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Bird in the Hand
Chapter 6

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The next morning, Logan shed the sweats he had slept in to jump in the shower. He didn't notice the little owl sitting at the open window.  As soon as he walked into the bathroom, Sabrina transfigured back into human form.  She retrieved the bowl of popcorn she had stashed in the hall outside Logan's door, sat on the edge of the bed and waited for him to finish his shower.  She hoped she could follow through with this.  Seeing Logan step out of those sweats had about done her in. The water shut off and steam filled the doorway.  A tall, shadowy figure emerged. Sabrina gasped as Logan stood before her, gloriously naked.
"Great show, Logan," she smiled at the big man, "but I was expecting something a little more climactic."  Her smile turned wicked as she set the popcorn down and approached him.  He didn't move a muscle, waiting to see what she was going to do next.  "You know, I thought the big, bad Wolverine would have a little..."  Sabrina reached out and wrapped her small hand around the large dick rising up from a nest of curly black hair.  Logan couldn't hold in his gasp.  "...extra footage."  She squeezed gently.  "I thought it would be a wide screen version, not a film short."  Turning on her heel, she walked back toward the open window. Logan still hadn't moved, just stood there with a scowl on his face.  Sabrina
smiled seductively over her shoulder.  "Course, I've always liked cartoons."  And before Logan could react, she flew away.

Logan ran to the window, suddenly able to move.  He had been shocked by her
little act, and he had to admit, just a bit admiring of it too.  The girl had guts. Searching the sky, he spotted a hawk.  He knew it was a red-tailed hawk because he had snuck into the school library to study up on birds of prey.  He didn't want to be taken unawares.

Logan watched the bird wheel about gracefully, wings extended.  The updraft
caught her, carrying her into the sunlight.  As she dived and soared, Logan couldn't help but envy Sabrina's ability to escape the anchor of the ground.  The grace that was evident in her workout was even more noticeable when she was in the air.  Sabrina was a contradiction, soft and gentle, hard and gutsy, braver that just about anyone he knew, and Logan was coming to realize that he really wanted to solve the mystery that was Sabrina Hawkins.

Once again Logan crossed paths with Remy and Sabrina.  This time it was on the way to the garage.  Logan had felt the need to escape, much as Sabrina had, and the way he knew how was to get on his bike and ride.  He scowled as he saw Remy wrap his arm around Sabrina's narrow shoulders.  The Cajun was overstepping his bounds; Logan figured he'd just straighten him out a bit.  "LeBeau! I need ta' talk ta' ya' a minute. Can ya' come over here a sec'?"  Remy
looked apprehensive. "I just wanna talk ta' ya', for cryin' out loud!"  Logan said. The auburn haired, young man followed Logan into the garage, looking over his shoulder at Sabrina, who just shrugged an 'I don't know'.

"What cn' Remy do fo' Logan?" Remy asked.

Logan poked his finger into the slim man's chest.  "Listen bub, and listen good. Keep your fuckin' mitts off Sabrina, ya hear?  She's too good for the likes of you, Gumbo."

Gambit smiled.  "Ah, Gambit tinks da wol'erine a tiny bit jealous?  Co' be that you tink she'd be better wit you, Non?"

"I know she'd be," Logan replied with a growl.  "So if you know what's good for ya, keep away from her."

"'nd if Remy don'?" Remy smirked.

SNIKT! Nine-inch blades glinted in the light.  "Are ya circumcised, Gumbo?"

Remy paled.  "Oui Logan, Remy got da point."

"Good," said Wolverine smugly, and hopping on his bike, sped off.

Upon his return, an outraged Sabrina accosted Logan.  She practically pulled him off the bike.  "What the hell did you say to Remy?  He won't hardly talk to me anymore!?"

Logan fixed an innocent look on his face.  "I have no idea what you're talking about," he said primly.

"Come off it, Logan!  I know you said something!  What the fuck did Remy mean
when he said that he doesn't mess with 'the Wolverine's amour'?"  She landed a punch to his midsection.  Logan 'oofed' but knew she had held back since he was still standing.  "I want some answers Logan!"

They were standing toe-to-toe and it was just too much for Logan to bear.  "Here's your answer," he growled, as he wrapped his arms around her.  His lips crushed hers, capturing her cry of surprise.  His tongue feathered over her lips, tasting her. Sabrina opened to him, inviting him in.  Sliding past her teeth to rub provocatively against hers, their tongues twined together.  Hands wandered, learning the feel of each other.  Sabrina slid her palms over his muscled chest, skimming over powerful shoulders and up to tangle in his wavy black hair.  Logan swallowed the whimper that tried to escape from her.  Logan had done some searching of his own.  Big hands slid down over her trim hips to cup her bottom, lifting her up closer into him.  One hand slid up to tangle in the raven locks that tumble over her back.  With a small movement of his hips, he nudged her belly with his growing erection, and moaned into her mouth.  Tearing his lips from hers, Logan looked down to see the shock in her eyes.  He slowly set Sabrina away from him and walked out of the garage, before he did anything else he'd regret.  Sabrina watched him go, fingers brushing her lips where his had been.  She couldn't let him brood.  She had to follow him.  Once again, taking advantage of her mutation, she shifted into an osprey, took wing and trailed Logan to the lake.

Banking around above the water, Raven watched powerful muscles ripple along
Logan's back as he stroked through the water.  Involuntarily, she called out, the shrill cry bouncing off the trees.  Logan looked skyward.  Treading water, he waited for her to make a move.  The gull-like bird nosed into a dive, it's wings folded back, but right above the lake's surface, Sabrina appeared and executed a perfect swan dive into the cool water.  Paddling over to Logan, she clung to him for support, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Without a word, their lips met again.  This time though, it was more like a battle for supremacy.  Their tongues warred with each other, hands were rough as they sought skin.  Breaking away, Logan let his lips wander down her neck, and lifted her so that he could latch onto the nipple poking against the wet cotton of her tee
shirt.  Sabrina threw her head back, reveling in the sensation of the cold fabric and the warmth of Logan's mouth.

But as suddenly as it had started, it ended.  Logan pushed her away. "I can't, Sabrina. I can't do this."  She gaped at him, wanted an explanation, but could find no words; so she swam to shore, too tired to fly, and somehow made her way to her room. She fell on the bed, and cried herself to sleep.

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