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Into Mist
Chapter 6

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That night while the inhabitants of the mansion sank into sleep, Misti crept quietly down the hall to Logan's room.  'Hope the big guy's sleepin.'  With a tell-tale shimmer and a little concentration, she faded away and slid under the door.  Logan lay bare chested under the sheet.  The sight gave Misti pause.  'Even sleeping, he looks dangerous... to my sanity.  I hope this works.'  The mist that she had formed swirled around Logan.

The nightmares that plagued Logan every night were starting again.  His body tensed, even in slumber.  But as the horrifying images started flashing through his mind, a sense of something else appeared.  The dream changed.  He was holding Misti.  She was whispering how much she loved him.  *SNIKT* His blades slicing through his skin woke him.  What was more torturous, the scenes of a past he couldn't remember or the ones of a future he knew he couldn't have?

As he came fully awake, he felt something brush his cheek, felt surrounded by warmth.  There was a whisper in his ear.  "Logan."

"Misti?"  He asked incredulously.  "What are you doin, Sprite?"  The mist continued to swirl.  Having it encompass him seemed more intimate than an

"I'm taking matters into my own hands, so to speak," he heard her whisper as the mist caressed his lips.  He felt a familiar tightening under the sheet.

"Enough, Sprite!  Show yourself or get out!  I'm tired of your games."

Misti materialized beside the bed, sparks shooting from her eyes.  "My games?  You've got balls, Logan!  I can't figure out what you want from me!  I'm not playing games!"  Then softly, "Isn't it obvious why I'm here?  I thought it would be."

Logan sat up and squirmed uncomfortably.  Having her this close, in his room, by his bed, was bringing all sorts of obscene thoughts to mind.  He inhaled deeply.  "Misti, come here."  She shook her head.  "Come here.  We will settle this."  She sat next to him but looked ready to flee at a moment's notice.  "What do you want, Misti?"

A blush bloomed across her cheeks.  All her bravado was gone.  "I want you to fulfill your promise."

Logan looked confused.  "My promise?"  Realization dawned.  "Oh, Sprite."  He took her gently in his arms, pulled her to him.  "Do you know how much I've wanted to do this?"  His lips brushed over her hair.  He tenderly kissed each eye closed and was rewarded with a sigh.  Misti wound her arms around his neck while his soft caress slid down her cheek and to her lips.  When Misti boldly met his tongue with her own, the kiss altered.  She felt his hands tangle in her hair, then drag her head back to bare her neck.

She groaned when he inched his way down her skin, nudged her shirt out of the way and lapped at the sensitive spot just below her collarbone.  Then his voice growled in her ear.  "Are your toes curled up yet, darlin?"

Misti opened her mouth but no words came out.  Silently, she shook her head no.  A laugh erupted from Logan.  "But I left ya' speechless!  Let's see if I can take care of the rest."  He set her in front of him.  *SNIKT*  A single, gleaming blade appeared.  Misti's eyes bulged.  "Don't worry, Sprite.  I won't hurt ya'.  Just be still."  She could feel the chill of the adamantium blade as it brushed her cheek, slid down her throat past the throbbing of her pulse and teased at the neck of her shirt.  Then with surgical precision, he cleanly sliced the top button away.  "Are you sure about this?"  he asked.

Misti smiled,"Oh yeah."

She watched his eyes darken as the remaining buttons joined the one already on the floor.  The cold metal pushed her shirt apart.  She whimpered as he inhaled sharply at the sight before him.  In his wildest dreams he could not imagine beauty such as this, as her.  His blade retracted and he watched, fascinated, as the pink nipples puckered when he traced them with a trembling finger.  She melted when he replaced that finger with his mouth.  Her nails digging into his shoulders brought his head up.  With a feral grin, he flipped her onto the bed.  Her started to unbutton her pants,but couldn't seem to manage it.  "What the hell..."  Silver blades shredded the fabric.  She lay open to his gaze.  "Sprite, you are the prettiest thing," Logan murmured.  He could smell her arousal.  His fingers found her warm, wet center.

"Logan, please!"  Misti cried.  She tugged at his sweats in frustration, then deliberately brushed the bulge in his pants.

"Ok darlin.  Hold on."  He quickly shed the last barrier between them.  Her hand wrapped around his throbbing erection; he gasped.

"Oh my," Misti whispered.  "it feels like there's adamantium here too."

Logan chuckled.  "No sweetie.  You're the cause of that."  He groaned, his restraint reaching the breaking point.  "Darlin, I can't wait any longer."  Misti wrapped her legs around his and pulled him to her.

"Come to me, Logan.  Come inside."  A shout tore from her throat as he plunged into her.  Ecstasy exploded in her brain.

Logan paused.  He could feel her stretching to receive him.  "Sprite, are you ok?" he asked breathlessly.  He pushed a little deeper.

"Oh yes," came Misti's reply.  "Yes, Logan."  She lifted her hips to his, to bring him even further into her warmth.  Logan lost it.  All thought of tenderness was ripped from him with that little motion.  He drove into her like a pile driver, vaguely aware of her cries as he thrusted into her.  Sanity returned shortly.  He slowed down, wanting to give Misti as much pleasure as he could.

"Lo-gan!"  she wailed.  "Don't stop!"  She scored his back with her nails.  "Please," she begged, grabbing his incredible butt, urging him to resume his previous rhythm.

He growled as he nibbled her ear.  "I aim to please."  One more deep thrust and Misti saw stars.  Wave after wave of orgasm broke over her.  Logan felt her body tighten and followed her over the edge.  Misti could feel his essence spill into her, then he collapsed, crushing her.

"Hey!" she squeaked.  Logan gathered her in his arms and rolled over, nestling her against him.

"Sorry, darlin," he mumbled.  He couldn't stop stroking her back.

"Logan?"  she propped herself up on his chest and looked down at him.

"I love it when you call me darlin."  Logan smiled.  "But," she continued, "why do you call me Sprite?"

He broke into laughter.  "You ask me this NOW?"  She nodded.  "Because you are my own little pixie.  Is that ok?"

"Yeah."  Misti smiled shyly.  "Logan?"

"What?" he sighed.  He didn't really want to chat just now.  He was totally relaxed and that didn't happen very often.  He wanted to enjoy it.

Misti slid her hand across his wide chest.  She loved the texture of the crisp hair sprinkled on his skin.  Her hand crept down to his half-hard staff.  It seemed to come alive with her caresses.  "Can we do it again?"

"Created a monster, did I?"  Logan chuckled.  "Darlin, you don't have a choice now!"  He lifted her up and impaled her on his hardness.  With hands on her hips, he set her rocking against him.  Logan reached down and found her pulsating center with his talented fingers.  He gasped as Misti spasmed around him.  With a shout, he exploded into her.  She fell onto him, breathless.

"I..don't..think..I..can.. move."

He cuddled her to him.  "You don't have to, darlin."

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