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Into Mist
Chapter 3

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After a couple days of rest, Misti returned to Dr. Grey's lab.  "You are healing nicely," the doctor informed her.  "Professor Xavier can start your training tomorrow.  How has your stay been so far?"

"Good.  I've been wandering around at loose ends though.  I'm anxious to get to work."

Before Misti could finish, Logan walked in.  "Hey, Jeannie, how's our patient?"

Misti sat a little straighter.  Jean's eyes popped.  Misti's thoughts were being broadcasted loud and clear.  It was enough to make Jean blush.

"Jean!  Hey, I need to talk to you!" Logan's voice brought her back.

"Sorry, Logan," although she still looked distracted.  "What do you want?"

"I want to tell you about what happened when Misti and I met.  We were talking and she disappeared."

Jean interrupted.  "Logan, we already know she can do that."

"Damn it!  Let me finish!"  Logan growled.  Jean sent him a mental apology.  "When she disappeared, I could not find her," he concluded.

Jean was not understanding.  "She was invisible.  Of course you didn't see her."

"No, Jean.  I couldn't 'find' her," he repeated.

Realization dawned for the doctor.  "She had no scent when she disappeared."

Logan grinned.  "Exactly."

"Hey you guys!  Can you let me in on this." Misti broke in, "or are you gonna keep ignoring me?"

One of Logan's dark brows arched.  "Feeling out of the loop, darlin?  Didn't mean to exclude you."

Misti melted.  "It's ok," she squeaked.  There was that voice again.  'Oh god, he's gonna think I'm an idiot,'  she thought.  ' Or worse, a silly little girl.  I've got to pull it together when I'm around him.'
"I've got to go."  Logan headed to the door.  "Catch ya later, kid.  Bye, Jean."

Dr. grey turned to Misti.  "Make sure that the professor teaches you how to shield your thoughts from a telepath."

"You can read my mind?"  Misti asked.

"I didn't mean to.  You were sending everything out."  Jean saw how embarrassed Misti was.  "Don't worry.  I won't tell Logan how you feel.  I understand.  But be careful with your heart.  He is a little rough around the edges."

Misti grinned.  "Despite evidence to the contrary,  I can handle myself.  I enjoy a challenge.  And if I can handle tiger and lions, a wolverine shouldn't be a problem."

Jean laughed.  "Maybe I should be warning Logan!"

Misti's training started shortly after and before she knew it, several weeks had passed.  With the professor's help she could now control her fading.  But much to her disappointment, her lessons seldom brought her into contact with Logan.  Until now.

"Mornin' darlin."  He entered the gym while she was finishing her morning workout.  "I'm going to be your instructor for a while.  Let's get going.  We are moving school outside."

Misti turned to collect her things, and her composure.  'I can do this.  Get it together, Misti.  Be cool and confident.  You are not jello.  Be yourself.  He's just a man.'  Her insides liquefied.  'But what a man!  Stop it!'  she argued with herself.  'That's enough!'

"Do you always mutter to yourself?"  Logan asked her while he held the door open.
She ducked her head.  "No.  It only seems to happen when I'm around you.

Logan's brow arched.  "Really?  That's very interesting."

'Oh god!'  She hadn't meant to say that aloud.  What's wrong with me, she

"Let's go!"  Logan ordered, then proceeded down the hall.  Misti scrambled to match his long stride.

They ended up in a wooded area behind the school.  "We are going to play hide and seek.  You are going to fade and I am going to find you.  Any questions?"  Logan asked.  Misti shook her head.  While Logan counted, Misti faded away.  It didn't take long for Logan to find her.  "Tag!  You're it!"

Misti shimmered back.  "that was quick.  How'd you find me?  I know it wasn't by scent."

"Sound, sweetheart."  Logan grinned.  "To me, you were making enough noise to wake the dead.  We will work on stealth."

It was Misti's turn to laugh.  "From what I've gathered, Logan, stealth is definitely not your strong suit."

He growled.  "You've been talking to Scott, huh?  Well listen up, girlie.  I know plenty.  Just see if you can keep up!"

"I give!"  Misti giggled.  "I'm not worthy!  Please teach me, master!"

"That's enough, smarty!"  The grin was back on Logan's face.  "We have a lot of work to do."
And work they did.  In the ensuing weeks,  Misti fell into bed exhausted every night.  Logan was a tireless taskmaster, but she never complained. She had also stopped turning into a babbling idiot every time he was around.  A comfortable friendship formed between them, but in the darkness of her room, Misti yearned for something more.

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