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Ecstasy's Edge
Chapter 7

see disclaimer, part 1

Jordan awoke and spotted the dress.  She picked up the note and read "I'll be back at 6:00 to pick you up.  Please wear this.  I'll see ya' in a little bit."  There was no way she could wear what he had picked out.  The only reason she owned it was because she had bought the dress on a dare from her friend when they
were shopping.  It just wasn't her style.  
'Of course,' she thought, 'picking up a handsome stranger in a bar and having mind blowing sex with him isn't my style either.  Maybe it's time to change this too.'

She took a long, hot, bubble bath, then slathered herself with her Mambo lotion and topped that with the parfum.  She picked out the lacy bra with matching
panties that she had purchased on a whim from Victoria's Secret, then in a feisty mood, put the panties back in the drawer.  A glance at the clock showed 4pm.  'I'd better get moving.'

A half hour later, she was still fussing with her hair.  It wasn't doing what it was supposed to.  "AAAHHH!!!" Jordan shouted as she flung the comb across the room.  Her fingers ran through the impossible mess in frustration, but she did a double take when she looked up into the mirror.  It was just about perfect.  She added a rhinestone barrette, a little hair spray and it was done.  'And here I wasted all that time!'

Forty-five minutes left.  Make-up needed to be done.  She utilized lots of glitter.  Pale lavender eye shadow made her eyes even more blue, mascara turned eyelashes into a thick, dark fringe, blue rose lipstick shimmered with a swipe of gloss and shimmery powder was dusted all over.  Jordan eyed her reflection critically, then smiled.  She was pleased with the overall effect.

After slipping into her dress, she added the final touches of strappy, high heeled sandals, diamond earrings and a rhinestone anklet.  The doorbell rang.

Logan gasped  when Jordan opened the door.  He hadn't imagined the dress looking like that.  It was a pale, shimmery lavender with a high neck and short
skirt, but the surprise was the waist.  It didn't exist.  The top of the dress was attached to the skirt by a thin strip of cloth at Jordan's side.  Her midriff was bare.  With her hair done up and the sparkly makeup, Logan thought she was the hottest thing he'd ever seen.

Jordan couldn't find her voice as she inspected Logan.  He wore a black jacket over a charcoal t shirt that stretched taught across his muscled chest.  Black
slacks hugged his strong thighs.  He looked sexy, confident and dangerous; in other words, perfect.

"Are you ready?"  Logan asked.

Jordan grabbed her evening bag, "Yes." She then preceded him out the door.

He took her to the nicest restaurant in town.  They lingered over a sumptuous meal and shared easy conversation.  It was the most enjoyable dinner Jordan
ever had.

Jordan gave Logan directions to the dance club.  She was so excited, she could hardly sit still on the way there. The ex would never take her dancing; she swore he did it just to be contrary. But as they neared the club, she started to worry. "Logan, um...if you don't know how to dance, it's ok. We don't have to go."

He looked over at he and grinned. "I'll hold my own. One of the girls at the school took lessons and needed a partner, so I was volunteered. Besides that, there's no way I'd pass up a chance to dance with you while you look like that." His grin turned into a leer. Jordan giggled. 

They were met by a wall of pulsating light and sound as they entered the building. As the pair made their way to a table close to the dance floor, Jordan froze. Logan saw terror on her face. He followed her gaze to a couple out on the floor.  The guy was average in every sense of the word--average height, average build, not great looking but not ugly either. He was leading his partner in a rather awkward cha-cha. She was a piece of work. A little more makeup and someone was liable to mistake her for an abstract painting and put a frame on her.  Her hair would not move in a tornado and her dress was a tad on the tight side. 'She might be petty, if she didn't try so hard,' Logan thought.  "So, who are they?" he asked his still comatose companion. Jordan's mouth opened but no sound came out. She started tugging on Logan's arm, trying to drag him back towards the door. He grabbed he by the shoulders. "It's him, isn't it? That's the bastard that treated you like shit and then broke your heart." 

Jordan nodded, tears welling up in her eyes.  "Why is he here?" Her voice broke on a sob. "He wouldn't ever take me dancing, but he brings her here to my favorite place." Pleading eyes looked up into Logan's. "I can't do this. Please, let's go."

He wrapped Jordan up in a protective embrace. "If you really want to, we can, but I have a better idea."


The wicked grin she was coming to love, appeared.  "Revenge," he said, simply. Jordan swallowed weakly and waited for him to continue. With a sigh, he spelled it out for her. "You are the most beautiful woman in this whole place, who just happens to be with the most handsome guy." Jordan straightened a little
and giggled. "That's better," Logan smiled. "Let's go show these yahoos what dancing is."

Logan led her to the floor, twirled her into his arms, and led her in a lively cha cha. Jordan was pleasantly surprised; Logan might have been roped into lessons but he had paid attention. Their hips moved together in a loose cuban motion. With every pass and every turn, he showed her off. A few spinning crossovers had her gasping for breath when she returned to his embrace. Her eyes danced as much as her feet.

"You tricked me! You took a few lessons? Yeah, right!"

Logan smiled down into her happy face. "You got me. I took two years of lessons and I'm certified to teach." The song ended. "You want something to drink?" At Jordan's nod, he led her back to the table. They chatted as the waitress brought their order. Suddenly, Logan witnessed the sparkle leave Jordan's eyes, as she looked at something over his shoulder.

"Jordan, what are you doing here?" Logan heard a whiney voice ask. He watched as she slumped over. It was like seeing a balloon deflate. Logan was hating this guy more and more.

" You know this is my favorite place," Jordan replied in a small voice, barely heard over the music.  "Go away and leave us alone. Please," she added.

The idiot grabbed her hand. "I might as well dance with you, since you're here."

Jordan heard a low growl. "Get your hands off her, bub," Logan said, menacingly. His eyed locked on hers and he smiled tenderly. "No one dances with Jordan,
but me."

"And who the hell are you?" the other man asked, while releasing her hand.

Jordan gently placed the same hand on her date's cheek. "He's Logan," she said softly

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