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Bird in the Hand
Chapter 2


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2 hours and 150 miles down the road later...
Logan pulled into the first bar he came to, shut off his headlight, and
proceeded to the front door of the bar. He got about 10 feet from the door
when Birdie screeched and landed square on his shoulder, without Logan even
missing a step. This had become old hat. He was used to being accompanied by
Birdie wherever he went. The only time Birdie left his side was when she
went out at night for her hunt, and she knew Logan was safely tucked away in
his motel bed. Logan entered the building and immediately surveyed his
surroundings. He observed every exit, sampled the air for any hint of
trouble and noted who was where. No sign of Creed. "This night might turn
out to be quiet after all." he mumbled to himself. He always attracted hard
looks from the local drunks and admiring stares from the local women. This
night was no different. He sat himself down at the far right corner of the
bar and glanced around the room once again. He acknowledged a predatory
smile {coming from the lady at the opposite end of the bar} with a nod and
turned to face the bartender that had shuffled into view. "Gimme a draft and
a box of cigars if you got em." The bartender nodded and returned within
minutes with a large overflowing mug of amber liquid and an even larger box
of cigars. "All I got mister," he shrugged. Logan nodded and handed him
$60.00. "Keep the change," he mumbled to the barkeep. The bartender smiled
through missing and stained teeth and turned his attentions to the lady, who
was obviously repulsed by the man. Logans gaze slid over the woman. Dressed
head to toe in black; her micromini skirt and skintight blouse left nothing
to the imagination. Birdie eyed the woman and then looked at Logan. If an
owl could frown, she was. Logan ignored his little companion as he
contemplated a quick fuck. The lady caught his gaze with a come-hither
smile. She stood up and started to sashay towards Logan. Birdie screeched
and nailed Logans hand. Fuck! Logan hissed. He glanced back at the woman
with an apologetic look and shrugged. She frowned and took her seat,
deciding that it wasnt worth the trouble.

"Is THAT a BLACK pygmy owl?!" a tall, geeky bespectacled man wheezed
incredulously. Logan looked at the man hard and turned his attentions back
to his beer. "The names Norman! Whats yours? That sure is a nice bird you
got there! Ive never seen a BLACK pygmy owl!!" he wheezed again
emphatically while attempting to pet the tiny owl. Birdie puffed up and let
out an ear-piercing screech and lashed out at the unwanted touch, drawing
blood and eliciting a string of profanities from Norman. Logan just smirked
and snorted not even looking to see what had happened. He knew. Birdie was a
lap bird to him and a touch-me-not to all others. So this was no big news to
him. Norman sneered at Logan and the bird and wandered off to his cubby,
still holding his deeply gashed finger to his mouth.

Not even 15 minutes later, Logan heard running and felt Birdie being
snatched from his shoulder in a matter of 2 seconds; He had no time to
react, but whipped around just in time to see that prick, Norman, running
full speed out the front door. Logan jumped to his feet and started after
the man. Bursting out the door, Logan spied the thief ducking into the
alley. He stopped when he heard the unmistakable sounds of a scuffle coming
from that direction. There was a loud thud and Birdie came flying out from
the alley and perched onto Logans shoulder. He looked incredulously at
Birdie and walked back to the bar to get his cigars and gulp down the last
of his beer. Still trying to figure out what the hell just happened he
walked out, circled the corner of the building, and saw Norman lying face
down in a mud puddle, battered, beaten and moaning. Logan looked at the
downed man and looked back at Birdie who had puffed up her feathers once
again and was glaring at the man. Logan shook his head and walked toward his
bike, mumbling to himself once again. "I dont wanna know. I dont EVEN
wanna fucking know."

That night Logan drifted off to sleep, once again with the scent of fresh
air and wildflowers weaving through his senses. Birdie watched him with
glittering eyes until she was sure he was asleep, and then flew silently out
the window, soaring into the starlight. Her graceful flight went unnoticed
by human eyes. Settling on a high branch, the little owl surveyed her
surroundings. Her keen hearing detected nothing but common nighttime sounds.
Seeming to be satisfied with the world around her, she took to the air and
returned to her perch at Logans head.

Birdie sat still as a statue as she watched him sleep. Tonight, he tossed
and turned, bothered by something. So soft that it could hardly be heard,
Birdie hooted. In sleep, the low sound calmed Logan, sending him into a more
restful state. As the sun came up over the horizon, the little sentry gave
up her watch and drifted off to sleep.

Logan went through his usual morning ritual, scooping up his tiny companion
and placing her in the nest he made in his duffle bag. He felt strangely
rested this morning, figured he could put a lot of miles behind him. The
bike roared down the blacktop, accelerating to an impossible speed. Logan
grinned, enjoying the adrenaline rush, but then a terrible scent assailed
his senses; the same vile smell that was on that scrap of material Birdie
had brought him. But this stench was stronger fresher. Logan slowed the
bike to a crawl. He felt a rustling behind him; Birdie had poked her head
out of her nest. The cycle rolled to a stop. Logan eased off the seat,
senses on full alert. Birdie perched on his shoulder. Out of the corner of
his eye, Logan saw her head rotate a full 360 degrees, almost as if she,
too, knew something was amiss. Suddenly she took flight. Logan watched
briefly as she flew away. A movement in his peripheral vision got his
attention. Victor Creed stood just within the tree line. SNIKT!. Adamantium
claws slid through the skin between Logans knuckles. With a roar, the two
men clashed hard. Claws and blades slashed, drawing blood from each man.
They were locked in a death struggle when the sound of an eagle was heard. A
golden eagle swooped down, dived bombed the combatants. Extending a six and
a half foot wingspan, the bird soared upwards, wheeling around and started
another dive. Logan had taken advantage of Creeds distraction and tackled
him, throwing the bigger man to the ground. Deep gold plumage swept in
front of Logans vision; he dodged left, ducking under the raptor. Razor
sharp talons dug into Creeds chest. The blonde giant tried to ward off his
attacker but had no success. A pointed beak came down, pecking at his face.
Quick as lightning, Logan watched that sharp beak plunge down and come up
with a prize. Creed screamed. Logan would never forget that sound as long as
he lived. The bird held in its beak a bloody orb, Creeds eyeball, ripped
from the socket. Cocking its head in Logans direction, the bird of prey
hopped over to him and put the organ on the ground in front of him. Logan
had seen a lot in his lifetime, but he had to swallow the bile rising in his
throat as he stared at the big bird, then at its gift. Staring unblinking at
him, Logan thought there was something vaguely familiar about the eagle but
he couldnt put his finger on it. An abrupt thought flashed thru Logans
mind. Birdie was gone. She had flown off and not returned. What if this huge
bird had mistaken her for a meal? She was so tiny, how could she defend
herself against one such as this great eagle that sat before him? He lunged
at the bird, blades extended. The eagle launched into the air, avoiding
Logan. With a mighty call, it climbed upwards and quickly disappeared from

Logan looked over to where Victor had been lying. Blood stained grass was
the only evidence that he had been there. Logan was alone. A soft hoot
reached his sensitive ears. With a flurry of ebony feathers, Birdie landed
lightly on his shoulder. There ya are! He reached up and ran a finger
along her silky head. I was worried about ya, Birdie. Thought that eagle
mighta got ya. He glanced once more at the ground, where Victors eye lay.
That was one vicious bird, he mumbled. Birdie let loose a screech. Logan
shook his head, and turned away from the grisly sight. It was time to head

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