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Chapter 7

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Unfortunately, fate kept them apart for a couple of days.  Stan was so busy working.  He was so close to catching whoever was snooping around in the systems.  He had a gut feeling that he knew who it was, but just couldn't remember.  His days were spent following trails over cyberspace and his nights were filled with dreams of Abby.  He was afraid if he didn't see her soon, he'd implode.


Abby was feeling the same frustration.  Business had picked up a little bit at the shop because of her annual readers festival.  A steady stream of customers occupied her days, and although she loved it, she missed Stan.  At night she remembered every moment that they had spent together and longed for some private time with him.  If it didn't happen soon, she was going to go crazy.


She decided to surprise him and closed the shop early.  In the car, she practiced several little speeches to explain her uninvited presence. 


"I missed you so much, Stan!  I couldn't stay away another moment longer."  Too corny, she decided.  "I hadn't heard from you and just wanted to see how you were doing."  No, that wouldn't work; it was too casual.  "I'm here to fuck your brains out."  She chuckled at that one.  It was to the point.


Suddenly, she was there, in his drive and she still had no idea what to say.  "Guess I'll just play it by ear."  She rang the bell and waited, shifting her weight from one foot to the other.  Finally the door opened.


Stan was surprised to find Abby on his front porch, but quickly recovered from his shock.  He had just gotten up to get a cup of coffee and take a break when the doorbell had rang.  Wordlessly, they reached for each other.  Stan drew Abby up against his chest while she lifted her lips to his, accepting his kiss. It was a kiss full of need.  Abby clung to him, as he pulled her into the house, locked the door and led her to his room.  He laid her in the center of the bed and stepped back.  She started to scoot toward him but he stopped her.  "Don't move."  At her questioning look, he explained, his voice thick with want.  "I have pictured you there so many times.  I just need to look at you, in my bed, waiting for me.  I want to remember this forever."


Abby closed her eyes, letting his words wash over her.  "But, Stan," she said softly, "I'm done waiting.  I want you with me."  She lifted her arms, beckoning him to her embrace.  He joined her on the soft comforter, gathering her to him, raining soft, lingering kisses over her face.  "Wait!" Abby stopped him.  "Where's Holly?"


Stan had braced above her.  "Holly is at her friend, Stephanie's house for a slumber party."  Stan's smile was wicked.  "We have the whole night to ourselves, and anything short of an earthquake is not going to get you away from me."  He leaned down and sealed his mouth to hers, nibbling and licking the rosy lips that had taunted him in his dreams.  Abby parted them with a sigh and Stan slid his tongue past her teeth to mate with hers.  While their tongues dueled, their hands were tearing at each others clothes, trying desperately to get rid of all the barriers between them. 


Abby managed to get Stan's tee shirt off somehow and sighed at the picture before her.  A broad expanse of warm, bronze skin covered taut muscles.  Abby ran her palms over his chest, up to his shoulders and down his back.  Stan arched into her touch like a big cat, groaning in pleasure as she nipped his shoulder. 


Stan unbuttoned Abby's blouse and slowly parted it, revealing the wispy lace of her lingerie  "Oh, Abby," he murmured in awe.  He lightly ran his fingertips along the edge of the bra.  She shivered.  He paused in the valley of her breast, toying with the clasp.  Looking into her eyes, he silently asked for permission. Abby nodded.  The nimble fingers that flew over a computer keyboard just as expertly opened her bra.  Rosy nipples pebbled under the heat in Stan's eyes.


"Please, Stanley," Abby begged.  "Please touch me." 


He complied gladly with her request.  He leaned down and planted tender kisses along the swell of her breast, trailing down to the little hardened peak pleading for his attention.  Abby's hands tangled in his gold tipped hair, holding him to her.  He fastened onto the nub and swirled his tongue around it.  Her back came of the bed, arching into him, offering herself up.  Stanley treated its twin to the same special care.  Soon Abby was writhing under him, her body grinding into his, seeking respite from the pressure building within her.  "Oh god, Stan," she wailed, "please, I need you now!" 


Stan moaned at the sound of her voice.  Quickly he shed his jeans and positioned himself between her spread thighs.  Abby gasped when she saw him.  Reaching down, she grasped his shaft and guided him into her.  The feeling of Stan sliding in was more than Abby could bear.  Her body quivered around him as her orgasm exploded.   "Baby," Stan breathed.  "Are you okay?"  His body was urging him to move.  He wanted to let her body adjust to him but her warm wetness was driving him insane.  He withdrew and plunged back in.  


"Yes!" Abby screamed.  It was all Stan needed.  His body took over, urged on by her sexy whimpers and her nails digging into his back.  Wildly, he moved, thrusting into her.  Abby met him, grinding her hips against his.  Stan buried his face in her neck, panting against the soft skin.  He could feel her tightening around him, preparing for another orgasm.  Her muscles clenched against his cock, not wanting to let him go.  His thrusts became harder, deeper, more intense, as they raced towards fulfillment.  Abby reached the peak first, her body shaking from the power of her climax.  She sunk her teeth into Stan's shoulder as white light burst behind her eyelids.  Abby's bite threw him over the edge.  He shook as he drove into her one last time, bathing her walls with his seed.  She held on, locking her legs around him, pushing him in a little further.


Gasping for breath, they gazed at one another.  Abby spied the teeth marks she had left in Stan's skin.  Her tongue peeked out and soothed the spot. "Sorry about that," she murmured.


"S'ok," Stan whispered in her ear. 


Abby sighed contentedly.  "Stanley, I...you..."


He smiled down at her.  "Yeah, I feel the same way."  He kissed her softly then rolled off her and snuggled her up against him. " Abby, I was never expecting this."  He was tracing lazy circles on the satiny skin of her back with his fingertips. 


Abby purred as she wrapped herself around him.  "I wasn't either," she whispered.  He could tell by her breathing she was just about asleep.  "I love you, Stanley," he barely heard.  A slow smile crossed his lips.  He inhaled their combined scent and drifted off to a dreamless sleep.


Abby awoke to the most delicious feeling.  She had been dreaming about Stan doing all sorts of wonderfully wicked things to her.  It took a moment for her brain to register that it was still dark.  Something must have woken her and just then she realized what that something was.  She gasped as she felt Stan's head move between her thighs.  His wet, rough tongue ran slowly up her slit and twirled around her clit.  Abby moaned as he explored every inch of her.  "Stan," she murmured, "Stan, stop." 


He raised his head.  "No, Abby.  I want this.  I want to taste you."  His tongue made another leisurely swipe against her.  "So good," he groaned. "I want to taste you come."


His words set her aflame.  "Oh god, yes," she hissed, her hips rising to meet his mouth.  "But, S-Stanley," she stuttered out, "let me taste you too." 


He froze, not quite sure he had heard right.  "Abby, you don't have to do that."


Her smile was sexy as she turned his words back to him.  "I want to taste you come."  Stan's eyes slid shut at the sound of her voice, husky and low, breathing those words.  He rolled onto his back and lifted Abby onto him.  Grasping her hips, he positioned her over his mouth.  Abby fell forward, braced herself, took Stan's shaft in hand and ran the satiny head over her lips.  She heard a soft moan before he pulled her down onto his face.  Slowly she slid the length of him into her mouth, twirling her tongue around him.  His tongue was busy lapping at her folds, and every so often stabbing at her clit, sending electric shocks up her spine.  She'd pause then and breathe past the cock in her mouth.  The warmth of her breath on him drove Stan wild.  He pushed his tongue as deep into her as it would go.  Abby rewarded him by starting a gentle suction on his cock.  He drove his hips upward, thumping the back of her throat, while she ground her hips down onto his face, forcing his tongue into her warmth.


Their movements became jerky, wild.  Stan inserted two long fingers into Abby while he sucked her swollen clit into his mouth.  Abby moaned around him.  As she was sliding up and down his hard tool, she began to hum.  The sensation was too much for Stan.  He thrust up into her mouth and Abby swallowed, taking him into her throat.  He came in an explosion of heat and light, shuddering into her.  Her tongue massaged him, wrapping around his quivering cock, soothing him.  Stan took a deep breath and sucked hard, concentrating on the sensitive little nub, while he drove his fingers deep.  Abby screamed as she came, her body quaking.  He slurped madly, trying to catch all her juices,and then licked softly as she came down off the pinnacle, murmuring nonsense.  An incredible lethargy overtook her. She went limp, falling onto Stan, pillowing her head on his thigh and stretching her arms out along his legs.


With a great sigh, Stan lifted her off him and placed her on the mattress.  Snuggling up next to her, he kissed her, tasting himself on her lips.  She gazed into his eyes, and then kissed him back.  Smoothing damp hair off her forehead, he smiled.  "You are something else, Abigail Spark."


"So I did good?" she asked in a sleepy voice.


He gathered her to him, wrapping her up in a warm embrace.  "Yeah, you did good."  That was an understatement, he thought.  Abby sighed and burrowed into him.  "Go to sleep, baby," he whispered.  "Sweet dreams." 


Abby breathing was already slow and steady.  Stan stayed awake for a while just holding her, watching her sleep until he too finally succumbed to the sandman.

Chapter 8

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