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Sex Ed 101
Chapter 6

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The following morning, Francis and Logan sat in the kitchen, eating breakfast. Logan had a mug of strong coffee, and one of the donuts that were a regular saturday morning fixture. Francis had his second favorite breakfast. A huge bowl of Froot Loops, and a glass of orange juice. Both were sitting in silence when Xavier entered, bright, crisp, as he always was early in the morning.

"Good Morning, gentlemen. How was your evening, Francis?"

Francis swallowed down his mouthful of cereal before answering. "We had pizza and chicken wings. I couldn't eat the chicken wings though, they got stuck in my braces. And we had fun talking." Logan only smirked, and sat back smuggly in his chair.

"So I take it you had a good time?"

"Uh huh." Francis took yet another huge spoonful of cereal.

Logan took another swallow of his coffee. "Yup. Regular guys night out."

Just then, Jean and Scott entered, followed by Storm. "Good morning, all." Scott said as he reached for the now empty coffee pot. He muttered something that the rest could not hear, and set about making a fresh pot.

"How was your night, Francis?" Jean asked as she sat down opposite him.

This time, the boy didn't swallow his mouthful. "Godmf."

She turned her attention to Logan. "Everything go ok?"

"Peachy. We downed a case of beer, watched some porn, looked at a couple of Scott's Hustler magazines, and we're just fine."

Logan heard Francis giggle next to him, and turned in time to see the kid shoot orange juice out of his nose. He grabbed a napkin, and handed it to the chuckling child. "As you can see, he's still a little excited."

Jean just rolled her eyes and got up to help Scott with the coffee. Scott stood at the counter with his mouth hanging open, undoubtedly trying to think up a witty response. Storm put her head in her hands and Xavier just ignored the whole thing.

Logan looked at Francis, who was busy cleaning up the liquid that had exited his nose, and gave the boy a wink. He stood and crossed the room, placing himself between Storm and Jean. Francis watched him intently.

He turned to Storm, who was gazing at the box of donuts, and slapped her on the ass. "How're you doing this morning, Ro?"

She turned and punched him on the arm. "Don't do that! What's wrong with you?" She stalked off, making sure to take her glazed donut with her. He turned, and noted Francis was still watching him. He then turned to Jean, and leaned over to her, this time placing his hand gently on her backside, and began to rub. "How'd you sleep last night?"

Jean jumped to the side and whispered. "Logan. Stop it." She turned to Scott, who apparently had seen what Logan had done.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? I saw that you son of a bitch!"

Logan walked away from them, ignoring Scott and addressing Francis. "See the difference?"

Francis nodded enthusiastically. "Uh huh. Now I get it."

Logan walked over to the boy. "You done? Put your dish in the sink. I think we'll take a ride this morning. You game?"

Francis ran to the sink, and bounced. "Sure!"

Logan turned to leave the room, with Francis in hot pursuit. Scott looked over at Jean, who was busy giggling. "I don't believe it. He's teaching Francis how to pick up women."

Jean rolled her eyes again. "I think that was just a joke, Scott. Give the man some credit."

"Credit my ass!. We've created a monster." He paused, and looked at Jean once more. "Does he do that often?"

"All the time, when you're not around." Jean grabbed a sugar donut, and spun to walk away. She sat with her back to Scott, giggling. She could hear him muttering under his breath. "Son of a bitch."

Logan and the others sat outside, watching the crowd of students surrounding Francis. They sat on the grass, while a very animated Francis was apparently explaining the information he had learned.

"Should we be letting this go on?" Scott said, watching as the children began to laugh. "I don't think we should be letting this happen."

Logan snorted. "This has been going on for some time there, pal."

Xavier sipped at his tea. "While I was aware that, shall we say, boys will be boys-"

"And girls will be girls," Logan interupted.

"I wasn't aware that the children had been sharing certain information with each other."

Jean was seated on a bench, next to Scott. "Maybe we should have a sex ed class. For the younger students. That will keep them from learning things from dirty magazines."

Logan only half listened to the conversation the adults were having. He instead focused on Francis, who continued to regale the gathered boys with his new found information. Now he certainly wasn't a dummy any more, indeed. Even Jason listened intently, occasionally interupting with a question of his own. Francis appeared to be relishing his new found popularity, and his smile was contagious. Logan found himself beaming as well. He shifted his attention back to the conversation at hand.

"Perhaps we should require all of the students to attend these classes." Xavier looked deep in thought.

Storm spoke up. "That would be a wise move, given what Logan told us. These kids have been sharing a lot of information, some of it correct, but most of it wrong. The younger kids are probably picking it up from the older ones, and the cycle continues."

Xavier placed his hands on his knees. "Alright. Jean, Scott? If you two could put together a curriculum for this class, we can implement it immediately."

Scott leaned forward. "Um, who is going to teach it?" He made a conscious effort to direct this question at Logan.

Logan never looked up, instead he took a big drag from his cigar, and released the smoke in Scott's direction. "Fuck you, that's who."

Scott waved away the offending smoke. "But you did such a great job with Francis, you would be great. Logan's sex ed."

Logan gave Scott a sidelong glare. "I did my job. I ain't no teacher. Besides, I don't have the 'bond' with the rest of the kids that you have. It should come from you. God knows, you get a lot of practice at it." He paused, and suddenly turned to face Scott and Jean, his face deadly serious. "Jerking off, I mean."

Scott was about to leap up out of his seat, but was held back by Jean, who gave Logan her most serious "You are in so much trouble" look.

Logan continued, undaunted. "I told the kid what he needed to know. I straightened him out on a few things. I told the little guy about abstinance, safe sex, condoms, masturbation, and even girl's monthly visits. Now, it's your turn, to clean up your own little mess." He stood, and gave a little whistle. Francis looked up, and Logan waved him forward. "Come on. Let's go cruise the bars. You ready to get your tattoo?" Francis was up in a shot, trotting toward Logan, leaving the other students behind. The two left, walking side by side.

Scott was in shock,and red with anger. "Cruise the bars? Tattoo? Jesus Christ!"

Storm once again placed her face in her hands. Jean sighed. "He just does that to get a rise out of you. He's taking Francis to the mall, to get him a new pair of sneakers. That's all."

Scott watched as Francis hopped up into his spot on Logan's bike, buckling his helmet as Logan brought the engine to life. He had to smile, just a little. He knew, soon enough, that they would all have a miniature Logan on their hands.

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