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Into Mist
Chapter 9

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"Darlin, You look exquisite.  And you smell,"  Logan inhaled deeply, "delicious."
"You're not so bad yourself, big guy."  Misti buried her nose into the silk.  "Do you know what that cologne does to me?"  She felt more than heard his chuckle.
"I was hopin' you'd show me.  So, are ya' hungry?"

"Can we just stay like this for a while?"  Misti asked.

"Whatever you want, Sprite.  This night is for you."

Misti's eyes twinkled at him.  "No, Logan.  It's for us."

"For us," he echoed softly, his gaze darkening.  He trailed a fingertip down her cheek, cupped her chin and brought her lips to meet his.  Logan's mouth opened over hers in a slow, languid caress.  Their tongues melded in a dance that previewed what was in store.

Without breaking the kiss, Logan effortlessly lifted her and laid her gently on the pillows.  He then knelt at her feet.  His hot gaze held hers as he took a slender ankle in his hand.  He slid her sandal off and lightly massaged the sole of her foot.  He then moved to the other foot.  The twinkle of silver caught his eye.  "I have to tell you, darlin'," he said softly,  "I'm a little jealous of this bit of metal that gets to be wrapped around you."  His tongue slid under the chain to taste the skin underneath.  He was rewarded with a moan.  Little nibbling kisses brought him to the sensitive spot behind her knee.  He paused there,  gently biting her tender

"Lo-gan,"  Misti groaned.

"Yes, love?"  He slid up beside her.

"I want to touch you too,"  she murmured.

"There'll be plenty of time for that," he said as he snuck a quick kiss.  With a *SNIKT*, a single blade appeared and toyed with the top button of her dress.  "I think you're a little overdressed."

"Oh, no you don't!"  She grabbed his hand.  "You will not shred this dress!  I just bought it!  I will not have you destroying my entire wardrobe!"

"Ok, darlin.  Though the idea of you bein' naked all the time is extremely tempting."  Logan started slowly undoing buttons.  The parted fabric revealed exquisite white skin and tantalizing, wispy lace.  It was Logan's turn to groan.  "Sprite, you're gonna be the death of me."

He reached over, took a strawberry from the bowl and ran it across her lips.  "Ah ah ah..." he warned when she tried to bite it.  He traced a path with the strawberry and followed it with his lips.  Down her neck, and across the tops of her breasts which spilled over the lace of her bra.   The sweet fruit ended up nestled between her cleavage.  He plucked it out with his teeth, then returned to her mouth to share.

Misti was on fire.  The satin against her back was cool but every spot that Logan touched was aflame.  She clutched the front of his shirt and sat up.  "It's my turn."
She made quick work of his shirt's buttons and slid it from his shoulders.

She couldn't seem to touch enough of the bronzed skin that was bared to her.  She gently pushed him back.  "Revenge is sweet," she warned.  He watched with amusement as she retrieved the champagne.  The first sip was hers.  Then she treated him to a flavored kiss.  He tried to take control.  "AH ah ah..." she teased.  The second sip she poured into the hollow below his collarbone, then deftly lapped it up.  Logan quivered.  Her fingers found the zipper on his pants.  He was quickly shed of them.  The third sip she trickled down his straining manhood.  A shout exploded from Logan as Misti's mouth engulfed him.  When her teeth lightly scraped against his hardness, his restraint dissolved.  With a roar, he flipped Misti onto her back.  She heard fabric rend as he tore the lace from her.  A mighty thrust buried him deep inside her heat.  A surge of ecstasy burst within her.

As her orgasm ebbed. Logan set a rhythm of slow, intense strokes.  He could feel her nails dig into his backside.  "Logan, faster!"  he heard her plead.  His thrusts intensified.  The most amazing, erotic sounds were emanating from her.  He could feel her muscles tighten around his cock as another wave broke over her.  This triggered his own orgasm as he plunged into her a final time.  He collapsed onto her, gasping for breath.

"Misti, that was..." Logan started.

"...indescribable." she finished.  "Logan, um, I can't breathe."

"Sorry, Sprite."  He rolled to her side and tucked her up against him.  A possessive arm was around her waist.
"I didn't get any chocolate or whipped cream," Misti pouted.

Logan snickered.  "There's always room for dessert."

"This was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me."

She could feel his smile against her skin.  "That was the plan."  He raised her eyes to his.  "Misti, I," Logan gulped.

"What, big guy?  You can tell me anything."

"I've never before felt what I feel when I'm with you.  You make me laugh.  And sometimes you make me mad as hell."  She grinned at that.  "You argue with me and make love to me with equal passion.  I guess what I am tryin' to say, darlin', is that I can't imagine living without you."  His voice grew husky.  "I love you, Sprite."

Tears sparkled in her eyes.  "Oh, Logan," she sighed.  "I love you too.  I think I have loved you from the first moment I saw you."  Their lips met in the most gentle of kisses.  They spent the rest of the night worshipping each other's bodies.  Delicate caresses progressed into raging passion again and again.  Eventually, the lovers slipped into dreamless sleep, limbs intertwined, holding each other tightly.

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