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Bird in the Hand
Chapter 7

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A pounding on the door woke Sabrina from her fitful nap.  "Dinna' time, Sabrina!" Rogue called through the door.  A bleary eyed Raven answered.  Rogue wisely decided not to comment on the other girls appearance, and walked down the hall. At the entry, they collided with a preoccupied Logan.  Sabrina glanced up, mumbled an excuse me, and hurried away.  Rogue arched an eyebrow at her friend.  Logan just shrugged and went to sit down.

The young girl noticed that although chatter filled the air, two diners were not joining in.  They kept sneaking glances at each other when they thought no one would notice.  Rogue leaned over to Gambit, who was next to her, and said, loud enough for everyone to hear, "I wish they'd just do it and get it over with! This is getting ridiculous!"

Sabrina blushed a crimson red and ran from the table.  Logan shot a dirty look towards Rogue.  "Marie, mind your own fuckin' business!" he snarled, then exited the hall himself.

In his room, Logan crossed to the window and opened it.  A gentle breeze wafted in, cooling his heated skin.  A soft familiar hoot reached his ears.  Thoughtlessly, he held out his hand.  The small black owl landed lightly in his palm. Setting her on the desk, he turned away.  "It'll never be the same Sabrina."

"I don't want it to be the same, Logan."  He turned to see the young woman
perched on top of his desk, desire burning in the emerald depths of her eyes.

"C'mere," he growled.  She hopped of the desktop and glided into Logan's arms. Slowly he lowered his mouth to hers.  As soon as their lips met, fire exploded between them.  Sabrina's brain vaguely registered the snikt of Logan's blade as he sliced down the back of her tee shirt.  She tugged his shirt over his head and
returned her lips to his, searching for his tongue and sucking on the tip of it. Logan swallowed her gasp as his cool hand touched her heated skin.  His fingers sent shivers of flame up and down her spine.  Sabrina skimmed her palms over his wide chest, tangling her fingers in the curls that ran down the center. It was Logan's turn to gasp as her nails ran lightly over the flat nipples.  Together, they tumbled onto the bed, limbs entangled.

Logan broke away.  "Are ya' sure this is what ya' want, darlin'?" he asked

Sabrina nodded.  "I love you Logan.  I have for a long time."  At her answer, Logan once again crushed his mouth against hers.  Fingers, now awkward, fumbled with buttons and zippers as they tried to rid each other of the snug denim that was keeping them apart.  "Lo-gan," Sabrina cried softly in frustration. He reached down, tore open his pants and using his blade yet again, sliced hers down the seams.  With the last barrier gone, Logan flipped Sabrina onto her back and with one powerful thrust was firmly seated within her wet heat.  With all the will power he had, he remained motionless, waiting for her to stretch, to accommodate his length.  Green eyes sparkled up at him, and with a small twitch of her hips, let him know she was ready for more.  Sabrina wrapped her legs around Logans lean hips, pulling him deeper inside.  She held on tight as he started rocking into her. His lips found her breast, tugging on the pebble hard nipple, while his fingers teased the other one to attention.  Sabrina moaned his name.  Logan felt her nails score his back, as he plunged into her again and again, harder, faster.  She was incredibly tight; her muscles hugged his cock, dragging against him every time he withdrew, as if to not let him go.  Her hips met every thrust, slamming him even deeper within the silken depths. 
"Oh god, Sabrina," Logan growled.

Sabrina's hands slicked over sweat soaked hair and skin.  Her panting matched his as she rocked her hips upward to meet him. An urgent feeling filled her. She couldnt quite reach...  "Lo-gan....please."

"Yeah, darlin', that's it," he breathed in her ear.  He jackhammered into her with all his might, crashing against her slight form.  She started to shake with the power of it, her orgasm building inside her.  Suddenly, white, hot light exploded behind her eyelids.  Her body arched into his, taut as a bow.  She cried out as wave after wave of release broke over her.  Logan kept plunging into her, driving her further into her ecstasy, until it overtook him too.  With one more deep thrust, her name on his lips, he emptied himself into her, his whole body quivering with the force of his climax.  Sabrina held him in, milking his essence from him.  Drained, he collapsed onto the bed beside her, pulling her over on top of him.

Slowly, their breathing returned to normal, their heartbeats calmed.  Logan ran his fingers through Sabrina's damp curls.  "What were you saying about a film short?" he asked.

She propped herself up on his chest so she could look him in the eye.  "I was mistaken," she smiled.  "I believe this was an epic of biblical proportions."

Logan chuckled.  "And how would you rate it?"

"Definitely two thumbs up!" was her enthusiastic reply.

With a deep laugh, he hugged her to him tightly.  "You are something else Birdie."

Sabrina lightly punched him in the stomach.  "I told you I hate that name," she said, but with no venom in her voice.  He just smiled into the darkness and snuggled her close.

The next morning, Sabrina gazed at Logan, watched him blink slowly, coming to consciousness. She looked up at him in wonder.  "What?" he asked.

She grinned a little, and ran her hand through the prominent spikes on either side of his head.  "I always wondered if you had to use gel to achieve that horn effect, or if it was natural.  I guess now I know."

A dark eyebrow arched.  "You mean in four months, you never noticed that?"

"You always combed your hair in the bathroom, and I was usually asleep by that time, cause I had stayed awake all night watching you sleep."  She giggled.  "I like your little horns."

Logan rolled over on top of her.  "That's funny," he grinned wickedly, "I thought you liked my," Sabrina gasped as he entered her, "BIG horn," he finished.

Everyone had already started eating by the time Logan and Sabrina made their
way to the dining room for breakfast.  "Ma Gawd, Its about time," Rogue commented, noticing their joined hands.

Sabrina went to the buffet to prepare her plate, but something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention.  Jean had passed by Logan, and he had snatched her up, planted a kiss on her lips and patted her ass before releasing her.  Every eye in the room turned as they heard Sabrina's plate crash to the floor.  In an instant she was in front of Logan, smashing her fist into his jaw.  Logan dropped to the floor.  "What the fuck?" Logan growled, rubbing his jaw and scowling up at Sabrina.

She stood towering above him, hands on her hips.  "One word Logan.  Sabretooth."

"Shit," Logan mumbled, as he got up from the floor.

"What about Sabretooth?" Rogue asked someone.

"Keep your eyes, and your hands for that matter, to yourself, Wolverine, or
they're mine," Sabrina said in her most menacing voice.

As Sabrina drug Logan from the room, they both heard Rogue ask loudly, "WHAT

6 months later.......

Logan held Sabrina in a loose embrace facing him while he leaned into his upright Harley.  The sexual tension was getting to him, hell, it ALWAYS got to him.  The only problem was trying to decide who got to do what in bed.  "But what about what *I* want, Birdie?" Logan asked in almost a whine, "Don't *my* needs count?"

"Jeeze Logan," Sabrina stated with a sigh and the roll of her eyes, "come OFF it, since when does *you* being on top count as a need?"

"I dunno, since I know you like it when I'm on top, *deep* inside you." He pulled her closer, cupping her bottom and punctuating his statement with a kiss.

Sabrina tore herself away from his kiss to reply. "Fine, you want it *your* way? You're gonna earn it," she said with a swivel of her hips.  "From here to the lake and back, first one to get here, wins."

Logan arched an eyebrow in response and contemplated.  "But what if something happens?" he asked in a mockingly worried tone.

"Oh fer chrissakes Logan, are you in or out?" she snapped.  Logan slowly let go of her and swung one leg over the seat of his bike.  After he had seated himself and adjusted his erection he winked, nodded an affirmative, started the engine, and let loose the kickstand.  Sabrina nodded and faced forward. "Right, on the count of three...........One..........Twoooooo..........." and before she could belt out 'Three", Logan wound up the bike tight and let it loose, speeding off towards the lake.  Sabrina let out a huff and in a split second, changed into a peregrine falcon and was airborne, tearing through the air at a breakneck speed, chasing after the blur that was Logan.

The End?


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