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Into Mist
Chapter 2

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Professor Xavier entered the lab as Misti was struggling to sit up. "Hello, Misti.  I am Charles Xavier.  Welcome to my school.  Dr. Grey informed me that you have many questions.  I will do my best to answer them."

Misti thought for a moment.  There were so many things that needed explaining.  Where should she begin?  "Tell me about yourself and this place."

"I opened this school for children with special gifts, such as yours, so that they could live and learn without the fear of prejudice.  We teach them to  master their gifts and exist in the outside world.  I, myself, am telepathic.  Of all the questions you have, it surprises me that you as this first."

Misti shrugged.  "I wanted to know if I can trust you.  Now, can you tell me what happened and why I'm here?"

The professor smiled.  "Of course, but I will need you to relax and open your mind to me."  After a few silent minutes, Charles continued.  "Your gift is invisibility.  The trauma of the tiger attacking you made it manifest."

"Ok.  The next obvious question is why didn't I disappear when those men jumped me?"

Charles explained, "You do not know how to control it.  I can help you with that.  It is why I had Logan bring you here.  I think that is enough for today.  If you feel up to it, you can do some exploring and I will meet with you tomorrow.  I don't want to overload you too much on your first day."

As Charles turned to go, Misti called after him, "Thank you, Professor."  Then to herself, "I think I will look around a bit."

Misti's walk through the mansion that housed the school was an arduous one.  Her whole body ached but she was determined to keep moving.  She found  
classrooms, the kitchen and several general purpose rooms.  A door at the end of the hall opened into a well equipped gym.  As Misti pushed the door open wider, she was met by a sight that brought her up short.

Thick, dark hair, wide shoulders, tight jeans that encircled a trim waist,and the best looking butt she had ever seen.  With every lift of the weights, muscles rippled across his back.  'Oh my,'  was all that came to mind.

A growl erupted from him.  "Maybe you should just take a picture."  With that he turned.

Misti almost swooned.  "Sorry!"  Was that her voice squeaking?  The front was better than the back.  Chiseled features, luminous hazel eyes, broad, muscled chest, and could those jeans be any tighter?  "Oh my," was still the only thing popping in her head.

A grin spread across his handsome face.  "Oh my?  Not much for words, are ya' kid?"  Pink blossomed on Misti's cheeks and with a shimmer, she faded.

"Where'd she go," he wondered aloud.

"I'm sill here," came the reply.  With a tell-tale shimmer,Misti reappeared.

"I'm sorry if I scared you.  I'm Logan, or Wolverine, if you prefer."

Misti took his extended hand.  His touch was gentle.  "I'm Misti.  You brought me here?"  Her ribs were aching something fierce.  Logan noticed her ashen complexion.

"C'mere.  Let's sit.  Should you be up and around already?"
Misti nodded.     "The professor said it was ok."
"Then it's ok.  Yes, I brought you here.  Charles found you telepathically
but sent me to get you.  He was afraid that those guys who jumped you were
going to kill you."  Misti heard a *SNIKT*, "If I ever see them, there will
be hell to pay."  The venom in his voice surprised her.  Six metal blades
slid from between his knuckles.  Misti jumped up, then groaned in pain.

"Sorry," Logan retracted his claws.  "I didn't mean to frighten you.  Why don't I show you to your room and you can rest before dinner?"

Her room was beautifully decorated, but Misti was too tired to notice much else.  As she sank into sleep, she heard, "I'm two doors down if you need anything."

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