I figured someone could have a talk with him. Explain it all to him."

Scott leaned forward a bit. "How is it that you discovered he knew nothing?"

Logan glared at him. "None of your fuckin' business."

Jean rolled her eyes. "Scott, Logan, please."

Scott ignored her. "Practicing your pick up lines?"

Storm could see Logan ready to explode. "That really isn't important, is it?"

Logan smirked at Scott, and spoke very calmly, almost too calmly. "He noticed how woman fall all over me, he asked why, I explained, he didn't get it."

Scott was about to say something further, but was cut off. "Well, I suggest you have a talk with him right away. Do you need any books, or manuals?" Jean addressed Logan, her face stoic.

Logan's mouth dropped open. "Me?" He heard Scott snort and begin to giggle, but choose to ignore it, at least for now. "What do you mean me? I figured you could talk to him. You're a doctor."

"And what does my being a doctor have to do with anything?"

"You can explain all the technical things to him. The parts.......the act......whatever."

Scott was now laughing out loud. "The parts?! Come on, Logan. You of all people should know the parts! And you certainly know all the intricacies of a good hummer."

"Fuck you!"

"That too."

Logan stood and stalked to the window. All could see that he was building up to a violent outburst. It was at times like these, Xavier's cool head came into play. "Logan, it really should come from you. While Jean is a physician, she lacks the bond with the boy that you have. It doesn't need to be a completely technical discussion. Just talk to him, explain things to him, answer his questions. I know you can do it."

Scott once more chimed in. "Yeah. Just tell him what your father told you." As soon as he said the statement, he knew it was the wrong thing to say. "Uh, sorry. I wasn't thinking."

Logan had his back to Scott. Suddenly, the room became deathly quiet. Jean was red with rage, and Storm just covered her eyes. All watched how Logan would react, ready to bid a hasty retreat if need be. Logan slowly turned, his eyes nearly black, and extremely dangerous. However, he wore a smile, an extremely eerie smile.

"This is one big fuckin' joke to all of you, isn't it? I...ain't...laughing. You weren't thinking, huh? You're gonna be unconscious in a minute." Logan spun around completely to face the others, his shoulders set, his hands fisted.

Xavier glided his chair to head off Logan. "I assure you, none of us feel that this is a laughing matter."

Logan's deadly glare was fixed on Scott, who wisely chose to say nothing more. "You could have fooled me."

"This is a serious situation, both for Francis, and for you. I promise you, we will help you in any way possible. But as I had stated, it should be you who speaks to him. You have done an excellent job with him thus far. He is a wonderful boy. You can do this." He looked up at the man before him, feeling the man's rage, but more importantly, his embarrassment, and his frustration. Since Logan had come to the school, everything he encountered had been new territory. The people, the responsibilities, the expectations, all new. Each step of the way, he stumbled, but he made his way. He adapted, adjusted, and accepted. Even with Francis. He took on the responsibility of caring for the boy. And care he did. He would not admit that openly, and no one pressed him on the issue, not anymore. It was a given that the two had a strong bond, growing stronger with each passing day. No one could explain why it happened, how it happened, only that it had, in fact, happened. Now, Logan was faced with a new challenge. Again, unfamiliar territory. Territory that a parent would be responsible for, but Francis had no parents. Logan was his friend, his mentor, his guardian, not his father. But in this situation, Logan would need to adapt, adjust, and accept his new role, that of father figure. And Xavier knew, no matter how fiecely he would protest, in the end, he would do just that.

"Logan, why don't you go with Jean. She can give you some material that will help you. Then you can pick a good time for you and Francis to sit and have a nice long talk."

Logan looked down his the man in front of him. His friend. He felt his anger drifting away, gradually. He felt completely and utterly defeated. He had no idea what to do. But do it he must.

Chapter 3

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