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Ecstasy's Edge
Chapter 5

see disclaimer, part 1


Jordan heard the distinct *SNIKT* of Logan's blades.  "Logan, if you want to put that sheath to use again, I'm up to it."  She had to smile at the hopeful look on his face.

"Really?"  He couldn't believe it.  Didn't think he'd get to use it again.  "Ok, but there's something else that I want to do."

She kissed him softly.  "Anything." 
Logan retrieved the metal sleeve and soon the blade was encased in it.  He turned to see Jordan headed to the bed.  "Oh no, you go back to that mirror, darlin'."


He stood behind her and cupped her breasts in his hands.  "Cause you're gonna watch yourself come."

Jordan's knees buckled.  "No, Logan.  Please don't make me do this."

"You will never again doubt yourself."  His fingers slid down her body to find the moist heat at her center.  He noticed that her eyes were fixed on his reflection.  "I want you to look at yourself, Jordan."

Her eyes moved to the woman in the mirror.  She saw a confident, sensual, sexual person.  One who was comfortable standing naked with her lover, watching
him caress her.  This was the woman who left the bar last night with a stranger.  This was the woman she wanted to be.

Logan saw a flicker of acceptance in her eyes.  'Good.'  He slid his weapon between the petals of her womanhood and into the warmth within.

Jordan watched her back arch at the moment of insertion.  She watched as Logan worked the blade in and out of her body.  She could feel the delicious pressure building inside her.

"That's it, darlin',"  Logan growled in her ear.  "I know you're getting close.  I can feel it.  Look how beautiful you are."

Jordan's last rational thought was yes, she was beautiful, this sensuous creature that was reflected back at her.  She watched as blinding ecstasy overtook her mirror image,and she quivered in Logan's embrace from the release.

His strong arms held her upright.  "Now, do you see what I see?"  She nodded mutely.  "That bastard had no right to make you feel inferior in any way."

Jordan turned in his arms and claimed his lips in a passionate kiss.  "Thank you," she murmurmed into his mouth.

Her lips trailed down his neck, lingered at the pulse that beat there.  Then her path of caresses meandered down and across his chest.  Logan gasped when her tongue found each of his nipples.  Her kisses reached his stomach and he flinched.  Jordan looked up questioningly.  "Ticklish,"  he explained with a sheepish smile.

Jordan was now kneeling in front of him.  Her hands lay on his hips.  Logan held his breath, loked down to she her gazing at his cock with...longing.  "Darlin',"
he whispered, "you don't..."  His whisper turned into a moan as Jordan's mouth surrounded him.  Her tongue rubbed along the length of him.  Gentle sucking action wrung another gasp from him.     "Oh god, Jordan."  Soon her lips were sliding slowly up and down.  He sank his hands in her hair and began thrusting into her mouth.  He could feel the head of his dick tap the back of her throat with every plunge.  And still, that wonderful tongue swirling and suction went on.  Logan was soon panting, close to the peak.

"Oh...yes...darlin'...don't...stop..." Words changed to growls.  Growls became a shout as he came.  "JORDAN!"  As he shuddered into her mouth, she continued sucking him gently, milking every last drop from him.

She looked up at him, smiling.  Logan watched awestruck as her talented tongue peeked out and slowly wet her lips.  There was no evidence of his orgasm, she had taken it all.

He pulled her to her feet and into his arms.  "Thank you, darlin', " he said, his lips in her hair.  "That was amazing."

"My pleasure," Jordan sighed.

Logan heard a rumble from the vicinity of Jordan's stomach.  "Hungry?"

She giggled.  "Guess I worked up an appetite."

Logan smacked her on the butt.  "Get dressed and I'll buy you breakfast.  It's the least I can do."

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