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Sex Ed 101
Chapter 7

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Logan looked out the window. He had no choice. He found himself once again the object of stares and glares. The orthodontist's office was especially crowded this day, as many of the parents, mothers actually, opted to wait for Dr. Lawrence to return from his vacation, instead of seeing the vile Dr. Sanchez. At least the waiting room had new magazines.

It was a nice spring day outside. The sun was shining brightly, and it was unusually warm. Logan dressed himself in a black wife-beater, and camoflauge pants, with the appropriate boots to finish the look. He was windblown from the bike ride, and his appearance this day garnered him extra stares. The room was filled with the smell of perfume, hairspray, and make-up, especially strong, and it was nearly choking him. He decided to stand and cross to the window, to watch the world go by as he waited for Francis.

He gave a glance at the snob who he always encountered at the office. Her nose was in the air as usual, and she gave him a good hard sneer for good measure. He only smiled, and turned to the window.

He didn't have long to wait, as Dr. Lawrence was seeing his patients at a record pace. The door to the inner office opened, and out bounded Francis, followed close behind by the snob's snob daughter. However, today something was different. The two children were talking and laughing. Uh oh, Logan thought. This is gonna be good.

He watched the two children as they trotted over to Ms. Snob. The daughter introduced Francis to her. "Mummy, this is Francis Fahey. He's my new friend. I invited him to my birthday party. Can he come?" Logan nearly toppled over when the girl reached out and grabbed Francis' hand. He struggled hard to keep form laughing out loud. Francis and the girl just stood there, hand in hand, waiting for an answer, both of their mouth's loaded with shiny metal.

The woman hesitated. "Stephanie, I don't know. I guess it would be alright. We'll have to ask his mom first."

Logan had a wicked thought. This woman doesn't know. The whole thing kept getting better and better. He just sat on the window sill, and crossed his arms, waiting.

The woman looked around the room, and spoke to Francis. "Ok, I'll talk to your mom. Where is she?"

Francis shrugged. "I don't have a mom any more. But you can talk to him." He pointed toward the window, where Logan waited, smiling his warmest smile.

The woman's face fell. "Oh." She rose from her seat and tentatively crossed to Logan, with the two teenagers close behind. When she was at last face to face with him, she tried to speak, but was interupted.

"I got invited to a birthday party. Can I go?" Francis' smile was blinding.

Logan uncrossed his arms, folding his hands in his lap. "So I hear. I don't see why not." He directed his attention to the snob. He could see her inner struggle, loving every minute of it.

"Stephanie's party is this Saturday. While, uh, Francis is it?" Logan nodded, still wearing his smile. "While Francis probably doesn't know any of the children who will be attending-"

Logan interupted. "He makes friends easily."

She stammered. "Um, yes. I'm certain he will have a good time."

"Without a doubt." Logan could see the two teenagers glance at each other, holding back their entusiasm.

"My name is Anita Warren. And you are?"

"Logan." He could see her waiting for more.

"Logan. Well, I'll give you the directions to our house then. By the way," she paused and looked at the two childen, "how old is your son?"

"Thirteen, small for his age." He did not correct her.

"Oh, so is Stephanie." She glanced up at him. "He must take after his mom, then" She removed a piece of paper from her purse and drew the directions to her house. "Here you go, then." She handed Logan the paper, attempting to be pleasant.

Logan took the paper, folded it, and put it in his pocket. He glanced over at Francis, and gave him a wink. "Come on, kid. Let's get your next appointment, and get outta here." He got up from the window sill, and started to walk away. He looked down at Francis by his side, and remembered something. He spun, and called to Mrs. Warren.

"Hey, Anita? What time do you want us to show up?" He turned to face her, and subtlely but quite obviously, adjusted himself.

Bingo, he thought to himself, as the woman turned beet red, and suddenly looked quite faint. Little Stephanie had to answer for her. "Two o'clock. I'll see you there, Francis."

Francis blushed, and Logan gave him an gentle elbow and a wink. They turned, and settled their business, while Mrs. Warren felt the need to sit down.


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